Mysubwaycard – The Simplest Way to Activate and Check Subway Gift Card Balance

MySubwayCard Activation 2019

What comes to your mind when we talk about the sandwich? You may immediately remember a sandwich restaurant called Subway. Subway is the most popular sandwich restaurant. This outlet offers many kinds of sandwiches. So, when you are hungry, you just need to visit Subway and order your favorite dish. Usually, how do you pay your order when you come to Subway?

Perhaps, you pay the transaction by cash. In fact, you can make a fast transaction if you use Mysubwaycard. By using Subway card, you can get many other benefits. If you are not familiar with this card, you should keep reading this page. It is because we present all about My Subway Card. Then, you will know the benefits of having this card. Besides, you also can view the way to activate the Subway card. The next, you can learn the way to check Subway card balance.

About Subway Restaurant

As stated before, Subway is the most famous Sandwich restaurant. It is one of the American private restaurant franchises. Surprisingly, Subway is not only available in the US. But, Subway also has chains in more than 100 countries. Nowadays, there are approximately 45.000 Subway outlets worldwide. Americans really love Subway. No doubt, more than half of the chains are in the US. Subway headquarter is in Connecticut.

Besides, Subway also has five regional supporting companies to support its business. The European franchises have the regional office in Amsterdam, Netherland. Besides, Australian, as well as New Zealand stores, have the regional office in Brisbane, Australia. Then, the Asian location has the supporting office in Beirut, Lebanon, and Singapore. The next, Latin American has the Subway support center office in Mia.

Mysubwaycard survey
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Subway serves Sandwich as its main menu item. But, it does not mean that you cannot order other menu items. Subway also offers salad, wraps, as well as other baked goods. Subway has the unique concept of serving sandwich. The customers are allowed to pick their own sandwich. This method is known as an assembly line concept. As the example, you can choose your preference bread.

Then, you can choose the type of sandwich you will order. For instance, you can order roast beef, veggie, turkey, tuna or cheese. Subway offers many kinds of veggies as the filling of your salad. You can pick the vegetable such as spinach, lettuce, pickles, tomato, onion, and olives. The next, to add the taste of your sandwich, you should add the sauce. Many types of sauces are available such as mustard, mayo, olive oil, and honey mustard.

MySubwayCard Steps
MySubwayCard Login Steps
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About Mysubwaycard

If you often go to Subway, you need to have Mysubwaycard. This Subway card will be beneficial for your transaction. You not only can use this card for yourself. But, you also can use Subway card as the gift card. So, you can give it to your relatives or friends as a gift. Subway card can be the perfect gift for Anniversary or Birthday. The recipient of this card will be happy. It is because Subway gift card can give them other rewards.

So, how can you get this Subway gift card? the easiest way to get My Subway card is by ordering it online. Then, you can choose the type of gift card. For instance, you can select Subway eGift Card. The next, Subway will send the eCard by email. Besides, you also can purchase Subway gift card and receive it by mail.

Both Subway gift card and eGift card have their own strengths and weaknesses. Here is the benefit of buying Subway eGift card. First, you can receive Subway eGift card within a few minutes through your email. So, once you need a gift card, you can receive it immediately. But, using this type of gift card also has a weakness. You only can use this eGift card to make a transaction in the US and Canada. Furthermore, you can purchase this card by using USD or CAD.

On the other hand, purchasing Subway gift card needs longer time to receive. Usually, Subway will send this gift card to your address within 1 or 2 days. So, you cannot use the gift card immediately. But, this traditional gift card has a unique benefit. For instance, you can personalize your gift card by ordering the custom photo card. Furthermore, Subway gift card has many designs which you can choose.

Once you receive Subway gift card, you cannot use it immediately. No matter you receive the gift card from another person or you purchase it by yourself, you should activate it first. Before activation, you cannot use Subway card. To activate this card, you should access the website. On this website, you can do many activities related to your card. For instance, you can register or activate your card. Then, the Subway cardholders also can manage their card. The last, they can check Subway card balance easily.

Mysubwaycard is a multifunction website. You not only can check Subway gift card balance. But, you also can view the notification as well as the special offers from Subway. Besides, you also can access My subway card to check the reward points you have earned. Have you known about this reward program? Subway card has a slogan “Eat, Earn Reward, repeat”. So, this restaurant encourages customers to purchase and eat Subway Sandwich.

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Then, they can earn the reward points every time they use Subway card. You can redeem this Subway reward points with the free item. Wanna get this reward while enjoying Subway sandwich? Purchase Subway card soon and earn the points.

The Benefits of Having My Subway Card

  • Get My Subway Card reward.

If you spend more money to purchase, you will earn more points.

  • Earn My Subway Card points.

If you collect the points, you can redeem for discount off or free items. Not to mention, if you have 50 points, you can redeem for 6-inch Sub.

  • Reload My Subway Card gift card.

Nicely, you can reload the balance using debit card, credit card, or cash. So, if you want to keep using it, you get to be sure whether it has the balance you need.

  • Get a new My Subway Card.

You may lose your card whether it is stolen or broken. Now, you can request to Subway to replace your card. The replacement process will be in three weeks.

How to Give Online Subway Feedback

  • Visit Subway Restaurant’s official page
  • Click on the contact us menu
  • On that page you have to choose between FAQ menu or Contact Us menu
  • Select the category you want to ask
  • Click on the sub menu “Restaurant Feedback”
  • Enter the restaurant number on your receipt
  • Enter the date and time when you visit the restaurant
  • And, enter your identity
  • Give positive or negative comments for the maximum 3000 characters
  • Click on the box “i’m not a robot”
  • Last, click on submit button

How to Purchase Subway Card Online?

The simplest way to get Subway card is to purchase it online at Subway website. You can even send this card to other people. Since the process of purchasing is online, you need a computer as well as the strong internet signal. Besides, you should prepare the online payment method.

For instance, you may pay the gift card by using the credit card or internet banking. So, how is the step by step to purchase Subway gift card? Check out the simple instruction below and grab your Subway card soon.

Before applying the guideline below, you should decide the type of gift card you will buy. For your information, Subway provides two types of the gift card. First, you can order Subway electronic gift card. It is like a virtual gift card. Besides, you also can buy Subway gift card.

When you buy this card, you will receive a physical card via mail. So, have you decided what type of gift card you will purchase? If so, you can continue reviewing the simple steps below. Then, get your Subway card soon.

  1. How to Purchase Subway eGift Card.

If you feel more convenient to use the eGift card, you can do these following steps. Make sure that you understand the instruction below. Besides, prepare the payment required for processing the purchase.

  • Visit Subway official site.

The official portal of Subway restaurant is On this site, you can view some information about Subway. As the example, you can find Subway location. Besides, you can also review Subway menu and nutrition. By visiting this web, you can buy Subway gift card online easily.

  • Click on Subway card.

At the top right corner of Subway website, you will find Subway Card menu. Click on this menu to bring you Subway gift card page.

  • Select Buy a Card.

On the new page, you will find three options. First, you can buy a card. Then, you can manage your card. You can select this menu if you have a Subway gift card. The last menu enables you to learn about Subway reward card. The next, click on the link entitled Get a gift card.

  • Choose to Send an eGift Card.

Even the option is Send an eGift Card, actually, you can purchase this card for yourself. So, it does not mean that you only can send it to another person. You or the recipient will receive this card by email and text soon after finish the purchasing process.

  • Pick a design.

There are several designs of Subway card. You can select which image you like.

  • Select the value of gift card.

For your information, Subway gift card is available in some card values. For instance, you can purchase the gift card with the balance $10, $20, $30, $50, or $100. You can even enter the amount of gift card balance between $5 up to $500.

  • Complete the delivery details.

In this section, you have to enter the name of the recipient. Then, type the email address of the gift card recipient. If you want to send the gift card by text, you should provide the recipient’s phone number. The last, enter the name of the purchaser. So, you can write your own name on this field.

  • Select the delivery date.

You can choose the date when you send this gift card. For instance, you want to send this card on your friend’s birthday.

  • Press Check Out.

The last step, you can press Check Out button. Then, you can complete the payment process.

  1. How to Purchase the Physical Subway Gift card.

The process of purchasing Subway card is as easy as buying Subway eGift card. So, you can do the steps above. The different steps are on the delivery details. Since Subway will send the gift card via mail, you do not need to enter the email address. Entering the email address is optional.

On this step, you should complete the details about the recipient. First, you should write his or her full name. Then, enter his complete mailing address. After that, do not forget to select the city and state. Besides, you need to enter the postal code as well.

Since the gift card will be delivered by mail, Subway charges you a shipping cost. So, you should press the green button entitled Calculate Shipping Option. There are two options for shipping. First, you can select USPS. Besides, you also can select FedEx. Then, you will know the amount of shipping cost. After completing all fields on Subway website, you can process the payment. Then, wait until the one you love to receive the Subway gift card from you.

How Can I Activate a Subway Gift Card at

Are you really like sandwiches? If you have a sandwich, then you need to visit Subway Restaurant. It is because at Subway Restaurant, you will be satisfied with different types of sandwiches. Then they offer a service that will allow you when buying food. So Subway Restaurant produces a Gift Card called Mysubwaycard.

When you use Subway gift card, you can make payment easier. In addition, you will get interesting offers and points collected on your card. As a smart customer, of course, do not want to miss this opportunity. If you already have the card, you must immediately register an account. Here are the steps to enable the card:

  1. Do you already have My subway card? If you already have the card, then you can proceed to register the account. But if you do not have My subway card, you can buy on the website. In addition, you can also get the card at Subway Restaurant outlet. So make sure your Subway card is ready. Because when register you have to enter the number and the PIN.
  2. Visit My Subway Card official website
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The first step and must go to Subway Card official website. You just need to write the website address on your search engine. Besides, you can access Then click on the enter or search button. You will land on My Subway Card website. For your information, you also can register your Subway card via

  1. Then click on the button “Register a Card”

Next on the first page you have to choose what you will do. Since you do not have an account yet, so now you can create an account first. Search the Register Card button. Then click on that button. Next you will view Subway Card registration form.

  1. Enter your identity

Third you need to fill your identity. Basically they need your contact person. It is Because your account will be confirmed through your email address. On this page you will find some blank columns. You must fill in the information about your identity. Then the required information is email address and email password.

In addition you have to fill in information about your phone number. Make sure that the email you entered is valid. Because if the email is invalid, then later you cannot log in on your account. When you have finished filling in, check back your answer. Make sure all your identity is correct.

  1. Next you have to answer your account security question

Fourth you need to select a security question. Questions are used to secure your account. Then you simply choose the questions that suits you. Then answer with an answer that reflects you. Do not forget to record this section. Because the questions and answers will be useful when you forget your email address or password. In addition, your questions and answers can better protect your account from the restrictions by others.

  1. Enter the Number and PIN

On this page you will find a blank field. Next you need to enter the card number. In addition you must also enter the PIN. Check your the number and PIN again. Make sure the number and PIN are correct.

  1. Enter your personal information

Further in this section you have to fill in about personal information. The required information is the same as if you activated a social media account. Next you just need to fill in your date of birth. Then you have to fill out about the gender and residential address. Check back your answer.

Make sure the information you provided is correct. Because if your identity is fake, then you may be subject to sanctions. Of course you do not want to get the consequences for the actions of the offense.

  1. Now your account is ready

Congratulations, now you have a Subway account. Next you can benefit from your card. Some of the benefits of using My Subway Card are:

  • First you can get an interesting offer, you just look at your receipt.
  • Your first balance on Subway Card is 50 Dollars.
  • Then this card has no expiration time.
  • Next you can add your points up to 500 Dollars.

How Can I Log In to Subway Card Account?

Do you already have an account? If you already have an account, then you can now log in on that account. If you want to log in to your account, you need some preparation. You should understand that My Subway Card is an online website.

So you need to set up the device and internet connection. Make sure that your provider already supports your location. Because if the provider has not supported your location, then you can not access the internet. Thus your device cannot connect to the internet:

  1. Visit Subway Card official website

First you must visit the official website. You just need to write the website address in your search engine. Then click on the Enter or search button. Thus your search engine will guide you to the website. Besides, you can directly visit Subway card website.

  1. Enter your email address and Subway password

Secondly you will find some blank columns. The information needed to fill in the fields is email address and email password. Then you must fill in the email address correctly. Furthermore, continue by filling in the password field. Make sure that your email address is valid. If the email address is invalid, Subway cannot access your account. If you have filled in the fields, check your email and password again. Make sure all your answers are correct.

  1. Confirm

Next you need to find the phrase “I am a real person”. This statement is very important to prove that you are the owner of your account. Then click on the sign beside the sentence. If you are sure, click on the “Submit” button.

  1. Now you can use your Subway account

Lastly after you register, it will show you that you have registered. Thus the information you provide is valid and can be accessed by Subway Restaurant. You are now signed in to your account. Then you can also do a reward and point check. Besides, you can also check out the great deals of Subway Restaurant.

How Can I Check Subway Gift Card Balance?

Have you created your account? Then you are now ready to receive the benefits of using the card. The first benefit you can use is Subway Card Balance. If you have enough balance, you can purchase any Subway product you like. Then you also can earn the reward you can use on the next visit. Besides, when you buy a sandwich, you can add some points on your card. Furthermore you can check on Subway Gift Card Balance. By using the point you can get free food or drink from Subway Restaurant. Here is how to check Subway Gift Card Balance:

  1. You can check online
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First you must visit the official website at Next on that page click on the “Subway card” button. Furthermore you have to fill in the email as well the password field. Thus you can know your Subway Gift Card Balance.

  1. You can contact customer service

The second way you can use customer service number. Here you should mention your Subway Card PIN. Then the officer will help you check your Subway Gift Card Balance. If you have trouble checking online, then you can use this method. So you do not need to bother to prepare the device online. You simply call the customer service phone number. Here is a customer service phone number: 1-833-778-2929

  1. Thirdly, you can check through the nearest Subway outlet

Furthermore, if you have difficulty with communication media, you can choose this way. Then you just need to come to the nearest Subway Restaurant. Furthermore you go to the cashier and ask the cashier to check your Gift Card Balance Subway. The advantage of using this method is that you can refill Mysubwaycard up to 500 Dollars.

Get a Bunch of Subway Gift Card Benefits Now!

As you all can see, Subway gift card is going to give you a bunch of benefits. Here, you must be glad having such this awesome card which is going to brighten your days. Some of the advantages of having Subway rewards card and online account are:

  • Get Subway Rewards Points

At first, you must understand that you are going to get rewards points when you have the card. Yes, you just have to use it at Subway restaurant and ask the cashier to swip the card on your transaction. Automatically, you must get rewards points added to your card. Isn’t it nice to get extra points?

  • Get Subway Card Points

The next one, you can also start to check the points on your card. Here, there are two ways which you may try. The first one, you can start to go to and check the status of the points. The second one, you can also start to ask the Subway cashier to check the points for you. Nicely, on the Subway card activation process, you automatically get extra points.

  • Check Subway Card Balance

And now, your Subway card must have the balance. In this case, you can give a try to check the balance in two ways too. Yes, the process is the same which you can do online or offline. For the online one, you just have to go to the same website. And, you can approach the cashier in order to check the balance via offline.

  • Redeem Subway Card Points for Some Rewards

Now, you may start to question why you need points on your card. Of course, you can start to use the points and redeem them to get rewards. Mostly, the rewards offered by Subway restaurant are free Subway menu, Subway discounts, and even Subway coupons. Are you ready to collect as many points as you can?

All about Subway Card Frequently Asked Questions (MySubwayCard FAQs)

How To See If A Subway Gift Card Is Activated?

You can check your Subway gift card status by following the guides:

  • Approach Subway Staff Member to Check Subway Card Status

If you want to check your Subway Gift Card status whether activated or not, you can approach the staff. Here, Subway staff member offers you to activate it or not. In case your card is inactive, you can register it now.

  • Check the Status of Subway Card on MySubwayCard Website

Or, you can also check the Subway Card status through the online way. You can go to and create an account. And, you will see whether your Subway Card is active or not. Yes, you need to provide Subway Card PIN.

Subway Gift Card Can I Register Without A Pin Number?

All Subway Gift Card has a pin number and when you want to register, you need the PIN. So, you cannot register your Subway card without the pin number.

Where Is The Pin Number On A Subway Card?

You can check Subway Card PIN in the middle of the paper you get when you bought the card. As your PIN is crucial, you need to save it. Also, you shouldn’t show the PIN to other people.

How To Use Subway Gift Card?

For you who have a gift card, you can use it in-store. Yes, you can bring the card and let the cashier swipe it when you do a transaction. You should be sure that your card still has a balance. It doesn’t matter whether your card has different design. It can be birthday gift, best employee gifts, or wedding gift.

You can order Subway menu dine-in or takeaway. When the cashier swipes the card, you can also see Subway Gift Card balance. Now, you can make sure whether you need to reload the balance or not.

So, you have learned a lot about My Subway Card activation and how to use it. If you see, you just have to follow the guides above. And, you need to make sure that you also create your online Subway card account. No doubt, your online account is going to help you to manage and control your card anytime and anywhere you want. Nice, isn’t it?