Lion Animal – All about Lion Information, Characteristics, and Lion Facts

Some people may be afraid when they hear about the kinds of wild animal. Yes, we can know some kinds of them such as Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Bear, Wolf, and much more. In spite of their ferocity, we have an obligation to keep their population in order to maintain the animal’s life cycle. So that’s why, we can find a lot of organization and people who give the full of cares to give the protection for these wild animals that they get the decreasing number of population in every single year. Well, Guys! This article will focus to share some information and facts about Lion Animal that you need to know. Here, you may get the insight of Lion Animal’s Characteristic, Lion Facts and much more. So, guys! Get ready and prepare your stuff!

General Characteristic of Lion Animal

First thing first, we need to know the general overview of Lion Animal. Well, it is the part of Cat’s Family (Family felidae) that we can know it as “Panthera leo” in the scientific name. So that you know, Lion Animal is the number two of the biggest animal’s size. Even, Tiger Animal follows it as on the third number of the king’s size. Since a long time ago, Lion Animal has been popular as the wildest animal in the world as mot fable tell that Lion is a king of the beasts. Well, Lion Habitat is spread into some kinds of savanna, sense scrub, and grassland as well as in the woodland. Even, you may get some difficulties when you try to find Lion Animal in the morning as it is most active at night.

Lion Animal Facts and Information
Lion Animal Information, Facts and Population are taken from Wikipedia

Actually, Lion Animal has spread across most of all Europe, Asia and even Africa. But today, it has mainly placed in the South of Africa. Meanwhile, all countries take the serious care and protection to Lion Animal’s Habitat and population. Yes, most of the organizations run this action against any illegal hunts and improve the number of Lion’s Population in the world. Not to mention, you may find Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in India that tries to isolate for more than 650 Asiatic Lion and keep their great habitat and population.

About the Size of Lion Animal

Talking about the size of Lion Animal, we have to divide it into two kinds of the lion, those are the Africa Lion and the second is the Asiatic Lion. And, here the details are:

  • The Africa Lion

Totally, the mature Africa Lion is estimated around 4,5 to 6,5 feet, or it is around 1,4 to 2 meters long. This size covers the head to the rump. Then, the tails measures around 26,25 to 39,5 inches or it is 67 to 100 centimeters long. For the weight, they have more than 265 until 420 Ibs or 120 until 191 kilograms.

  • The Asiatic Lion

For the next, we can say that the Asiatic lion has the bigger size instead of the Africa Lions. Based on the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), they state that the Asiatic Lion has 120 until 226-kilogram weight. Even, they have 200 until 280 cm long. Also, the tails measure about 60 to 90 centimeters.

What do You Know about Lion Animal’s Taxonomies?

Well, Guys! The second Lion Information is about the taxonomies or classification. With no talk too much, here the classifications or Lion Animal’s taxonomies are:

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Genus and Species  Panthera leo
Subspecies Panthera leo (African lion) and Panthera leo Persica (Asiatic lion)

Meanwhile, there is the same opinion that stated by the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN) that it only distinguishes two subspecies. On the contrary, the Integrated Taxonomies Information System (ITIS) that officially held by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service finds there are six subspecies of Lion Animal. But, it is not the new problems as the previous research has debated whether the true lion subspecies based on the University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology.

Lion Animal’s Population and Distribution

For the next, we need to give you the insight of Lion Animal’s Population and Distribution. Even, this information may grow your attention to give the more care for the lion’s population. We can say that the lion’s population today is very dangerous and need the cares of us. Anyway, when talking about the population and distribution, we divide the time into three parts, and here they are:

  • Pleistocene Epoch (2.600.000 – 11.700 years ago)

Alright, the first Lion Animal’s Population at that time was spread in most locations of North America and Africa. Their distribution passes the most Balkans and across Anatolia, the Middle East to India. Believe it or not, Lion Animal diversified in all parts of the East and South of Africa to some subspecies. They are about Barbary Lion from the North Africa, the Cave Lion or Panthera leo spelaea of Europe, the American Lion of we can call it as Phantera leo artox from the North and Central America, and even the Asiatic lion or Phantera lion persica from the Middle East and India.

  • The recent 21st Century

Well, after that, in the recent 21st century, Lion Animal’s Population was dramatically changed. Their population disappeared from the North America, Balkans, and even from Palestine during the world war. Moreover, their numbers dwindled to a few ten thousands as they became very difficult to find their habitat in some forest, agriculture and even the grassland. If you see, the International Union for the Conversation of Nature of IUCN claimed that some Lion Subspecies had died out and some of them are vulnerable.

Then, we can know the main stronghold Lion Animal’s Population is placed in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as 500 Asiatic Lions have put in India’s Gir National Park on the Kathiawar Peninsula. But, guys! You need to know that some conservationists try to raise the population of Asiatic Lions that has the genetic similarities with Barbary Lion that has been extinct. They try to establish the conservation in the North of Africa.

  • 1994 until now

Then, the new fact has been found that the conservationists have the difficult job today. Guess how? They have to focus on both of the illegal hunt and even the virus that caused the massive death. You may find this problem has happened in Serengeti National Park that lost more than 1000 Lion Animals because of the virus that exists on the domestic dogs that lived along the periphery of the national park. Besides, we can get the happy news comes from Nation Gir India and North Africa that more than a thousand Lion Animal are living healthy there. Even, it becomes the most popular tourist draw.

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Guys, one of the great achievements of those lion’s conservationists is about the mate induction between the other big cats. Not to mention, we can know a liger as the result of a lion and tigress’s mate, a leopon is from a lioness and leopard and much more examples. Of course, these results are effective to keep the Lions habitat and even the population involved.

How is Lion Animal’s Pride?

Great, the next Lion Information is about the pride as the number second of the big cat. Yes, guys! We can claim the lions are the social cats that they exist in the group called pride. Most of the pride’s members are intended to spend the time to hunt and share the meal for their private group of pride. Each of the pride consists of 40 members. Even, it has three males or lions, around a dozen lionesses, and even fourteen young lions. Overall, they have 15 members that have the average sizes. Then guys, here some things that you need to know about Lion’s Animal’s Pride, those are:

  • Each of Lion’s Pride has divided their own territory that may help them to regulate the meals or preys. Each of the territories is about 20 square km or 8 square miles until 400 square km.
  • Then, each of the male lion claims their territory by roaring and urinating on the trees, brushes, ground and even leave some pungent scent involved. This activity is usually done at night before the hunting time.
  • After that, when pride has left the sign of its territory, the other pride has no chances to take the preys or get the meals on those territories.
  • For the next, you have to know that there are two significant differences between the African and Asian Lion in terms of the group of pride. Even, every single information that we have explained above is about the African Lion Prides.
  • On the contrary, the Asiatic Lion may take differently. They usually divide their habitat into two kinds of pride. One is for the male lion, and the other is for the female one. Even, they meet together during the mate seasons.
  • For the female lion pride, they have the strong relationship as they work together for hunting the meals while they must keep their born or the young lions. On the contrary, the male lion wanders off to catch the prey and share the meals for their pride together.

What do You Know about Lion Animal’s Conversation Status?

After that, we may get surprised by the Lion Animal’s Conservation Status. Even, they have to face the threats of any illegal hunting, habitat loss and even the disease and weather. Overall, here the details of both of Asiatic and Africa Lion Conservation Status, those are:

  • At first, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) has ever claimed that an Africa Lion Habitat is vulnerable. The current population is around 30 until 100 thousand in the North and Central Africa. Even, we need to realize that most of them have died in the past two decades because of the avenging killings by the local farmers, the illegal hunting, and even the disease.
  • Meanwhile, the Asiatic Lion becomes the more dangerous position in the term of the population and habitat. Even, IUCN claims that their population is hardly endangered. As mentioned above, we may find their population only estimated 350 lions in India’s Gir National Conservation. From these numbers, only 175 mature individuals involved.
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Some Facts You Need to Know about Lion Animal

According to the kinds of Lion Animals, we can know two kinds of existing lions, those are the African and Asiatic Lion. Well, it is some facts that you need to know about those kinds of the lion, and here are:

  • Hunting

For your information, Lion Animals hunt the various kinds of animal. They usually catch the medium until the large size of the animal such as wildebeests, zebras, and even the antelopes. Even, they can run with the speed of 50 mph or 80 Kph for the short distance and leap as far as 36 feet or 11 meters. Besides catching the living animals, the lion may eat all the meals that they find in their territory. For example, they may eat the carrion, fresh kills or forcefully steal from some other animals such as hyenas, cheetahs, and even the wild dogs.

  • Life cycle and Reproduction

In general, Lion Animal often breeds in every single year. A male lion is usually polygamous but not even the females. The lioness usually mates with one until two male lions of their pride. The female lion will receive the mate in three until four days within the reproduction cycle. Each of them may mate every 20 until 30 minutes a day. Then, they have total 108 days for the gestation period.

  • Lion vs. Tiger

Well, when you are on the fight about the differences between Lion and Tiger, you should know that they are closely related. If you know, they have the similar body structure that may make you difficult to differentiate each of them.

Alright, we have talked much about Lion Animals and even tell the differences between the African and even the Asiatic Lion. However, we all have an obligation to keep the Lion Habitat and population. Then, the little thing that we can do is about to share the facts about Lion Animal and share how the importance to keep their popularity. Also, we can tell their conservation status to the public that we know they are on the critic’s period in the term of numbers and population and it becomes our obligation as a human. Stop illegal hunting and be the wise citizen!

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