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Friends! For most of you, shopping is your necessity and you are one of those million people who love shopping. In this case, you can start to go to Albertsons stores in order to get the things which you need. Amazingly, you can start to use your receipt to fill out Albertsons Survey. Of course, it is not Albertson’s Employee Survey as it is for customers only.

You know, you can start to process the Survey Login at Www By filling out your email, you can complete the survey. And, you can take part in the Albertson’s sweepstakes to win $100 gift card. Wow!

What is Albertsons Survey?

First thing first, you all must get it useful if you understand more about the survey program. For your information, Albertsons Survey is a program held by the Albertsons corporation. Of course, it has the aim to gather all customers’ feedback related to the stores that they visited. If you see, filling out the Albertsons Survey is similar to sending feedback to Albertson’s Customer Service Email.

Albertsons Survey Sweepstakes for $100 Albertsons gift cards
Albertsons Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from

If the employees have Albertson’s Employee Survey, the customers have the AlbertsonsSurvey. Here, all of you can start to go to the survey website which is reachable at If you have filled out Albertson’s Survey steps, you can start to take part in Albertson’s sweepstakes.

No doubt, it is the program which is going to reward you $100 gift card. In case you get troubles, you can contact the official team in Albertson’s Customer Service Hours. Enjoy Albertson’s Survey sweepstakes and win $100 gift card!

Albertsons Survey Sweepstakes for $100 Albertsons gift cards
Albertsons Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from

What Steps to Take to Join Albertson’s Survey Sweepstakes?

Alright! If all of you agree to start filling out Albertson’s Survey, it will be nice that you know the steps. Indeed, you won’t be able to take part in the sweepstakes unless you complete AlbertsonsSurvey. And, therefore, here are Albertson’s Survey sweepstakes which you can follow:

  • Step 1: Go to Albertson’s Survey Website

First thing first, all of you must understand that going to website is important. In this case, you all need to use your smartphone or another device like a tablet. And then, you must also get the internet tools like the browser yet the connection. Later, you can start to use the browser and go to the survey login which is

  • Step 2: Choose Albertson’s Receipt

When you get the Survey homepage, you are going to choose one of the two receipts. Yes, you must start to check out the receipt which you get. And, you can start to the device whether your receipt is similar to the first sample or the second one. After that, you can start to click on the “Select” button under the receipt sample which you choose.

Indeed, both receipts are just the same as they provide the same information. But, the location of the code or the number may be different, and therefore, you need to choose the one which is similar to yours.

  • Step 3: Fill Out All Albertson’s Receipt Data

And now, it is the best time for all of you to start filling out the receipt data. Some of the data which you get to fill out is the time and data visit, the store number, Albertsons POS code, as well as Albertson’s Transaction number. Also, you get to fill out the cashier code. Yes, you must fill out the entire data exactly the same as what you get on your receipt.

  • Step 4: Fill Out Your Email Address
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If you have done filling out the receipt details, you get to know that you also must fill out your valid email address. In this case, you get to ensure that your email address is still valid. It is because Albertsons official team is going to contact you once you become the Survey winners of $100 gift card.

  • Step 5: Click on “Next”

Well, it looks like you have filled out your email address. Now, it is best for all of you to click on the “Next” button.

  • Step 6: Give Ratings on Albertson’s Survey Questions

As you have got into the Survey login portal, now, you must give some ratings. You know, the questions must be about your last visit to Albertson’s store. If you see, the questions related to the service, location, as well as the products. If you get satisfaction, you can start to give good ratings, and, vice versa.

  • Step 7: Leave Albertson’s Feedback

Now, you can go on leaving some feedback. In this case, you can start to leave Albertson’s complaints, suggestions, as well as the critics. Indeed, your feedback means a lot to the corporation. Later, the official team is going to fix the troubles for you in order to provide better service.

  • Step 8: Take Part in Albertson’s Sweepstakes

For the rewards of your participation, you can start to join the sweepstakes. In this case, you are going to be the candidate of the Survey winners. Yes, if you win, you are going to earn the $100 gift card. Isn’t it nice?

  • Step 9: Complete Filling Out Your Personal Data

After taking part in the sweepstakes program, now, you get to complete filling out your personal data. Here, all of you must fill out your name, home address, phone number, and so on.

What Steps to Take to Join Offline Albertsons Sweepstakes?

Anyway, you can also start to take part in the offline sweepstakes. In this case, you can give a try to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Get Your Utensil

At first, it is important for each of you to start getting the utensil which you are going to need. They include the pen, postcard, and of course the envelope.

  • Step 2: Write Your Personal Data

And then, if you have got that stuff, you can start to write your personal data. They are including your email address, phone number, home address, name, as well as birthdate.

  • Step 3: Address it to Albertson’s Survey Sweepstakes

Now, you can start to address the sweepstakes form to c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York 10004. No doubt, you get to ensure that your letter sent before the due date of the AlbertsonsSurvey sweepstakes period.

What are Albertson’s Customer Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?

Anyway, you also get to know the details of the sweepstakes rules. If you are going to be the winner, it is important that you obey the rules. And, here are the rules:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for Albertson’s Survey Sweepstakes
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At first, you get to ensure that you must be eligible in order to take part in the sweepstakes. Here, you get to know that being 18 years old at the minimum is a must. Also, you must be the legal resident of America who is not a part of the employees. It is because the survey is for customers and the workers have their own program called the employee survey.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join Albertson’s Survey Sweepstakes

The next, if you are eligible, you get to understand that preparing the things which you need is necessary. Here, all of you must get to know that getting your smartphone is important. Also, you must provide internet tools as well as the connection.

  • Get the Valid Albertson’s Receipt

Now, if you have got internet access, you can start to get the valid receipt. Indeed, you are going to need the receipt if you are going to fill out the online survey sweepstakes. But, if you join the offline one, you won’t need any receipt. If you see, you can only take part in the sweepstakes every 15 days.

What are Albertson’s Survey Sweepstakes Rewards and Prizes?

For your information, there are ten prizes which you can win. Yes, the official team is going to choose the ten lucky winners. For each sweepstakes winner, they will earn $100 Albertson’s Gift Card. As it is in the form of gift card, you can’t redeem the card for cash.

Also, you get to pay attention to the validation date of the gift card. If your gift card gets expired, you won’t be able to use it anymore. And also, if the gift card balance is running out, you won’t be able to reload it.

Ways to Check the Albertson’s Survey Sweepstakes Winners

For you who are going to check the list of sweepstakes winners, you can start to go to You know, the list of the winners will appear if it is the end of the period. Or, you can also start to send your personal data to Winners List Request, c/o StellaService. Here, the address will be 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York 10004.

Brief about Albertson’s Corporate Profile

As you all can see, Albertsons has the longer name which is Albertsons Companies LLC. You know, it is a chain of grocery store company from America. Here, you can start to go to the Headquarters by going Boise, Idaho. Today, there are over than 2,328 locations which you can visit now.

If you see, this company has some subsidiaries which are Safeway Inc., Vons, Tom Thumb, and even Jewel. Meanwhile, the Parent organizations are Cerberus Capital Management as well as Albertsons Companies, Inc.

How to Seek for Albertsons Near Me?

For you who are seeking for the locations, you can start to try these ways. They are:

  • Albertsons Store Locator
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At first, you can freely use the navigator or its store locator. You can start to go to which is the official website. And then, each of you can try to fill out your zip code or another detail of your current position.

  • Albertsons Near Me

Alright! Some of you may also seek for Albertsons Near Me on your Google Map or Google search engine. And then, you must get the offers to use some filters such as the hours. No doubt, you can also start to use the reviews and its distance from your current position.

  •  Albertsons App

And the last, all of you can also try to use another navigator which is reachable at Albertsons application. Yes, you just have to use the GPS satellite to provide your current position detail.

How to Get in Touch with the Customer Care Service?

So, it is all about Albertson’s customer survey, and now, you start to get in touch with the official team. If you, you get to know the Customer Service Email as well as the Customer Service Hours. Well, here are the contacts for you:

  • Albertson’s Corporate Office Address

First, you may start to write a letter, and you can address it to 8035 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona, 85021 5159.

  • Albertson’s LLC Office Address

If you are going to address it to Albertson’s LLC Office, you can start to address it to 250 Park Center Boulevard, Boise, ID, 83706.

  • Albertson’s Phone Number

Anyway, you can also try to call the phone number which is reachable at 208 395 4722. But, you get to call the number in customer service hours.

  • Albertson’s Social Networks

Or maybe, you can also start checking out Albertson’s social networks such as Twitter. And, you can try to go to the Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube as well.

  • Albertson’s Website

And the last, you can start to go to the official website which is reachable at Well, there is some info which you can get such as Albertsons Locations or Albertsons Near Me complete with the Albertson’s Store Locator. Of course, you must get the Subsidiaries, Grocery Store, and Bakery. If you are going to use the service of Delivery, you can also start to use it from Albertson’s Application.

Well, all of you have got the insight into Albertsons Survey login site. As you can see, it is different from Albertson’s Employee Survey. Even if it is similar to sending your feedback to Albertson’s Customer Service Email, Albertson’s survey program is different. Yes, you can start to join the sweepstakes to win $100 gift card. Best luck to be Albertsons sweepstakes winners!

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