Firehouse Listens – How to Complete Firehouse Survey and Win $500 Cash?

Firehouse Listens is the name of the survey held by Firehouse Subs restaurant. In order to keep the customers’ satisfaction toward its service and food, the Subs creates this survey. This sandwich restaurant wants to collect honest feedback from every guest. It is difficult to evaluate the business progress and weakness without asking for the customers’ opinion. So, this restaurant conducts Firehouselistens survey to observe the customers’ responses. After visiting the Subs location, you should not miss this online survey. It is so since this survey lets you voice up your feedback. Besides, by completing this survey, you will get a chance to win $500 cash from the restaurant. It is a very awesome prize, isn’t it?

About Firehouse Subs restaurant

Before we talk more about Firehouse Listens Survey, it is better if we discuss more about the corporate. This restaurant is also known as Firehouse of America. It is one of the best fast casual restaurants in the US. This unique restaurant is founded by Chris and Robin Sorensen. Based in Jacksonville Florida, Firehouse Subs can expand through the US and other countries. No doubt, there are more than 1100 chains. You can find this restaurant not only in the US. But, you also can find some Subs restaurants in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
Firehouse Listens
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In the beginning, the owner decided to buy back some franchises of Firehouse Subs. It is because they want to focus on developing the company-owned restaurant. But, they think that this idea is not so good. So, they plan the restaurant franchise for the second time. Surprisingly, their restaurant grows well. They can open many chains in many locations. No doubt, the Subs restaurant can open more than 1000 restaurants. Firehouse Subs has a unique concept of decoration. When you visit this restaurant, you will see many firefighter memorabilia. You will feel that you visit a fire department. On the restaurant’s wall, you will see the custom mural as well as the hand-drawn painting. Every mural in each Firehouse Subs reflects the police and firefighter’s service in each town. No doubt, the mural in each restaurant will be different. At the restaurant, you can enjoy the various menu items. You can browse Firehouse Subs menu prices at its official website. You should not think that you only can order Subs or sandwich at this restaurant. It is because the stores also serve salads as well as the seasonal menu. As the example, you can order Hero, Hook & Ladder, and Metaball. Wanna try these delicious menus? Just visit the Subs locations soon. If you do not know the location, search Firehouse Near Me by using the store locator on its website.

What is Firehouse Listens Survey?

Alright! First of all, you can get more information about the program. Yes, Firehouse Listens is a portal where Firehouse Subs customers can share their feedback about the restaurant. You know, the official name of Firehouse Subs Survey is FirehouseListens.
Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Using 20-Digit Firehouse Survey Code
Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Using 20-Digit Firehouse Survey Code
Here, you can share Firehouse Subs Review or Firehouse Subs Feedback about Firehouse Subs Near Me, Firehouse Subs Menu, or Firehouse Subs Franchise Complaints. Yes, Firehouse Listens Survey is reachable at Www.FirehouseListens.Com. You know, you just have to own a valid receipt to take the survey. And, if you complete it, you are going to get a chance for Firehouse Subs sweepstakes. Yes, it is the program where you can win $500 cash. If you see, the program is going to give you Firehouse Rewards if you are lucky. Nicely, you can check out the tricks to win Firehouse Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes prizes. You can get Firehouse Subs Specials and $500 Firehouse Subs Gift Card Balance. Are you ready to find out how to use Firehouse Rewards? Enjoy the guides!

How to Take Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes?

  1. Go to Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Website
  2. Fill Out Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Validation Code
  3. Fill Out the Total Amount
  4. Click on “Start”
  5. Respond to All Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Questions
  6. Leave Firehouse Subs Feedback
  7. Join Firehouse Subs Sweepstakes
  8. Complete Your Personal Information

The Rules of Firehouse Listens Survey Sweepstakes

Before accessing the survey portal, you need to understand the rules of this survey. In fact, you can check the rules of the survey sweepstakes at But, the explanation is very complicated. You may be lazy to read the entire paragraphs explaining the survey rules. That is why, we try to summarize the rules of the Subs survey rules. So, you can notice the survey rules without any difficulties. Here are some points about the rules of the Sweepstakes.
  • The eligibility of Firehouse survey.
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Before completing the survey, you should be sure that you are eligible. Please note that not all customers can enter this survey sweepstake. Here are the groups of the people who can enter the survey sweepstakes.
  1. The legal residents of one of 50 states in the US. The citizens of Puerto Rico and Canada are also eligible for the Survey.
  2. The participants must reach at least 16 years old.
  3. You are not employees of the restaurant brands and the sponsor of this sweepstake.
  4. You are not the immediate family members of Subs staff.
  • Firehouse Survey Sweepstakes entry methods.
You are allowed to enter the sweepstakes through two methods. First, if you have a valid Subs receipt, you can enter its online sweepstakes. Besides, if you do not have the receipt, you can submit the mail-in sweepstakes entry. As the receipt holder, you can visit here. Then, you have to complete and respond to its short survey. After finishing the guest satisfaction survey, you are offered to enter the sweepstakes. Then, you can submit your name, mailing address, daytime phone number, date of birth, and email address. Besides, the way to submit mail-in sweepstake entry is as the following.
  1. Prepare a card in 3×5 inches size.
  2. Handwrite your personal detail including name, mailing address, age, and daytime phone number.
  3. Use a standard business-sized envelope to mail this entry.
  4. Send your sweepstake entry to Firehouse Customer Survey Sweepstakes, PO BOX 428, Macedon New York, 14502 0428.
  • Firehouse Listens Sweepstakes rules.
Here are some points you have to obey. Never ignore these rules if you do not want to be disqualified from this contest. What are the rules? Check this out.
  1. If you want to win this contest, you must be eligible as the participant. It is because the restaurant will disqualify the winner that is not eligible.
  2. The corporate limits only one entry per person each month. No matter the sweepstake entry method you use, you only can submit one entry in a month.
  3. You only can submit the online entry by accessing the official site
  4. The sponsor has the right to substitute the prize for something equals to the original prize.
  5. If you become the winner of the sweepstakes, you have seven days to claim your prize.
  6. You have to submit the required documents to claim Firehouse Reward. If you cannot provide the complete documents, the official team may disqualify you. Then, the official team will give the prize to the alternate winner.
  • Prize.
Every month, the team will select one winner of the sweepstakes. This winner will receive $500 cash. In order to notify the winner, the survey team will contact the winner by mail or telephone. So, make sure that your phone is always on standby.

How to Complete Firehouse Listens Survey

Now, you have understood the rules of the survey. It means you are ready to take part in this survey. But, you should not be in hurry to take this survey. It is because you need to make some preparation. As the example, you have to prepare the survey requirement. The main requirement of Fire house survey is a valid receipt from the corporation Without Firehouse Subs receipt, it is impossible to start the survey. It is because you need to enter the Firehouse validation number to unlock the survey page. Besides, to support your activity in completing the survey, you need a device. You can use a computer or laptop. Furthermore, using a mobile phone is also possible. But, it is not recommended since you cannot complete the survey fast if you use a mobile phone. Moreover, the internet connection also has an important role in determining your success to complete the survey. The stable internet signal will help you a lot to complete a Firehouse Subs Listens survey.
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Now, let’s talk about Subs Listens survey steps. Luckily, you do not need to do the complicated actions to start the survey. With the simple steps below, you will be able to take part in this survey. Besides, you also can get the chance to win the cash. Listed below are the brief steps of the survey.
  • Visit the Firehouse Subs survey portal.
First of all, you should access the survey website. Type the web address on your browser’s web address bar. Then, you will be directed to the official site. If necessary, you can view Firehouse Sweepstakes rules, SMG privacy policy, and SMG terms of service.
  • Switch the language if necessary.
If you are not convenient to complete the survey by using English, you can change the website language. Luckily, the survey provide Spanish as the alternative language.
  • Enter the Validation number.
It is the reason why the receipt is important. You have to provide Firehouse Listens validation number. This detail is available on your receipt. This validation number serves as the Firehouse survey code.
  • Enter the total amount you spent.
The next, you have to write down how much you spend at the restaurant. Check your receipt if you forget the total amount that you spend.
  • Press the Start button.
After double checking the validation code and the total amount of the transaction, you can press the red Start button. This button will bring you to the first page of the survey.
  • Answer Firehouse Customer Survey questions.
Now, you should be ready to answer every question appeared in the survey. You have to respond it based on your real experience at the store. The questions are related to your visit. It will ask about these topics.
  1. Overall satisfaction with the restaurant service.
  2. The menu items quality and variety.
  3. The attentiveness of the official staff.
  4. Overall condition of the restaurant.
  5. Likeliness to return and recommend the store which you visit.
  6. Problems you encounter.
  7. Your comment or feedback.
  • Enter Firehouse Sweepstakes.
Once you have responded to all of the Firehouse questions, you can enter the survey. But, the restaurant team does not force you to enter this contest. If you are not willing to join this contest, simply close your browser. But, if you want to get the reward, you should join enter this sweepstake.
  • Provide your details.
As the requirements of the sweepstakes, you have to write down some of your personal details. For instance, you have to type your name and date of birth. Besides, providing your contact details is also crucial. Provide your email address as well as the daytime phone number. Those are the steps to take part in the survey. After completing this survey, you have to wait for the winner announcement from Firehouse. If you win the sweepstakes, the administrator will call you. So, your mobile phone has to be active all days and night. Once you win this sweepstake, prepare all of the documents needed to claim the prize.

How to Check the List of Firehouse Listens Survey Winners?

In case you are looking for the winners, you can start to check out the following ways. Here, you can give a try to complete all steps. Here you go!
  • Step 1: Wait for the End of Firehouse Subs Survey Sweepstakes Period
First thing first, it must be nice for you to check the end of the Firehouse Subs survey period. Yes, you can only check the FirehouseListens winners when the period just ended.
  • Step 2: Go to Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Website
And then, you must go to the same website which is Yes, it is the survey website when you take the survey. If you see, the page must have the link address which you get to click.
  • Step 3: Click on “Previous Winner”
Later, it is the time for you to click on the “previous winner” link. For the next, you are going to get redirected to the winner list.
  • Step 4: Get the List of Firehouse Subs Sweepstakes Winner Names
Now, you must get a bunch of Firehouse Listens winners. If you see, the winners are based on the Firehouse Subs survey periods. Yes, you get to make sure on which period you join the program.
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  • Step 5: Check Your Name among the Winner List
And then, your next job here is to find out your name. In case you don’t find it, it means that you aren’t lucky yet. Yes, you can still be able to join the next period which is Firehouse Subs survey 2020 and so on. And, if you are lucky, you must remember that following every single instruction is a must for you.

What You Know about Firehouse Subs Company Profile?

Now, do you want to know more about the company? If you see, Firehouse Subs is a chain of fast casual restaurant from America which specializes on subs. At first, Robin and Chris Sorensen opened the first store in 1994, Jacksonville, Florida. So that you know, you can get the Firehouse Subs restaurant locations in United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. You know, there are more than 1,500 restaurants which you can visit now. And, you can also try to go to Firehouse Subs headquarters which is in Jacksonville, Florida.

How to Contact Firehouse Subs Customer Service

Calling customer service is the best way to solve your problem. So, whenever you have some issues about the corporate, you should contact the Customer Support soon. For instance, you want to ask about the survey, menu prices, or Reward program. Yes, customer care will give you a satisfying answer to your questions. Besides, you also can reach the official Customer Service if you want to tell your feedback. Luckily, the corporate welcome any questions and feedback from its customers. No doubt, this restaurant gives the easiness to get in touch with the customer service. Provided below are some ways to reach the Customer Care Representatives.
  • By phone.
Calling Firehouse Customer Service is the fastest way to get the response from the representatives. If you have something to ask about the corporate Subs, do not doubt to call its Customer Care. And, the Customer Service number is 1-888-289-6185. Do not hesitate to call this number if you want to express your comment, feedback, or questions. But, you have to make a call during the Firehouse hours.
  • Email.
But, if your problem is about the Reward account, you have to send email to the official team. The email address is Through your email, you can ask for the technical support. Besides, you also can ask for the points credit.
  • Website contact form.
The last, if you want to tell about your dining feedback, you can use the website contact form. This form is different from the survey. You have to complete the form and submit it online. Here are the steps of submitting online feedback through its official website.
  1. Visit
  2. Click on talk to Us menu. You can find it at the bottom menu bar of the website.
  3. Select the type of feedback you will submit.
  4. Provide the location information.
  5. Complete the visit information.
  6. Fill out the contact details form.
  7. Write down your comment.
  8. Attach any relevant files.
  9. Press Submit button.
Fellas! You have got all guides to Firehouse Listens which is the official Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. Now, you can give a try to get your valid receipt. And then, you can start to go to Www.FirehouseListens.Com to process it. You know, at Firehouse Subs Survey, you can share your Firehouse Subs Review, Firehouse Subs Feedback, and other comments. They can be about Firehouse Subs Near Me, Firehouse Subs Menu, Firehouse Subs Franchise Complaints, or even Firehouse Subs Gift Card Balance. Well, now is the best time for you to get Firehouse Reward which is $500 cash. You can also join other Firehouse Subs Specials to get more rewards. Have fun and best luck!

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