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Welcome to Marriott Extranet Login

Hi, Friends! Marriott International Hotel and Resort is one of the best hotel chain and lodging services in the world. Sure, it is not only the best place for traveling but also the right company to work at. Do you know? Marriott International Company even becomes one of 100 best companies to work at based on Fortune’s Magazines.

Perhaps you are new at this company or Marriott Subsidiaries, so you must be aware of the Marriott Extranet Login System. It is the official Marriott Employee Portal. This day, we are going to discuss Marriott Extranet Employee Login Portal, show you the requirements as well as the simple steps to apply for Marriott Career. So, enjoy reading!

What is Marriott Extranet Login?

So, it is the first thing you need to know about Marriott Extranet Login in general. Anyway, it is the official site of the Marriott Employee Login Portal. Somehow, most former employees call this login system as 4MyHR Login Portal. Yes, both Marriott Extranet and 4MyHR Marriott lead you to the same employment website that will be very useful to support your work performance.

The primary requirement to access this site is about your status at Marriott International Company as well as inside of Marriott Subsidiaries. Of course, you must be its legal or active employees, inactive staffs or even Marriot Retired Employees.

Marriott Extranet Login Step by Step Guidelines
Marriott Extranet Login Homepage is Captured from

If you want to access this login system, you need to prepare your electronic devices such as a set of computer, laptop or tablet. To avoid troubleshooting, it is better for you not to use a Smartphone or Android device. Even, you don’t need to forget about your current version of the internet browser.

But, it is free to use the feature of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as well. When all devices are, and you have turned on your internet connection, you can access the Login portal or even visit Official Site.

4MyHR Login Guidelines to access
4MyHR Login Guidelines are accessed from Marriott Employee Portal

What are the Benefits of Accessing Marriott Extranet Login Portal?

Well, you may ask about the benefits of having 4MyHR Login Account then access Marriott Employment Portal. In general, you will not feel disappointed accessing this site because it helps your work instead. Indeed, it comes to protect your personal information, job-related data as well as lead you to work better, smarter and more efficient. Specifically, the benefits that you can get are related to the features that include at Login Portal. Then, here the lists features at Marriott Employee Portal, those are:

  • Get Easy to Access Marriott Employee Email Login

At first, My 4 HR Marriott Employee Portal allows you to access Marriott Employee Email Login. Sure, it can help you share the information or assignment to your coworkers in a quick way.

  • Feel More Protected to Submit any Information

As we have mentioned above, Portal provides a secure employee portal and protect it with the high-security services. So that is why, you will feel more protected when submitting any important information related to your details or even the company’s data. As long as you keep your EID Login Details from anyone else, so no one can access your information openly.

  • Make the Work Simple

For the next, you don’t need to hesitate with the benefits of Marriott Extranet Employee Login Portal. Even, the features and its online management office help you to work simpler and easy. Indeed, you can access and manage your work at home just in case you cannot attend the office.

  • Feel more helpful with the Online Scheduling System

And then, you have to know that your Marriot Employee Login Account provides an online scheduling system. In this case, you will be easy to check, manage, or even exchange the work schedule via online. Meanwhile, it also helps you to access the daily employee check-lock without coming to the machine. Just in case you need to contact your HR to send a leave permission form, you can use this portal to get them.

  • Enjoy the Convenience Payroll Services

Friends, you should not worry if you don’t get the monthly salary report. Even, 4MyHR Login Portal gives you the detail latest notification, information, chart, history as well as payroll detail and services. For Marriot Human Resource Teams, this portal also helps them to manage the payroll services and distribute it to the employees safely and accurately.

  • Easy to Claim and Manage the Benefits

Well, all of us know that 4 MyHR Marriott Employee Portal is the right place where you can manage, access, claim as well as create a plan for every single Marriott Employee Benefit you get. Not to mention, you can contact the employee benefits department to consult about your health insurance or even claim your annual reward or bonus.

  • Happy with the Eye-Catching and Readable Instruction
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For the rest, you should not hesitate that Log in Portal shows you its eye-catching design and reading instruction. It shows the instruction using English or even gives the additional languages options on some websites. So, you will be easy to understand the instruction, orders as well as terms of use.

How to Get Marriott Extranet Login Username and Password for a New Marriott Employees?

Anyway, the new Marriott Employees should contact the Human Resource Development teams once they officially become part of Marriott International Company. Yes, that team is obligated to give you the series of 4MyHR Enterprise ID (EID) and Password. Sure, you can use these credential numbers to access Portal.

What Need to Prepare to Access 4MyHR Login Employee Portal?

For the next, you should know that accessing 4MyHR Employee Login Portal needs some requirements. If it is your free time, then it is better to prepare these kinds of stuff, and they are:

  • Electronic Device

First of all, you will need an electronic device. To access Login Portal, you can use a computer set, laptop or even your tablet. So that you know, those devices are better instead of accessing the portal using your smartphone.

  • Internet Browser

Second of all, you also need to prepare a current version of the internet browser. Just be sure that you use Google Chrome Version 6.00 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, or even Internet Explorer.

  • Connection

Of course, you also need a strong and stable internet connection. It is the most important requirement for you because almost all of Marriott Employee Portal Features provides online services.

  • Login Details

For the rest, you must be sure that you officially become Marriott Employees. Then, you need to contact your HR Teams to ask the EID Number and Log in Password. Once you get both of these numbers, you should not hesitate to access this employee login portal.

How to Access Marriott Extranet Login at Login Site?

For the next, it is your turn to start exploring Marriott Employee Portal Features. However, you have been ready with your electronic devices including the strong and secure internet connection. With no talk too much, here the steps are:

  • Step 1: Access the Official Site

First of all, you can type down or even Portal. Just be sure that you submit the correct Marriott Employee Website Address.

  • Step 2: Submit the Login Details

For the next, you need to submit the detail of Marriott Enterprise ID (EID) including the appropriate password. It is a sensitive process where you need to check whether you have submitted the correct characters.

  • Step 3: Click at the Menu

For the rest, you are able to click at the “Sign In” menu.  You can click at this menu when you have ensured that your login details and perfectly correct.

How to Reset your Previous Marriott Extranet Login Password?

As a new Marriott International Employees, you will get a temporary password and username. But, to make it secure, you must change your temporary password then create your new account. To run this process, here the steps are:

  • First of all, you can prepare your device then visit or Portal.
  • Then, you can click at the blue link entitled “Forgot Your ID or Password.”
  • Over there, you can get focused on the “Forgot Password” button.
  • For the next, you can submit your correct Enterprise ID (EID) as well as your valid email account.
  • Well, you can check your email then make sure that you have confirmed all notification and answered the questions.
  • Once you have completed all processed. You will get the detail of Marriott Login Password. It is your new password then you are free to access this website.

Why Can’t Access Marriott Extranet Login Portal?

Well, you should not worry when you cannot access the 4MyHR Login Portal. Even, you will be easy to fix that problem as long as you know the reasons why you fail. And, here the possible reasons are:

  • Weak internet access
  • An old version of internet connection
  • Un-supported electronic device
  • Un-active account
  • Or, the wrong Enterprise ID or Password.

If you have tried all ways, but you cannot access Login Portal, you should not hesitate to contact Marriott External Security Password Services at 1-240-632-6000. Don’t worry! They are ready from 24 hours of operation.

How to Unlocked 4MyHR Login Account?

For your information, Marriott Employee Login Portal may lock your account when you have attempted three wrong passwords or user id. This system will automatically lock it. If you face this situation, you should not confuse because it is not a serious problem. Indeed, your account will get normal ten up to fifteen minutes.

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How to Recover the Forgotten 4MyHR Login Enterprise ID (EID)?

One of the problems of accessing 4 MyHR Marriott Employee Login Portal is about the wrong user ID. In many cases, most users forget about their user ID because of many reasons. If you are one of them, you should not confuse and directly run these actions:

  • At first, you can visit Portal.
  • Then, you can click at “Forgot your EID or Password.”
  • On the EID Page, you can submit your email address.
  • Also, you need to give the detail Marriott Employee ID Numbers.
  • You can check your email and open the message from Marriott Employee Security Assistance Teams.
  • Please confirm the notification and follow all steps perfectly.
  • For the rest, you will get your valid 4MyHR User EID Number.

How to Recover the Forgotten 4MyHR Login Password?

Otherwise, it is possible for you to forget or even lose your login password. But again, it is not a serious problem because you can fix it within less than an hour. And, here the steps are:

  • First thing first, you can prepare your device and launch Marriott Employee Official Site.
  • Then, you need to click on the blue link entitled “Forgot your EID or Password.”
  • Get the Password page and submit the correct 4MyHR EID Number.
  • Click on “Submit”
  • For the next, you need to answer the questions and confirm some notification.
  • At last, you are going to receive a valid password, and it is sent via email or phone numbers. Just be sure that you keep this message secret from anyone else.

About Marriott International Company

Well, you have known how to access 4MyHR Login successfully. Right now, it is better to know what Marriott International is. Alright, Marriott is the American Multinational diversified hospitality company. This company operates, manages and franchises a hotel service and all related lodging facilities. For your information, this company started the business in 1972 in Washington DC, United States. The founders are J. Willard and Alice Marriott.

Believe it or not, Marriott International becomes one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Approximately, it operates for over than 6,500 locations across 127 countries in the world and works with more than 177,000 people in each country. Even, it also cooperates with some Marriott subsidiaries such as Sheraton Hotels and Resort, Starwood, Westin, the Ritz-Carlton, Aloft Hotels, Le-Meridien, Autograph Collection, Bulgari Hotels, and Resorts and many more.

How to Apply for Marriott Careers?

Alright, Friends! Marriott opens the large opportunity for everyone who wants to be the parts of its International Company or even the Marriott Subsidiaries. Even, the opportunity is available for Corporate Office, Restaurant and Café as well as Hotel Services. To apply for Marriott Career, here the ways are:

  • Way 1# Marriott Career Official Page

First of all, you are able to visit Marriott Careers Official Page. In this case, you can visit On that page, you can click at “Find a Job” at the top side of the menu bar. On that page, you will get the lists of an opened job opportunity as well as the detail of locations, qualifications, job description as well as the requirement. Once you are interested in one of the job, you can click at “Apply” and follow the next application process.

  • Way 2# LinkedIn

And then, you can create an account at LinkedIn. Of course, you can run the app, log in your account then type down “Marriott Career.” Within less than an hour, you are able to get the lists of locations which open the job opportunity. Once you are interested, you should not hesitate to read the detail of the qualification and job description. This form also allows you to send the online job application form.

  • Way 3# Apply for Job via Offline

For the next, you are able to apply for the job via offline. To access it, you can visit the nearest Marriot Locations and check the available job positions. Somehow the career’s information is available at any mass media or magazine. When you find them, you should not hesitate to apply for the job and send it via post to the required location.

About Marriot International Career

So that you know, Marriott has more than 30 renewed hotel brands in more than 122 countries in the world. Of course, it still abounds the career’s opportunity to everyone that wants to work and learn with them.  Anyway, Marriott International opens the job opportunities in these kinds of positions and those are:

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  • Corporate
  • Brand Champion
  • Business Stewards
  • Customer Ambassador
  • Restaurant
  • Chef
  • Restaurant’s Crew
  • Hotel
  • The Host
  • The Artist
  • The Quality Keepers
  • And, the Planner.

What is Marriott Employee Benefits?

Well, Guys! As we have stated before, it offers the various benefits for all employees in all positions you work at. And, here the benefits are:

  • Prestigious salaries
  • Bonus and reward
  • Growth opportunities
  • Holiday and leave paid
  • Travel Perks
  • Employee Discount
  • Retirement 401 (k)
  • Various health and life insurance
  • Family Allowance
  • Scholarship
  • Free Coaching and Training
  • Dress Code
  • Supportive and fun work teams.

How to Get the Nearest Marriott Locations?

Well, you will not feel difficult to find out the nearest Marriott Locations because it has over than 6,500 chains around the world. But, just in case you don’t know the area around you, you can access Marriott near me and get the list of nearest locations. And, Guys! You have three options to locate the nearest Marriott Locations, here the details are:

  • Option 1#Run Google Map App

First thing first, you can run your Google Map App or even visit Once you get the search bar, you can type down “Marriott Location,” you will get the list of location including the detail of Marriott Hours as well as the local customer service phone numbers.

  • Option 2# Use Marriott Store Locator

And then, you can visit Marriott International Official Website at On that homepage, you can click at the “Locations” menu. Sure, you need to type down the city and state or even give the postal codes. In line with the google map’s result, you will get the lists of nearest Marriott Locations. Not to mention, here the few lists of Marriott Locations that you can visit in the United States. Here the lists are:

LocationsAddressCustomer Service Phone NumbersStarting Room Price
Kansas City Marriott Downtown200 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64105(816) 421-6800$159
Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa3800 N Ocean Dr, Riviera Beach, FL 33404(561) 340-1700$1,023
Courtyard by Marriott Tulsa Central3340 S 79th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74145(918) 660-0646$79
Courtyard by Marriott Tulsa Woodland Hills9041 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74133(918) 994-4500$97
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Memphis East/Galleria8489 US-64, Memphis, TN 38133(901) 381-0085$98
Marriott St. Louis Grand800 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101(314) 621-9600$135
Residence Inn by Marriott Durango21691 US Highway 160 West, Durango, CO 81301(970) 259-6200$125
Residence Inn by Marriott Bentonville Rogers4611 W Locust St, Rogers, AR 72756(479) 636-5900$101
Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills1902 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74136(918) 493-7000$119
Marriott St. Louis Airport10700 Pear Tree Ln, St. Louis, MO 63134(314) 423-9700$170
  • Option 3# Install Marriott App

If you love traveling, you are better to install Marriott App from, Google Play Store or App Store. Once you get this app, you can choose the menu “Location” then submit the correct postal codes. This app will show you the lists of Marriott Hotel Locations. So that you know, this app is the best app for your travel companion.

How to Contact Marriott Customer Service?

For the rest, you can contact Marriott Customer Support and ask all things related with Marriott International Company. To get them, you can call at 1-800-535-4028. It is accessible for the United States and Canada Customers. They are accessible seven days a week for 24 hours of operation.

And, that’s all about Marriott Extranet Login Portal and how to access Portal successfully. We hope that you can get all the advantages and apply them to your work. Thanks for reading and see you!

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