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Friends! Don’t you know that Denny’s Inc invites all of you to start filling out the DennysListens for the sake of earning the free Dennys Coupons? In this case, all of you can start to redeem your coupons at any Dennys Locations. If you guess you want to get the free Dennys Menu, you can start to go to the nearest Dennys Restaurant such as Dennys Canada or Dennys Near Me.

For the next, you all can start to check the Menu Prices, purchase a menu, and use the receipt. As all of you can see, your receipt has the Dennys Listens survey code which you are going to need in order to get into the survey portal.

?What is DennysListens??

As all of you can see, DennysListens is the legal customer or guest satisfaction survey from Denny’s Inc. In this case, you all can give a try to use your valid receipt which you get from the Dennys Restaurant. Of course, you must make a transaction such as purchasing a Menu in order to get that valid receipt.

Later, you can start to give a try to go to Denny’s survey website which is As you all can see, there will be some questions and you must give some ratings.

DennysListens Survey for Dennys coupons for Free Dennys Pancakes
DennysListens Survey Steps Guides accessed from

Well, most Dennys customers must understand that Dennys Listens survey is one of the best media owned by Denny’s Inc. In this case, all of the customers are able to start leaving their Dennys feedback. Not to mention, you can leave your feedback about the locations you visited, Menu Prices, Dennys Birthday, and Dennys Menu.

No doubt, all of you can freely leave your feedback for the sake of better Dennys restaurants. In the ending part of the survey, you must earn the Dennys Coupons code which you can redeem at any location including in Canada. Enjoy the free menu!

DennysListens Survey for Dennys coupons free pancakes
DennysListens Survey Steps Guides

?What Steps to Take to Join Denny’s Listens Survey??

Anyway, for some of you who are ready to start filling out the Dennys survey, now, you can give a try to get the steps. Of course, you must take all steps in order to finish filling out the Listens survey. And, here are Dennys customer survey steps for you:

  • Step 1: Go to Dennys Listens Survey Website

First of all, you get to know that going to the official Denny’s survey website is a must. In this case, you must have to get your smartphone or another device. For the next, you also have to provide the internet browser as well as the internet access. Later, you can start to open the browser, and you can go to this link.

  • Step 2: Change A Language

For your information, there will be three languages available for all of you. Not to mention, they include English, Spanish, as well as French. Indeed, you just get to choose the one which you understand the most.

  • Step 3: Click on “Next”

Well, you may have done changing the language based on your preference. Now, you can continue by clicking on the “Next” button. Just so you know, it is the button which will show you the login portal for the survey.

  • Step 4: Fill Out Dennys Listens Survey Code

In this section, you are going to get your receipt and check the survey code. For your information, your Dennys survey code has four numbers. Yes, you can start to fill out the survey code on the blank field available at the survey homepage.

  • Step 5: Click “Next”
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If you have ensured that the survey code which you just filed out is all correct, now, you can start to click on the “Next” button. Yes, somehow, when you have completed a single step, you get to click on the “Next” button to continue.

  • Step 6: Give Ratings on Dennys Listens Questions

So, you already get into Dennys portal. Here, the next thing which you get to do is to give the ratings on those Dennys survey questions. You know, it is important for all of you to start giving the ratings based on your opinion. Here, some of the aspects reviewed are the menu, location or restaurant cleanliness, as well as the service from the employees. If you guess they are satisfying, you can start to give the good rates and vice versa.

  • Step 7: Leave Dennys Feedback

It looks like you have been completing the ratings and now, you can continue by leaving some Dennys feedback. So that you know, there is some feedback which you can start to leave. They include complaints, suggestions, complete with critics, and other comments. You know, Denny’s Inc. official team is going to be gladly receiving the helpful feedback. And, they are going to improve the menu yet also the service to be better for you. Nice, isn’t it?

  • Step 8: Earn Dennys Coupon Code

The last, at the ending part of Denny’s survey, all of the participants must get the Dennys coupon code. In this case, it is important for all of you to start writing it down on your receipt. You know, you can start to go to any Dennys restaurant in order to redeem your Dennys coupons. No doubt, the free menu is waiting for you!

?What are Denny’s Listens Survey Qualifications and Rules??

So, all of you have got the insight into the sequenced Dennys survey steps. Now, it is going to be the best for each of you if you start to get to know the rules which you must obey. In this case, you won’t be able to enjoy the free Dennys menu unless you obey all rules. Well, here are the Dennys survey rules for you:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for Denny’s Survey

First of all, you get to ensure that you are qualified or eligible for this Dennys guest survey. In this case, all of you get to know that you must be 18 years old who are the legal residents of America. Yet also, you mustn’t be a part of the employees.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join Denny’s Survey

For the next, you also get to know the things which you are going to need. In this case, you get to prepare your smartphone or another device which has internet tools including the browser. Yes, you are going to go online as you must go to this site.

  • Get the Valid Dennys Receipt

Besides the online tools, you also get to own the valid receipt which you can start to get from the closest Dennys restaurants. Yes, you can either search Dennys Near Me or just directly go to certain location such as Dennys Canada. Later, you are going to purchase a menu. When you get the receipt, you get to check out whether it has the four numbers of Denny’s Listens survey code or not. Besides, you also get to

  • Save Dennys Coupons for the Free Dennys Menu
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And the last, at the ending part, you all must have got the insight that you will earn the Dennys coupons. And now, you need to try to write that code on your receipt. Later, you can start to go to any Dennys restaurants locations. Of course, the official team is going to give you the free menu.

As long as you still get the Dennys coupons, enjoying the free menu is possible. But, still, you get to check out the validation date of the coupons. Of course, you have to redeem your coupon before the due date.

?What are Denny’s Survey Rewards and Prizes??

Well, if all of you have completed filling out the Dennys survey, now is the best time for you to know the rewards. As you can see, Denny’s survey rewards are in the form of Dennys coupons. Here, you get to redeem those coupons for the free Dennys menu. Just so you know, you are going to enjoy the free Dennys pancakes. Wow!

Now, it is going to be fun if you also ask your close friends to fill out the survey too. And then, you guys can start to redeem your coupons and now, you can enjoy the free pancakes together. Yes, it is such good news for the loyal customers or anyone who has the receipt. You can exchange your receipt for the free pancakes by filling out Denny’s survey.

?Brief about Dennys Corporate Profile?

Friends! You need to know that Dennys Inc. is the chain of the restaurant from America which serves table service dinner. In the first place, Harold Butler and Richard Jezak are the Dennys founders. Yes, both of then opened the first restaurant in 1953, Lakewood, California.

In case you are going to Dennys headquarter, you all can start to go to Spartanburg, South Carolina. So far, there are over than 1,700 locations in the United States of America. Anyway, Dennys locations include in Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Curacao, Costa Rica, and so on. Mostly, the customers love to enjoy the classic American comfort fare complete with the all-day breakfast menu.

?How to Seek for Dennys Near Me??

If somehow you are seeking Dennys locations in your area, you can start to use some online ways. No doubt, you are going to get the accurate results for the restaurants. And, they are:

  • Dennys Store Locator on the Official Website

First of all, you can try to use Dennys navigator or the locator on the website which is reachable at For the next, you must start to fill out the zip code or the city, and so on. After getting your current position, this website is going to show you the list of the restaurants in that zip code area. Now, you can choose one which you want to visit.

  • Dennys Near Me on Google and Map
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Second, you can also give a try to seek Dennys Near Me on your Google search engine or Google Map. Here, all of you must know that you are going to get some options for the filters. They include Dennys hours, ratings, as well as the store distance from your current position. Now, you can start to choose the restaurants open now and go to those locations which you prefer. Nice, isn’t it?

  • Dennys Locations on Dennys App

Later, you can also start to download the official Dennys application on your Google Play Store. Just like the first one, you get to fill out your current position or you can use the GPS. For the next, the application is going to give you the list of Dennys locations which are open now.

?How to Get in Touch with Dennys Customer Care Service??

Fellas! Do some of you want to get in touch with Dennys Inc. official team? Here, you don’t have to worry about speaking your complaints or ask some questions. It is because the incorporate provides some contacts for you. And, here are Dennys contacts:

  • Dennys Corporate Office Address

First, you all can start to go to Dennys office or write a letter to 203 E Main Street, Spartanburg, South Caroline 29319, and United States of America. Of course, when you are going to make a visit, you get to set your appointment with the representatives through the phone.

  • Dennys Phone Number

Now, when you are going to talk with the customer service, you can start to call +1 800 733 6697. Of course, it is important for all callers to do it in Dennys business hours.

  • Dennys Business Hours

Well, as you have talked about Dennys hours, you get to know that the business hours start from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

  • Dennys Social Networks

For some of you who prefer to check out the Dennys social networks, you can start to go to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

  • Dennys Website

And the last, you can also give a try to go to which is the official website. For the next, you must get all info about the Locations or including Dennys Near Me. And, about the Restaurant, you can check out Menu, Coupons, the Menu Prices, as well as Dennys Birthday.

As you all can say, Dennys Listens is the legal Denny’s Inc customer survey. Here, you can either go to Denny Restaurant Contact Us page or fill out the survey. No doubt, you can leave feedback about Locations, Menu Prices, and certain Restaurant service, complete with the Menu. Enjoy filling out the survey and enjoy redeeming your Dennys Coupons at any Dennys stores for the free pancakes!

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