BBI Connect Ultipro – Osi.Ultipro.Com Bloomin Brands Login Portal for Employees

BBI Connect Login Portal

Dear everyone who works in Bloomin Brands! You must know that the human resource team has provided you with an online portal. Yes, it is BBI Connect Ultipro which you can access at Osi.Ultipro.Com. As you all can see, the Bloomin Brands portal has some support for the portal. Not to mention, they are BBI Connect Support, BBI Connect Direct Deposit, BBI Connect Tech Support, and even BBI University Osi Ultipro and Bloomin Brands Real Estate. Yes, this portal has some features which you need. in other words, you can check Ultipro E13, BBI University Osi Ultipro Login, N12 Ultipro, and even Ultipro N32

What is BBI Connect Ultipro?

Of course, as good employees, you must be familiar with BBI Connect Ultipro. For newbies, you need to gain as many information about this portal. It is because the portal is a door where you can claim all employee benefits. Yes, BBI Connect Ultipro is an online portal created by Bloomin Brands Human Resource team for all employees. If you want to go to this portal, you just have to go to Osi.Ultipro.Com. Well, you will get some access into BBI Connect Support, BBI Connect Direct Deposit, as well as BBI Connect Tech Support.

BBI Connect Ultipro - Osi.Ultipro.Com Bloomin Brands Login Portal for Employees
BBI Connect Ultipro – Osi.Ultipro.Com Bloomin Brands Login Portal for Employees

Besides, you can also start to access BBI University Osi Ultipro login, Bloomin Brands employee benefits, complete with Bloomin Brands Real Estate, and BBI University Osi Ultipro. Yes, there are some login methods which you can choose including Ultipro E13, Ultipro Login, N12 Ultipro, and Ultipro N32. Nicely, if it is your first time to login, you don’t have to worry. It is because this article is going to show you the guides.

What are the Benefits of Accessing BBI Connect?

Anyway, Bloomin Brands Employee Login Portal provides a lot of features that will help your job fields. Even you are lack of ideas, this site is a great place where you can explore anything that will help you with improving your job’s performances. In line with the other employee login site such as Outback Login or Bloomin’ Brands, Inc University Login, BBI Employee Connect also helps you to access the various administrative occupations such as check-lock, payroll, as well as any communicational purposes. Then, you should not be too busy or worry about these businesses and stay focused on your work.

What Have to Prepare to Access BBI Connect Employee Login?

And then, it is a great time to prepare the requirements that will be useful to access Bloomin’ Brands Employee Site. Yes, you should not worry about providing them because it avoids you to get any login troubles. And, here the requirements are:

  • At first, you must prepare the electronic device. Here, it is better to use a set of computer or laptop. Even, it is okay to use a Smartphone or tablet.
  • The second, you need to make sure that your device has the latest internet browser. For the suggestion, you are better to use Internet Explorer 11.0, Mozilla Firefox 61.0 or Chrome 69.0.
  • After that, you are able to access this site as long as you have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • For the rest, you can access this site is you have the valid Bloomin Brands Username and Password. So that you know, your Username contains for the first two letters of your legal first name and it is followed a five digit numbers. If you are difficult to find it, you can contact the manager or HR Teams.

How to Create the New BBI Connect Account?

So that you know, you need to register your account for the new Bloomin’ Brands Employees or Affiliates. Then, it only takes around five minutes to complete all the registration process. And, here they are:

  • Step 1: Launch the Site

First thing first, you need to prepare your electronic device and get one of the best browsers you have. When all is ready, you need to type down the Bloomin Brands Employee Official Website. And, it is accessible at

  • Step 2: Set the Language (Optional)

After that, you will get the BBI Employee Portal Homepage. Before accessing your personal account, you need to set the language instruction. Actually, you will get the English instruction as the language default. When you are confident with this language, you are able to change the languages instruction into some kinds of language options. Here, you can choose more than 14 language options.

  • Step 3: Click at “Forgot your Password.”

For the next, you can click at “Forgot your Password.” Well, this menu contains some functions where you can reset, change or even create your new password. On the page, you will get two options where you can get the registration page.

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  • Step 4: Mention the Required Information

Then, you need to type down the Username. Like we have stated before, you must submit two first letter or original name with 5-digit numbers. To make you easy, you can contact the HR Teams to get this valid username and the access code (If it is available). When all is ready, you can click at the “Go” button.

  • Step 5: Complete Personal information

The next page will lead you to get some blank spaces where you have to submit your correct personal information. In this case, you can give the complete name, mail-in address, active phone numbers, employee id, and many more.

  • Step 6: Create a Password

Well, you need to create a strong password. In this case, your password must contain at least 8 up to 15 characters which are about the lower and upper alphabet, number and one special character such as @#$%^&. Once you have created it, you will get some security options. You can choose one of them and write down the answer correctly.

  • Step 7: Click “Submit”

At last, you can click at the “Submit” button, and it means that you have owned your valid Username and Password.

How to Process BBI Connect Ultipro Login Portal?

Alright! Now, you must get interested in accessing all features made for you. In this case, you just have to log in to your account. If it is your first time, you may try the following ways. Here you go!

  • Step 1: Go to BBI Connect Ultipro Login Portal

At the first step, you all must agree that you need to go online. Well, you can start to prepare a laptop or smartphone. After that, you can give a try to launch a browser. For tips, you can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and so on. Later, you can click on the address bar and search Osi.Ultipro.Com. Yes, it is the official BBI Connect portal.

  • Step 2: Fill Out BBI Connect Ultipro Username

When you get the homepage, you must see the login portal. No doubt, there are some details which you must complete. Not to mention, you must complete the username. Yes, you can get it from Bloomin Brands Human Resource team.

  • Step 3: Fill Out BBI Connect Ultipro Password

Besides the username, it is also important for you to fill out the password. You know, Blooming Brands HR team also provides you the password along with the username. Yes, it is good if you don’t lose it as you need it whenever you are going to log in.

  • Step 4: Click on “Log In”

If you guess the details of BBI Connect login credentials are all correct, you can click on the “Log In” button. You know, the button is going to redirect you to the next page.

  • Step 5: Enjoy Using BBI Connect Ultipro Features

Finally! You have completed the details and you passed the login portal. Now, you can check what employee benefits which you can explore and claim. Have fun!

BBI Connect Ultipro - Osi.Ultipro.Com Bloomin Brands Login Portal for Employees
BBI Connect Ultipro Reset Password Portal

How to Process BBI Connect Ultipro Reset Password?

In case you don’t remember the password, you don’t have to be panic. Instead, you just have to follow the steps. Here you go!

  • Step 1: Go to BBI Connect Ultipro Website

And now, at the first step, you can start to go to BBI Connect website. Of course, it is only reachable at Osi.Ultipro.Com. Well, you must know that having the online access is a must here.

  • Step 2: Click on “Forgot Password”

When you get the homepage, you can give a try to click on the “Forgot Password” link. As you all can see, the link is going to redirect you to the BBI Connect password recovery page.

  • Step 3: Fill Out Your Username

Yes, you can see that the page requests you to fill out a valid BBI Connect Osi Ultipro Username. If you can’t provide the correct name, you won’t be able to login. In case you have no idea about the username, you may contact BBI connect system administrator to help you.

  • Step 4: Fill Out BBI Connect Ultipro Access Code

Well, you can also start to fill out the access code. For information, you can only get the access code through the reset link sent to your email. For this reason, you must check your email and read the instruction.

  • Step 5: Click on “Go” Button

And now, it comes to the moment when you can start to click on the “Go” button. Yes, it is at the right-hand side bottom part of the page.

  • Step 6: Create a New BBI Connect Password

So, it is the last step of the process. Indeed, as you get the link, you can start to create a new password. Of course, you can’t just create the new one and forget it later. For the best tip, you can give a try to prepare a note. Well, you can take a note about the password which you just created. Someday, when you forget it, you know where to check the password. Enjoy!

How to Change the Language at BBI Connect Ultipro Portal?

As you all can see, Osi.Ultipro.Com is available in some languages. In this case, some of you may prefer to use English. But, for the rest of you, you may need to convert it into other languages for some reasons. Well, you just have to follow the steps to get the page converted into your language. Here you go!

  • Step 1: Go to BBI Connect Login Portal
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At the first step, it is just like the usual page which you have to visit. It will be very helpful if you have the fast internet connection.

  • Step 2: Click on the English (USA)

And then, you can start to click on the “English (USA)” link. It is at the top right-hand side of the page.

  • Step 3: Scroll the Languages

As you all can see, there are twelve languages available. Not to mention, they are English USA, English GBR, English CAN, François CAN, Española USA, Portugues BRA, Deutsch DEU, Nederlands NLD, François FRA, Italiano ITA, Melayu MYS, Philipino PHL, Dansk DNK, and Svenska SWE.

  • Step 4: Chose One to Change

Among those languages options, you just have to click one. And then, Osi.Ultipro.Com portal is going to convert the language automatically. Now, you can enjoy using the page in your language. Nice, isn’t it?

Why I Can’t Access BBI Connect?

In some cases, it may be possible to fail in accessing BBI Employee Login Site. But, you should not worry because it is big trouble and you can pass it within less than an hour. Yes, as long as you know the reasons for failure, you may get ideas to solve it. In general, the problems come because of:

  • The bad internet connection
  • Un-supported electronic devices
  • The old version of internet browser
  • Server busy
  • Or, your wrong username or password.

If you find some problems related to your password, you can send an email to The teams will respond your mail within less than 48 hours of operation. Anyway, for the quick responses, you can prepare your phone then call BBI Connect Tech Support at 813-282-1225.

What are the Features inside of BBI Connect Employee Portal?

What an excellent question! Right now, it will be good if we talk about the features or menus that you can enjoy at BBI Employee Connect Portal. Indeed, you will not spend your lot of time because it needs only less than two minutes to get into the Bloomin’ Brands Login. Once you get inside, you may need a couple of hours to explore the features because all of them are helpful and awesome. So, Friends! Here the lists of BBI Employee Portal Features are:

  • BBI Connect Direct Deposit

First of all, or BBI Employee Portal offers a direct deposit menu where you can request for your payroll information. This menu contains the detail information about your salary, bonuses or rewards as well as the monthly incentives and allowances. You don’t need to worry because this menu will be on time in informing your payroll. For the new employees, you may need to provide your banking details and personal information. Sure, you will automatically receive your salary through the electronic transfer machine, and this direct deposit menu will give you its detail forms.

  • BBI My Benefit

Second of all, this Bloomin Brands Employee Site also gives you a place where you can check and claim your employee benefits and bonuses. So that is why, the retirement employees can regularly access this login system because it is the place where they can access their 401 (k) plans and retirement incentives. For your information, there are several Bloomin Brands Employee Benefits that you can claim at this site, and those are:

  1. Rewards and Bonus
  2. Holiday and Overtime paid
  3. Retirement benefits
  4. 401 (K) plans
  5. Family Allowances
  6. Scholarship
  7. And, the various health insurances

Besides of those financial benefits, Bloomin Brands also gives you the other awesome benefits such as the sustainability and career path, leaves and sick paid, holiday, parental leaves, dress code as well as the enjoyable work atmosphere.

  • BBI Employee Support

Well, Bloomin Brands Employee Portal is designed to help and ease every single employee’s job. Then, it also prepares a space where you can run and keep your data. Of course, you have a free right to manage and check it wherever and whenever you are. Indeed you cannot come to the office, you should not worry because you can control your work online.

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  • The Scheduling System

And then, this employee portal also helps you check your daily schedule, work plans, deadlines. Indeed, you will be easy to exchange your work shift, give the check-lock sign online or even send the permission if accidentally you have to stay at home because of sick or other intentional condition. This portal will automatically monitor your schedule and link it to the HR Teams.

  • Employee Sources

For some critical positions such as head office, marketing or even sales manager, you may need to stay up to date with the current situation on the market. Therefore, this position needs you to think smart and creative in order to improve the company’s progress. But, you are just a human being that somehow you are lack of inspiration and ideas. Well, Bloomin’ Brands Employee Official Website allows you to get a lot of information about marketing, sales idea as well as the Bloomin Brands Company’s profile.

  • Communication Line

For your information, Bloomin’ Brands has employed for over than a thousand people across the United States. Then, BBI Connect Employee Portal is the authorized employee portal for all US-based employees. Then, to make it simple, you are able to use this portal to share the information in a quick way. It allows you to receive many emails, make a group discussion, get some pictures and data, and many more.

  • Secure and Eye-Catching Portal

For the rest, you should not worry because this site will protect your account and no one can access it. So that’s why, you can keep all of your personal information as well as the important job’s data without any worries.

Brief about Bloomin’ Brands Company Profile

Alright! You can also try to dig more information about the company. If you see, Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. is a company of hospitality industry which also provides several American casual dining restaurant chains. Yes, the company started to run in 1988, right in Tampa, Florida. At the same place, you can get the headquarters. Indeed, Bloomin’ Brands also has some subsidiaries such as Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and soon.

How to Contact Bloomin’ Brands Support Team?

Well, it must be nice if you give a try to contact Bloomin’ Brands support team. When you face troubles during login or accessing the employee benefits, the support team is ready to help. Alright, here are Bloomin’ Brands support team contacts for you to try:

  • Bloomin’ Brands Main Telephone

First thing first, you can start to call Bloomin’ Brands main telephone. As you know, it is reachable at (813) 282-1225. Well, you can only call the number within Bloomin’ Brands business hours.

  • Bloomin’ Brands Main Fax

Second, it is also good for you to start sending a fax to (813) 282-4702. As you know, the official team will only be available within the business hours. Yes, you must be sure that send to the correct number.

  • Bloomin’ Brands Primary Address

The last, you can also give a try to write a letter. In this case, you need to make the letter specific, strict to the point, and brief. Yes, it must be understandable when you ask questions or help. After that, you can start to send it to 2202 North Westshore Boulevard, Suite 500, Tampa, Florida 33607, USA.

Overall, you have learned a lot of BBI Connect Ultipro which is the official Bloomin Brands employee portal. Now, you can start to go to Osi.Ultipro.Com in order to access all the things you need. Yes, you can enjoy exploring the feature of BBI Connect Support such as BBI Connect Tech Support, BBI Connect Direct Deposit, and even BBI University Osi Ultipro and Bloomin Brands Real Estate. You just have to log into your portal. And then, it must provide you with some features like Ultipro E13, BBI University Osi Ultipro, Ultipro Login, complete with N12 Ultipro and Ultipro N32. Have a nice day!

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