Facts about Lions – Amazing and Outstanding Facts about the King of the Jungle!

Friends! Many of you may put Lions as your favorite animal when it comes to a strong one. But, do you know that lions have some interesting facts that you never hear about them before? So that you know, lions are the unique and outstanding animals that will make you wondered. Well, here are some of the best interesting Facts about Lions which will amaze you. Get ready!

What are the Facts about Lions based on Their Characteristics?

First of all, you can start to get to know about the lion characteristics. If you see, Lions look strong and of course, hairy. Well, there are other facts which you need to know like:

  • Fact #1: Big Cats

First, you need to know that lions belong to the classification of “big cats.” In this case, general lions have for about 4-feet high. About the length, they have 7-feet and mostly about 500 lbs. in weight. More to know, lions usually have brown-yellow color, but somehow, the rest lions have some black manes and tail tufts. Whatever the color is, lions still look beautifully gentle, aren’t they?

  • Fact #2: The Mane

Still, about their bodies, you all must know that lions have the unique mane around their heads. In this case, only males who have the manes and the young lions ones have the scruffy one as a sign that they are growing. Here, you all can say that lions are the only cats which have the manes. If you see, the majestic manes of the lions seem to be larger and intimidating compared to the lionesses. Yes, the female lions tend to have the fuller and also thicker manes, but still, look gentle. More to know about the lions’ mane, the darker the mane of the lions, the older they are. In other words, you all can say that the mane here is the sign of the age of the lions.

Facts about Lions
Facts about Lions image from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2012_Lion_Gemsbokvlakte.jpg
  • Fact #3: White Lions?

If you wonder about the lions’ color, mostly, it is because of the genetic. Yes, one of the unique genetic that you can find is the white African lion. Indeed, it doesn’t belong to the albinoism; instead, it is about the genetic that is able to change the color of the lion’s body. Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Fact #4: King of the Jungle

Well, just because you call them as the king of the jungle, it doesn’t mean that lions live in jungles. You know, the last characteristic of the lions is about populations. Usually, you can find the lions in some warmer countries. Sadly, there are only a couple of populations in the world. The first is the Asiatic lions which you can find in Gir, India. And the second, you can find the African lions spread in the whole Africa sub-Saharan area. Sadly, there are approximately only 350 to 400 lion’s species in the park. If the human cannot look after the lions, they will be extinct, and it is bad news, indeed.

What are the Facts about Lions based on Their Behaviors?

If you have got the insight into the lions’ appearance, now, you can find out more about the lions’ behaviors. You know, lions have unique behaves and here you can learn about it!

  • Fact #1: The Pride
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If you see big cats, they must find them solitary, but, this big cat is different. You know, almost all lions live in pride. Yes, they have lionesses complete with the cubs.

Meanwhile, some are half-grown, and for about two or three lions are adult males. Indeed they are usually brothers or the mates who are going to rule the territory with the pride. Please welcome the king!

  • Fact #2: Is Cheetah a Lion?

If you think lions have purrs, the animal that you see maybe the cheetah. For your information, the cheetah doesn’t belong to lions. Well, just because they roar, it doesn’t mean they are lions. You know, the cheetah is the family of the lions. But, other animals that roar are somehow lions if you can hear them in five miles away and have the hunting companions.

  • Fact #3: The Complex Social Structure

You know, Lions live in clans or group, and you can call them as pride. Yes, they are similar to the wolves which are also in the classification of the cats. For your information, the pride of the lion here has some females complete with the dependent. They are for about 2-3 unrelated males. Meanwhile, the typical pride of the lion, in general, must have 15 members. Somehow, you can also meet the lion pride with 40 members which is the biggest clans ever been observed.

What about the Facts about Lions in Hunting?

As lions are the king of the Jungle, you must know that lions are best at hunting. If you are curious, you can check the following Facts about Lions in hunting. Here you go!

  • Fact #1: The Speed

Believe it or not, lions are lazy, but, if you are lazy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are lions. Indeed, lions are the laziest ones among the family of the big cats. If you see, lions used to sleep for about 20-hours in a day. Of course, the adult males are lazier among the laziest ones as they allow the lionesses have 90% of the hunting pride. You know, the lion is able to run for short distances with the speed of 50 mph. Of course, they can also leap as far as 36 feet. And, interestingly, the lions’ heels do not even touch the ground when they walk. Isn’t it an awesome cat?

  • Fact #2: Protection

As you can see, the males always become the first. Yes, they get the meat, and have the territory among the lionesses. King will always be the king, right?

  • Fact #3: When to Hunt?

You know, lions will be successful in hunting when they do it at night with the accuracy of 50%. Of course, it will be easier for them to kill the sleepy preys!

  • Fact #4: The Real Hunter!

Lions love to kill, and they will brutally kill anything starting from the lizard, mice, and other yummy snacks. Of course, they will also love to enjoy the wildebeest, hippos, moreover elephants with its protein. The kings are really hungry, you know!

  • Fact #5: They also Steal
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Yes, you can say that lions are naughty as they love to steal kills from the other predators who have less power.

  • Fact #6: Exactly Carnivores

I guess, it is completely clear that all lions are carnivores. Yes, they do love fresh meat as they are inviting. And, they will drink from any kind of water sources like lakes, rivers, and other else.

  • Fact #7: Who Runs the World?

You know, lions will also fight when they see other pride males. Yes, they are going to grab the new pride for the sake of higher authority and more meats. Usually, the lion will kill the club of the pride such as removing the old males. You call it as the next generation of the leader then.

  • Fact #8: They Have the Dating Rules!

Well, you have said that lions are the laziest cats and now, you get to know that they have some rules. For your information, lions will date the mate for the next days. Yes, the lions can mate hundred times within the few days. You can imagine they get the mate in every 15-minute.

How about the Facts about Lion and the Next Generation?

Anyway, you know that there are only a couple of lion’s classes in the whole world. Yes, they are going to extinct by 2050. Isn’t it sad as you or your grandchildren can no longer see the living lions? Well, you the facts about the next generation of the lions here may help you to understand what is really happening. Here we are!

  • Fact #1: Welcome A Baby of Lion!

First, you need to know that lions have the gestation period that is going to last within 105 days. Between 3-4 months, the lionesses will give birth to about 2-3 cubs. Yes, they look cute with their small body which the weight is about 3 lbs. For each baby. If you see, you may call the lion babies as cubs. But, you can also call them as whelps, or even lionets. For your information, the “whelp” here indeed refers to the young member of any species in the classification of the carnivore. Meanwhile, the “lionet” here is referring to the small lion which is popular in Middle French.

  • Fact #2: Great Mothers

You know that the adult males are the laziest of all, but, the females can be the good mothers. Yes, they can take care of their babies but not for so long as the stronger ones will survive. Indeed, some of the lionesses are also easy to lose interest in their babies. Ironically, they let the cubs to get their babies as their meat.

  • Fact #3: The Elderlies

Now, you have got the insight about the adult’s lions. But, do you know what happens to the old lions? Here, they will leave the clans if they think the mature pride becomes the threat for them. But, for the female ones, they will stay with the pride. The lions are effective in hunting when they are 2-year old or older. Yes, the elderlies are afraid of the charismatic prince!

  • Fact #4: The Next Pride
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In order to choose the next pride, the lions will consider the years of growth, as well as the maturity. Yes, it is different to the precedent election that you use to take part. In this case, the lions those are mature enough range from 5-6-year old. And, those males are going to challenge the other pride males. Well, they will be in a serious fight, and the winner will get the things they want. It also happens when they are fighting for the same lionesses. The winner will have a romantic night!

  • Fact #5: Live with No Threats

As lions are the kings, you all can predict that almost nothing can put those lion’s clans in danger. For 13-years, the lions will expect to live well as they find no stronger predators.

  • Fact #6: The Real Predator

You may keep asking in your head why the lions are going to extinct. It is clear that there are small numbers of predators who have the stronger power than lions. In fact, the human is the real predator that always threats lions. With the guns in hand, men kill the lions for commercials and other business. It is as sad as they are human but have no humanity. It is important for the government to protect the lions better than placing them at the zoos.

As you can see, most countries put lions as the symbol of their nations. They are such as England, Ethiopia, Albania, Belgium, as well as Bulgaria. Besides, Luxembourg, and also the Netherlands, yet Singapore use the symbol of lions. From the phenomena, you can say that lions have brought great impacts and roles to human. They use it as the symbol of strength, power, as well as ferocity. One of the best masterpieces inspired by this big cat is the lion movie. Yes, it symbolizes the long journey of the human looking for the identity. Just like lions, human also loves to be on a journey and challenges anything.

Well, you have got all the information that you need to understand if you idolize lion animal as your motivation. If you are human, it is best for you to take part in saving its populations. At least, you do not haunt them as they are a few lefts. They are unique, handsome, gentle, and have full of philosophical meanings. It is also your responsibility to not threaten the lions, or other animals. You can imagine if the lions get extinct and you can no longer see the lions with the pride. So, enjoy the nature but don’t disturb them. Have a wonderful day!

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