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As a burrito lover, you will be very lucky if you can get Chipotle Free Burrito Coupon. Then, what do you feel if you can enjoy the free Burrito for a year? You must think that it is just a dream. But, this can happen. You can get this great reward by taking part in ChipotleFeedback survey. It is so simple, isn’t it? You just need to spend a little time to complete the Chipotle survey. Then, you will get a golden opportunity to win this Burrito coupon. After the survey, the restaurant lets you enter their sweepstakes. If you win this online contest, you deserve to get Chipotle Burrito Card.

Why Should Take ChipotleFeedback?

There are two advantages to taking Chipotle feedback survey. First, you can be free to talk about your experience at the restaurant. Perhaps, you get the terrible dining experience there. So, you need a media to convey your feedback. That’s why Chipotle survey really helps the guests. If the guests are difficult to share their feedback to the manager, taking this survey helps them to express what they feel. Besides, taking Chipotle Feedback survey also enables you to share your positive feedback. For instance, you want to give an appreciation to the menu and service. Another benefit of completing the Chipotle survey is that you get one chance to win the sweepstake. As the reward, you will get a Burrito card. With this card, you can enjoy the burrito from Chipotle all the year. Interested in this offer? Let’s check out the guideline below.
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About Chipotle Restaurant

Chipotle is not a new restaurant, especially for the Tex-Mex dish lovers. Everyone must ever hear this restaurant chain before. But, it will be interesting if discuss more this restaurant chain. For your information, the official brand of this restaurant is Chipotle Mexican Grill. But, this chain is very popular as Chipotle. The founder of Chipotle is Steve Ells. The first restaurant is established in 1993 in Colorado. The location of the first Chipotle Mexican Grill is next to the University of Denver. Year by year, many new restaurants are open. It means, the restaurant can grow very well. In fact, we can not only find the restaurants in the US. It is because Chipotle becomes an international restaurant brand. It can expand the restaurant business outside the US. As the example, you can find Chipotle Mexican Grill in Canada. If you live in Europe, you will also be able to find this restaurant in several countries. For example, they exist in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. With more than 2000 chains around the world, the restaurant hires more than 60.000 employees. Even the chains of this restaurant spread worldwide, the Chipotle headquarters is still located in Colorado.  But, this year, the company plans to move its headquarter to Southern California.
ChipotleFeedback Survey Sweepstakes for Free Burrito Coupons
ChipotleFeedback Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides

Chipotle Mexican Grill Wiki

Traded asNYSE: CMG
S&P 500 Component
IndustryFast casual
FoundedJuly 13, 1993; 25 years ago[1]
FounderSteve Ells
HeadquartersNewport Beach, California, U.S.
Number of locations2,250 (2017)[2]
Area servedUnited States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France
Key peopleSteve Ells (Executive Chairman)
Brian Niccol (CEO)
Mark Crumpacker (Chief Marketing and Development Officer)
Jack R. Hartung (Chief Financial Officer)
RevenueDecreaseUS$3.9 billion (2016)[2]
Operating incomeDecreaseUS$34.57 million (2016)[2]
Net incomeDecreaseUS$22.94 million (2016)[2]
Total assetsDecreaseUS$2.026 billion (2016)[2]
Total equityDecreaseUS$1.402 billion (2016)[3]
Number of employees64,570 (2017)[4][5]
SubsidiariesPizzeria Locale (2013–present)
ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen (2011–2017)
Tasty Made (2016–2018)

What is the Chipotle Survey Time Periods

Anyway, don’t you want to start getting the information about the Survey sweepstakes period? Here is the list of the survey sweepstakes time periods:
Monthly Entry PeriodPrize WinnersPrizeEntry Received  ByRandom Drawing  Date on/or about
(starts 10:45 am ends 11:59 pm)
7/22/18-8/21/18One (1) $520 in Burrito BucksAugust 21, 2018August 23, 2018
8/22/18-9/21/18One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksSeptember 21, 2018September 24, 2018
9/22/18-10/21/18One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksOctober 21, 2018October 23, 2018
10/22/18-11/21/18One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksNovember 21, 2018November 26, 2018
11/22/18-12/21/18One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksDecember 21, 2018December 26, 2018
12/22/18-1/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksJanuary 21, 2019January 23, 2019
1/22/19-2/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksFebruary 21, 2019February 25, 2019
2/22/19-3/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksMarch 21, 2019March 25, 2019
3/22/19—4/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksApril 21, 2019April 23, 2019
4/22/19-5/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksMay 21, 2019May 23, 2019
5/22/19-6/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksJune 21, 2019June 24, 2019
6/22/19-7/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksJuly 21, 2019July 23, 2019
7/22/19-8/21/19One (1)$520 in Burrito BucksAugust 21, 2019August 23, 2019

How to Take Chipotle Survey and Join Chipotle Contest?

  1. Go to Chipotle Restaurant
  2. Order Chipotle Menu
  3. Pay the Bill and Get Chipotle Receipt
  4. Go to Chipotle Contest Website
  5. Fill Out Chipotle User ID
  6. Fill Out Chipotle Password
  7. Give Your Overall Satisfaction
  8. Answer All Chipotle Survey Questions
  9. Give Chipotle Feedback
  10. Join Chipotle Contest
  11. Complete Your Personal Information

What Steps to Take to Join Chipotle Survey?

Alright! It seems like all of you can’t wait to start filling out the Chipotle Customer Survey Free Burrito. And, you are going to get the chance to take part in the Sweepstakes to win $520 gift card. Here are the steps for the Survey sweepstakes:
  • Step 1: Go to the Website
Yes, you all get to start going to the Survey website which is reachable at Of course, you are going to need the smartphone or another device. Later, you also get to own the internet connection including the browser. Yes, they can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. And, when you start going to the  website, you mustn’t mistype it.
  • Step 2: Change A Language
Anyway, you can also give a try to change the language if in case you don’t understand the English language. Of course, you can start checking out the top page, and you can start choosing the Spanish language.
  • Step 3: Read the Free Burrito Rules
And, you can try to read the sweepstakes rules in order to understand it. Of course, it is important for all of you to get the rules. It is going to avoid you from getting disqualified as you don’t obey the rules.
  • Step 4: Fill Out the Receipt Code
And then, it is the best time for all of you to start filling out the receipt survey code. You know, the receipt code is exactly on your receipt. Yes, it is the unique code which is at the bottom of the receipt. If you see, it has 20 numbers.
  • Step 5: Click on “Begin Survey”
For you who have filled out the unique code, you can start to click on the “Begin Survey” button.
  • Step 6: Give Ratings on the Survey Questions
It is nice that you all get into the survey portal. Now, you can start filling out the Feedback form. Yes, there must be some feedback survey questions. You know, it is important for all of you to start giving the ratings of satisfaction or disappointment. Of course, the Official team is going to listen to you. Yes, the questions are about the menu, service, location, as well as the location.
  • Step 7: Leave the Feedback, Suggestions, Complaints
You know, you can also start leaving the feedback, in case you have something which you are going to express. No doubt, you can freely leave the feedback, complaints, suggestions, and other comments.
  • Step 8: Earn the Coupon Code
If you have done filling out the feedback form, you are going to get the Free Burrito coupon code. Yes, you are going to get the receipt and start writing that unique code. You know, you can start redeeming the coupon to get the free burritos at any stores.
  • Step 9: Take Part in the Sweepstakes
If you guess the rewards aren’t enough for all of you, you can start to give a try to take part in the sweepstakes. Yes, you are going to win $520 gift card. But, you get to fill out your personal information including your name, contacts, birth date, and so on.

How to Take Part in ChipotleFeedback without Purchase?

For you, the customers who don’t have any receipt, you don’t have to be sad. You know, it is important for you all to know that you can start taking your part in the sweepstakes via mail. Yes, it doesn’t require any receipt. Here the steps guide:
  • Of course, you are going to need your writing utensil. In this case, you can start getting your pen, postcard, as well as the postpaid envelope.
  • Then, you are going to write your data which is your full name, your address with the zip code, as well as your phone number. And, you also get to fill out your email address, and your birthdate.
  • And fro the rest, you can start sending it to the Survey sweepstakes mail address. Yes, it is important for all of you to ensure that it is before the due date.

ChipotleFeedback Survey Sweepstakes Rules

If you often take part in other restaurant’s survey sweepstakes, you will be familiar with the rules below. It is because most restaurant surveys have the similar official rules. Then, as good survey participants, you have to obey whatever the rules. In order to manage the process of the survey, the restaurant arrange this rules. If you want to find out the official rules, you can open it at But, if you want to read the simpler rules, you can check out the rules summary below.
  1. Chipotle Sweepstakes Entrants.
There are some rules about sweepstakes participants. If you can meet the requirements below, it means you are eligible to enter Chipotle Sweepstake Contest.
  • All the participants should reach the minimum age. They must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Only the United States legal residents can enter the survey sweepstakes.
  • The next, if you are working at Chipotle restaurants, you should be sad. It is because you do not have any chance to participate in this sweepstakes. Besides, the survey is also not open to the immediate family members of employees.
  1. Chipotle Survey Sweepstakes Methods.
The Survey offers two entry methods. So, the participants can choose a better method for them. It is because each method has its own strengths. For instance, if they choose the online sweepstakes, they have to possess a receipt. So, if they do not have this receipt, it will be better if they join the offline sweepstakes. For the complete explanation, you can view the methods below.
  • Online sweepstakes.
The online sweepstake is reachable after completing the survey. So, to join this contest, you have to reach the survey portal at You should note that a valid receipt from the restaurant is required. This receipt leads you to enter the survey page. Then, after answering the questionnaire, you will be allowed to enter the sweepstakes.
  • Mailing sweepstakes.
Offline sweepstake refers to mail-in sweepstake. It means you can send the sweepstakes entry by mail. This method is suitable for the entrants who do not have the receipt. To submit the sweepstake entry, you have to do these following steps. First, you need a piece of paper. In this paper, you have to write down your contact details. It includes the full name, complete address, telephone number, and email. Besides, you need to include the rating about the satisfaction level when you visit the restaurant. The next, cover this paper in a business size envelope. The last, write down the destination address at Chipotle Feedback Sweepstakes Entry, Vibes Media, LLC 300W, Adams. 7th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60606.
  1. Sweepstakes winner.
Since the survey has 13 entry periods, there are 13 monthly drawing in a survey period. Besides, in one entry period, there will be five winners. You have to notice that Chipotle will not include your entry to the next drawing if you do not win this monthly drawing. So, if you want the bigger winning chance, you have to enter this sweepstake every month. The administrator will notify the winner by email. Then, they will disqualify the winners if they do not respond to this email. The next, the team will select the alternate sweepstake winner.
  1. Sweepstakes reward.
Each winner of the survey sweepstakes will get a Burrito Card. This Burrito Card enables the winner to enjoy 52 Burrito. Besides, this Chipotle Burrito Card is valued at $520. It means you can eat Burrito for free for a year. If you win this contest, you have to wait within 8 weeks to receive this card. Remember, the restaurant will not replace this reward card if you lose it. Then, you should note that you cannot redeem this card for cash.

What are the Chipotle Feedback Survey Rewards and Prizes?

Anyway, about the sweepstakes prize, you are going to win $520 gift card. You know, you can start going to the site and check out whether you get your name. Well, there will be 52 survey winners who are going to get $10 coupon for each winner. In other words, $520 is the total survey prize.

What is Chipotle Coupon?

Friends! You all must be glad as all of you are going to get some chances to enjoy free Coupons. In this case, you may have got some Coupons Text like Coupon Game, or Coupon of 2018. Or even, you may have enjoyed the Chipotle Discount Offer Buy One Get One Free, Chipotle Printable Coupon, the Offer Codes 2018 2019, or other Mobile Offers. Friends! Now is the best time for all of you to start going to ChipotleFeedback.Com. You know, it is the website which is going to allow you to send your Feedback. And, like the rewards, you are going to get Free Burritos Coupon.

How to Seek for Chipotle Mexican Grill Near Me?

Dear all friends! It is such a pleasing moment to start enjoying the free burritos. In this case, you can start going to the stores in order to redeem your coupons. Well, here are some best ways to get the list of locations. They are:
  • Access the store locator
Yes, the first one, it is going to be great to start going to the website which is You know, you must get the feature of delivery or store locator. No doubt, you can try to purchase the menu online or via store locator. If you choose the locator, you must start filling out your zip code in order to show the list of locations.
  • Use the Google Map
Yes, you can also start seeking Chipotle Mexican Grill Near Me. In this case, you just get to go to or Well, all of you must get the list of the closest locations. Also, you are going to get some filters like hours,  ratings, as well as the distance from your current position.
  • Install the mobile application
And last, you can also try to get Chipotle’s application. No doubt, the features are similar to the website. Here, you can freely start using the delivery or store locator.

List of Chipotle Mexican Grill Locations in the United States of America

Friends! You can also give a try to check out the following table. You know, you must get the list of location as well as the store phone number. Besides, you are going to get the info about the hours open/close. Here you go!
Chipotle Mexican Grill Store LocationChipotle Mexican Grill Store Phone NumberChipotle Mexican Grill Store Hours (Open/Close)
Memphis, TN, United States+1 901-416-1944 Opens 10:45AM
Grandview, MO, United States+1 816-763-1350 Opens 10:45AM
Miami, FL, United States+1 305-668-3831 Opens 10:45AM
Los Angeles, CA, United States+1 310-824-4180 Opens 10:45AM
Bentonville, AR, United States+1 479-271-2393 Opens 10:45AM
Stillwater, OK, United States+1 405-372-1642 Opens 10:45AM
Tulsa, OK, United States+1 918-582-9005 Opens 10:45AM
Wichita, KS, United States+1 316-651-0349 Opens 10:45AM
Tulsa, OK, United States+1 918-477-9675 Opens 10:45AM
Lawrence, KS, United States+1 785-312-9081 Opens 10:45AM
West Chester Township, OH, United States+1 513-779-3615 Opens 10:45AM
Tulsa, OK, United States+1 918-364-3564 Opens 10:45AM
North York, ON, Canada+1 416-331-9701 Opens 10:45AM
Mt Dora, FL, United States+1 352-735-1983 Opens 10:45AM
Los Angeles, CA, United States+1 424-204-0026 Opens 10AM
Davie, FL, United States+1 954-400-7464 Opens 10:45AM
Louisville, KY, United States+1 502-452-8990 Opens 10:45AM
Maple, ON, Canada+1 905-303-3365 Opens 10:45AM
Las Vegas, NV, United States+1 702-384-0107 Opens 11AM
Grand Junction, CO, United States+1 970-257-1966 Opens 10:45AM
Portage, IN, United States+1 219-763-9102 Opens 10:45AM
Granbury, TX, United States+1 817-579-9246 Opens 10:45AM
Bloomington, MN, United States+1 952-252-3800 Opens 11AM
San Francisco, CA, United States+1 415-765-9043 Opens 10:45AM
McLean, VA, United States+1 703-288-3890 Opens 10:45AM
Chino Hills, CA, United States+1 909-548-3721 Opens 10:30AM
Boston, MA, United States+1 617-939-0988 Opens 10:45AM
Minneapolis, MN, United States+1 612-659-7955 Opens 10:45AM
Toronto, ON, Canada+1 416-596-8600 Opens 10:45AM
Las Vegas, NV, United States+1 702-448-8559 Opens 10:45AM
Cary, NC, United States+1 919-233-8242 Opens 10:45AM
Ithaca, NY, United States+1 607-272-0437 Opens 10:45AM
Niagara Falls, NY, United States+1 716-297-1745 Opens 10:45AM
West Vancouver, BC, Canada+1 604-922-0301 Opens 10:45AM
New York, NY, United States+1 212-695-0412 Opens 10:45AM
Los Angeles, CA, United States+1 213-283-2058 Opens 10:30AM
Milpitas, CA, United States+1 408-935-9254 Opens 10:45AM
Deer Park, NY, United States+1 631-586-0301 Opens 10:45AM
New York, NY, United States+1 212-964-0435 Opens 10:45AM
Tempe, AZ, United States+1 480-829-0600 Opens 10:45AM

How to Communicate with the Customer Care Service?

It is going to be great to start seeking contacts. You know, you all can start asking the questions, sharing the complaints, and so on. So, here are the contacts:
  • Head Office Address
First of all, going to the office is good, and, it is reachable at 1401 Wynkoop St. Denver, CO 80202.
  • Phone Number
Besides, you can also give a try to call the phone number which is reachable at 303 595 4000. But, of course, you get to call the number in its business hours.
  • Social Networks Profiles
Anyway, you must be glad to go to Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube channel. Yes, you can also start getting information on LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Official Website
The last, all of you must get the complete information by seeking the Wiki. But, it is also best to start going to which is the official website. Some of them are about the Locations, the Prices, Near Me, and even the Meaning. You know, it is also best to try checking out the Hours, Delivery, and Coupons as well. So, are you ready to be Chipotle Feedback Winners of Chipotle Survey Free Burrito and $520 gift cards? In this case, you can start going to the Survey site which is ChipotleFeedback.Com. As you all can see, you won’t get anything if you go to ChipotleFeedback.Con or Chipotle Feedback.Com. By sharing your Feedback at this Feedback Survey, you are going to win the Coupon. Now, you can start getting the Unique Code, going to Receipt Survey site, and fill out the Feedback Form. Enjoy winning the Sweepstakes prize!

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