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FootLockerSurvey Guidelines

When you confuse about the birthday gift for your special baes, you may remember with Foot Locker Shoes. Yes, it is the great gift for any special moments in life as the style is always up to date. Of course, you have no longer worry about the price where you can choose all Foot Locker Shoes Products with the affordable price.

Indeed, you can get $10 discount for your $50 purchasing and more. It is the best deal for everyone who has recently visited the stores and takes part in FootLockerSurvey. Do you believe in the function of this survey? Well, don’t close this page and read the entire information about the survey. Happy reading!

What is FootLockerSurvey?

Starting the information of this article, we will help you to get closer with this program at first. Well, it is the digital survey from Foot Locke Shoes Company that is accessible at Yes, it is the guest satisfaction survey for about the quality of Foot Locker Shoes, services and store’s conditions.

As one of the great shoes brands in the United States, Foot Locker Incorporation wants to hear your review and contribution to the better quality of the services and performance. So that’s why, they invite you to take the Lady Foot Locker Survey shortly after enjoying the shopping experience in the store.

FootLockerSurvey Step by Step
FootLockerSurvey Information is available at

Well, Buddies! We have no reason to ignore the impact of the internet and technology in our daily life. Even, most people are addicted to it. However, all we need today is about everything run well and quick. And, the internet is ready to reach it. The survey portal provides easy and quick instruction where they are easy to do and complete. Indeed, every single feature gives the functions for both of the company and the customers.

What are the Functions of Foot Locker Survey Portal?

Well, God has created us in many various kinds of personality. Even, He wants us to respect and understand each other. For instance, in our daily life, we are going to meet the different point of views and intention of all things in life. Even, some people may think differently about the survey program. Well, Buddies! When your friends hesitate to take the survey, you may help them to be sure for the sake of the survey. And, here the functions of the survey are:

  • At first, when you get the terrible service in Foot Locker Stores, you need a place to share your feedback and complain. And, the survey is the best solution to share your reviews. It is better than telling at the social media with the waves of anger.
  • Then, you can be proud of when you can be a part of the company’s progress.
  • Locker Survey is a great portal where you can gain the latest information about Foot Locker Company.
  • At last, you are going to enjoy $10 Discount for all Foot Locker Shoes when you shop for at least $50 purchasing.

About the Step by Step at FootLockerSurvey Survey

Alright, buddies! Here we are going to help give you the information about the step by step that you need to do in the survey. But, before reaching the official website, you need to make sure that you have been ready with the devices. And, they are about:

  • A computer set
  • Browser
  • High-speed of the internet connection
  • Foot Locker Receipt that the date of the transaction is not more than seven days
  • And, a writing utensil.
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Then, when all the devices are ready, you have no reason to procrastinate these sections. Then, here the step by step is:

  • Step one:

First of all, you are about to launch the main website. Shortly after reaching out the portal, you can improve yourself with the details information about the Privacy Policy and Terms of the services.

  • Step two:

Then, before completing the survey, you need to choose the language version of the survey. In this case, you can choose between English, Spanish, and the French Version. Just be sure that you are familiar with one of those languages in the daily conversation.

  • Step three:

For the next, you need to take the survey and find out the printed Foot Locker Store at the top corner of the receipt. And, you need to enter the codes on that appearing space.

  • Step four:

After that, you have to know that to start the survey, you need to click on the “Next” button. And, you may follow the simple instruction of the survey. With no doubt, they are the series of questionnaires that talk about the last shopping experiences at the shoe stores.

  • Step five:

The next section is about to give personal information. It is the crucial section where you can gain much information from Foot Locker Shoes Company. Well, you should not worry to give your data as the website will secure it and no one can access except for the corporate employees.

  • Step six:

For the rest, you may see the validation code appearing at Foot Locker customer satisfaction survey. At that time, you need to take your pen and receipt then write it down on the available space on your receipt. So that you know, it becomes your responsibility to keep the receipt and show it to the official teams on the next visit.

How are the Official Rules at the FootLockerSurvey Portal?

For you that are familiar with a legal customer survey, you may agree that some official rules exist on them. And, all of them may give a special function to make the survey run well and quick. Each of the survey participants in the survey program must obey them to be eligible in winning the discount offers. Well, here the following official rules are:

  • At first, the survey is accessible for only one entrance per each customer in a day. All of them have the same opportunity where they can take only five entrances in a month.
  • Each of those entrances must enter the different Foot Locker Store Numbers or the invitation codes. On other words, one Foot Locker Transaction Script is usable for one entrance only.
  • If you have succeeded to access the survey website, you need to complete all sections with no voids involved.
  • Then, after completing Foot Locker Guest Survey, you are able to win Foot Locker Discount of $10 for more than $50 Purchasing. This reward is not redeemable for cash or combinable with the other Foot Locker Promotions.
  • For the next, it is prior to show the receipt which contains the validation numbers to the customer service before asking for the free discount.
  • At last, you cannot get your reward when you lose or break your receipt.
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What are the Kinds of FootLockerSurvey Questionnaires?

Do you know? You may face two kinds of survey questionnaires at Locker survey. In this case, you may need to know that each of them will help the company to know the progress of its program and how far the teams achieve the goals. For the next, they can revise the weakness on the right part as well as for deciding the next appropriate performance to increase the customers’ satisfaction. Well, Buddies! Here the kinds of the questionnaires are:

  • Close section

First of all, you may face a series of like-scale statements and questions. There, you are free to tap on the appearing scores which represent the level of your satisfaction. Some survey participants may like this section which it does not waste much time energy.

  • Open section

In line with the names, here you are free to speak up and tell everything about your feeling of the last shopping experience at the Shoes Stores. In this section, the websiste prepares the free space to write down the descriptive opinion about the products, store services, and so on.

About the FootLockerSurvey Participant’s Qualifications

Believe it or not, each Foot Locker Stores can attract for more than a thousand people in every single week. Yes, they like to shop in-store as well as ordering via online through Or, they prefer to install Foot Locker Application to update the information about something new in the store.

Well, according to $10 Discount for all the products, many people may want to participate in the survey. For instance, the teams apply some qualifications to them as they are qualified to take the survey. And, here the qualifications are:

  • At first, they must stay under the legal authority of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Even, you must be in the location where Foot Locker Stores exist.
  • Then, you are at least 18 years old when taking part in the survey.
  • For the next, you don’t have any relation with the employees. Even, all people who are in the same family as they are not eligible to take the survey.
  • After that, you have the capability to use eat least English, Spanish or French,
  • At last, you need free time for about five minutes to complete all sections

Foot Locker Corporation at Glance, What do You Know?

Now, it is the best time to be closer to Foot Locker Corporation. However, when you take FootLockerSurvey Program, you have to support your ideas with the company at a glance. So that you know, Foot Locker starts the first operation in 1974 as the small shoe industry.

Because of the large customers’ request for the products, the teams improve it as the Woolworth Corporation in around 1988. Then, it places the headquarter office in 330 West 34th St. New York City, NY in the USA. Even, the restaurant has expanded the stores into more than 3.310 Locations.

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About Foot Locker Shoes Products

Starting the business as the shoe industry, the official teams must compete with the other shoe brands. In this case, there are some hard competitors of this company. For example, it is Converse, Nike, Adidas, as well as Payless. But, this corporate never hesitates to attach the customers’ attention because of its quality of shoes. Anyway, inside the store, you are able to sell Foot Locker Kids, shoes for women and men, sneakers with interesting Foot Locker Sale.

The Steps to Find Out “Foot Locker Near Me” Locations

For the next, you need to know that there are some smart tricks to find out the nearest locations of the company. Of course, it is the way to treat the customers as well as possible as they can enjoy the store wherever they are. And, here some smart tricks to get the locations, those are:

  • Trick 1:

The first trick is about to install the digital map on our electronic device. In this case, we can use Google Map that is automatically available on every Android device. After getting the app, you can open the search bar then type in “Foot Locker Near Me.” Then, you will what you need.

  • Trick 2:

For the next, you are able to visit the main website of Foot Locker Shoes here. There, you can get the store locator device by tapping on the “Locations” button. And, you may type in the city or state that you are going to go.

  • Trick 3:

Then, you may get a Foot Locker Mobile App on Google Play Store or get it from website. There, you can access the Near Me, order the online purchasing, and get the details of the products.

How to Get in Touch with Foot Locker International Headquarter Teams?

Just in case you need help from the official teams, you may be able to visit them at and click on the contact us menu. On the website, you may find out the link to communicate to the customer services, get the information about Foot Locker Jobs as well as the new arrival products. But, for the immediate answer, you may get them at 1-715-261-9708 on the acceptable Foot Locker Hours of Operation.


Thanks for accompanying us on this website and read all the information about FootLockerSurvey. In a full of hope, you may apply the step by step and be easy in your online customer feedback program. And remember, Foot Locker Survey is the only solution when you meet any problems about Foot Locker Shoes. Then, enjoy your time and see you in the next surveys!

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