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Doosan Group Employee Portal

Friends! How’s life? We hope that you are great and everything runs well. It is nice to see you again and share the beneficial information about anything. Right now, we are going to discuss Doosan Passport. We hope that some of you are working at Doosan Group within its corporate office, Doosan Portable Power or even Doosan Bobcat. Yes, this passport is the official website for all Doosan Employees, Associates, and Authorized Dealers.

If you are new on this company, then you are better to stay on this page because you need to know more about your employee login system. It is going to be fun, and you are worth to claim your Doosan Group Benefits at Doosan My Benefits Official Website. We are not wasting your time and let’s get started!

What is Doosan Passport?

Well, before we talk much about Doosan Group, the benefits and all about this passport details, it is better to understand what Doosan Passport is. Like we have stated before, it is the official website of Doosan Employees, Associates, and its Authorized Dealers. In line with the other employee portal, Doosan Employee Passport Site provides the menu and platform that can help the employee’s jobs.

It contains direct links to communicate with Doosan Groups and stay up to date with its products and policies. Indeed, this site gives free access to them to claim the employee benefits through Doosan My Benefits Page.

Doosan Passport Employee Login Guidelines
Doosan Passport Official Websie is available at

To protect the Doosan Group’s Authority, Doosan Passport Official website is accessible for only the employees, affiliates and its authorized dealers. Yes, someone who is not the part of this company cannot access the passport or even the other associated web sites.

Once you become the part of this group, your Doosan HR will give you the credential numbers which it contains the Username and Password. And then, both of these details will help you to access Portal then get more inspiration to work better and smart at Doosan.

Doosan Job Opportunities
Doosan Job Opportunities are taken from Portal

What are the Features in Doosan Passport Employee Portal?

Once you are the part of Doosan Employees or its dealers, you need to get more details about the features inside of this employee portal. In general, you should not worry because all of the features will ease and help every single job you have. Then, here the list features are:

  • MyHR Doosan

First of all, the Doosan Employee Website has a platform where you can contact the Doosan Human Resource Development Teams. Yes, you may need to stay getting in touch with them because they are obligated to share your monthly or even annual Doosan Group Employee Benefits. Indeed, they take in control about your absent including the employee’s daily leaving. Through Doosan Employee User ID and Password, you don’t need to meet them in person otherwise you can get them via online at Official Site.

  • Doosan My Benefits

Second of all, when you need to get MyHR Doosan, it may be related to your employee benefits. Yes, Friends! You can visit Doosan My Benefits Menu and claim it as your right. For your information, you should be grateful because Doosan Group Corporation is the best place to work because you may be happy with its various employee benefits. Not to mention, here the benefits are:

  1. Bonus and reward
  2. The various health insurances
  3. Family Allowances
  4. Sick and leave paid
  5. Holiday
  6. Free training and coaching
  7. Prestigious salaries
  8. And many more.
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Besides those benefits, Doosan Corporate also offers you the awesome work atmosphere. It includes the tidy and comfortable dress code, interesting office, the supportive coworkers, sustainability as well as the clear career path.

  • Online Management System

As smart employees, you may need to work fast and efficient within your deadline. And then, Doosan Passports is a nice idea to reach it all. So that you know, this site provides the online management system that allows you to manage your job via online. Of course, you can access it wherever and whenever you are as long as you have a qualified internet connection.

  • Scheduling System

Once you cannot attend the office, you should not worry because you can send the leave’s permission via online at Portal. This menu will direct you to the HR Teams. Besides of this purpose, you can check your daily schedule, exchange or even send the check-lock via online. Can you imagine? It will be very helpful for you because you don’t need to get the check-lock machine.

  • Sources

For the next, Doosan Passport Employee Official Website also offers you the various sources that may support your jobs. You can access the various recent articles, news, and information about Doosan Group Corporate. Sure, it can help you to provide a lot of ideas and inspiration that help you show your best performance.

  • Communication Line

And then, you should not worry about sharing or even asking for information about anything. Yes, it allows you to contact the Doosan Groups and your coworkers. As the authorized dealers, you need to keep in touch with the latest Doosan Products. Sure, this site will support you accurately.

  • Secure Portal

For the rest, you should not worry as long as you have kept your Doosan Employee Login Username and Password from anyone else. This site will protect your information, and anyone can access it. So, Friends! You can freely submit your personal information, important data or banking details without any hesitation.

What Need to Prepare to Access Doosan Passport Employee Site?

It is time to prepare some devices that will be useful to access Employee Portal. Of course, it will be good to prepare all devices to prevent you from any login troubles. And, here the devices are:

  • First of all, you need to prepare a supported electronic device. As usual, you are better to use a set of computer, laptop or even a tablet.
  • Then, you also need to make sure that your device has been supported with the current version of the internet browser. Even, you are free to use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox as well or even the other new version of browsers.
  • For the next, to access the Doosan Employee Official Website, you need to own a stable and strong internet connection.
  • At last, you have to provide the valid User ID and Password. Like we have mentioned before, you can get this user id and password from your Doosan HR Teams.

How to Access Doosan Passport Login?

Alright, you have prepared all devices, and it is your time to access Doosan Employee Login Official Website. Don’t worry! You can access the site within less than a minute as long as you have completed the requirements above. With no talk too much, here the steps that you must follow and those are:

  • Step 1: Access Doosan Official Site
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First of all, you need to make sure that you have been ready with all requirements. Once you have chosen the internet browser, you can type down Portal and go to the site.

  • Step 2: Set the Language (Optional)

Second of all, all we know that Doosan Group is primarily based in South Korea. Then, it expands the operation and has more than a hundred dealers across the world, and the United States is one of it. So that is why, Doosan Employee Portal provides some language options. Once you get the site, you will get the English instruction. But when you are not confident with it, you can use other languages such as Korean, French, Spanish, Italy, and many more.

  • Step 3: Get More Information (Optional)

For the new Doosan Employees or dealers, you may need to explore more information about Doosan Groups including its employee login details. In this case, you can click at “Passport User Agreement,” “Administrator Lookup” or even the “Privacy Policy.”

  • Step 4: Submit the Required Information

And then, you will get two blank spaces where you can type down the Username and Password. Just be sure that you submit the correct details from your HR Teams. Anyway, this section is sensitive with the wrong capitalize, additional spaces or even characters.

  • Step 5: Click at “Login” and Explore the Site

For the rest, you are able to click at the “Login” button and start exploring the features of the site. Just in case you need some help, you can click at the “Help” link and type down username properly. Then, you can find out Doosan Employee Technical Assistance Phone Numbers in detail.

What are the Possible Issues that we May Get when Accessing Doosan Passport?

Well, in some situations, you may get disturbed to access your Doosan Employee Login Account. Even, it comes from various reasons. Right now, we are going to give you some technical lists that cause these login troubles. And, here they are:

  • The poor internet connection
  • The old version of internet browsers
  • Server busy or under maintenance
  • Un-supported browser
  • The locked account
  • Or, the wrong Username or password.

How to Reset the Doosan Password Employee Login?

One of the reasons why you cannot access Doosan Passport comes from your password. In many cases, Doosan Former Employees forget the number. Of course, you may face this problem in the next day. Don’t worry, Friends! You can reset your password by following these simple steps, and those are:

  • In the beginning, you must prepare a supported electronic device, the latest version of the browser as well as the strong internet connection.
  • Then, you can get the official site at Portal.
  • As usual, you can change the English instruction into some languages based on your preference.
  • For the next, you need to type down the valid username.
  • Of course, you forget about the password so you can click at “Reset Password.”
  • Friends, you may get a page where it asks about your personal identity. Here, you may need to state your correct name, address, email account, employee id, active phone numbers as well as your current position at Doosan Corporate.
  • Next, you can check your email and get your new Doosan Employee Login Password on the mail.
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When you have tried to complete this section, but you cannot get the password, you should not worry about contacting Doosan Employee Technical Assistance Phone Numbers. They are ready for 24 hours of operation.

How to Un-Locked Doosan Passport Login Account?

Even, the most common problem when accessing the Doosan Employee Site is about the locked account. Anyway, you should not panic because your previous password will become normal after 15 minutes. For your information, this situation happens because you submitted the wrong Doosan Login Password up to four times.

Or, it is caused by the expired Doosan Password. To prevent this moment, you should regularly reset your password every 90 days of use.

What is Doosan?

So, you have known all things about Doosan Passport Login Guidelines. Now, it will be good if we try to get more information about Doosan Group. Believe it or not, Doosan becomes the oldest company in South Korea. It operated 123 years ago exactly in 1896. The greatest man behind Doosan Conglomerate Company is Seung Jik Park who founded the first company and corporate office in Seoul, South Korea. 

Right now, it becomes one of the most successful companies and cooperates with more than a hundred branches and authorized dealers in Korea, the United States and across the other worlds. Besides, Doosan also has several subsidiaries, and those are:

  • The Corporate Office
  • Doosan Bobcat
  • Doosan Portable Power
  • Heavy Industries and Construction
  • Infracore
  • Doosan Fuel Cell America
  • Engineering and Construction
  • And, many more.

What are Doosan Business Areas?

Doosan Groups has employed for more than 3,940 people in more than a hundred companies, dealers and subsidiaries. Indeed, it becomes the number 47 of the best company to work at based on the Fortune Magazine Research.

From 2007 until now, it has been included in the Forbes Global 2000 Companies and becomes one of the best heavy industries and construction companies in the world. For your information, Doosan has several business areas and products, and those are:

  • Energy
  • Water Plants
  • Castings and Forgings
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Construction Equipment
  • Engines
  • Chemical Process Equipment
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Doosan Robotics
  • And, Mobile Fuel Cell.

If you need to get more details about Doosan Group and Conglomerate Company, you are better to visit its official website at and stay connected with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Well, it is all about Doosan Passport and a few tips to work smart and efficient using Doosan Employee Portal. Even, you are on Doosan Portable Power or Doosan Bobcat Companies, you can access Portal peacefully. Stay smart and best luck!

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