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Panda Express Feedback Survey 2019 – Welcome

Most of you must love going to fast-casual food restaurants. And, one of the famous restaurants is Panda Express. You know, you all can get Free Entree Code if you try to fill out the Panda Express Feedback Survey. In this case, Panda Express Survey is a program which is going to give you the Free Entrée rewards. Here, you just get to use the Survey Code, give the Feedback, and get the Redemption Code. No doubt, you can freely start redeeming the free Entree Receipt for the rewards. Isn’t it interesting?

What is Panda Express Feedback Survey?

Well, first thing first, you all get to know that this survey is a place where all of you can start giving your Feedback. In this case, you all can start to go to in order to fill out the Panda Survey. Of course, you mustn’t mistype like PandaExpress Com Feedback or other wrong address. In order to fill out the PandaExpress Survey, you get to own the valid Store Number For Survey.

Panda Express Feedback Survey for Panda Express Free Entree Menu
Panda Express Feedback Survey Steps Guides accessed from

Friends, now, you must start questioning on how to do the Survey. For information, you must get the valid Panda Express Survey Code or the Receipt Code. Yes, after filling out the Store Number For Survey, you all must get to fill out the survey code.

After that, it is also important for each of you to start reading the Receipt Policy. At the ending part of the survey, you must get the Redemption Code. Yes, you can also start to call it Free Entree Receipt code. Now, you can try to go to any restaurant in order to redeem the Free Entree Code. Yes, enjoy the Free Entree reward!

Panda Express Feedback Survey for Panda Express Free Entree Menu
Panda Express Feedback Survey Steps Guides infographic

What Steps to Join Panda Express Feedback Survey?

Indeed, if you are going to fill out the Panda survey, you all get to know that there must be some steps. In this case, all of you must get insight into the survey steps. They are:

  • Step 1: Go to the Panda Express Survey Website

Yes, the first step which you get to do is to go to the website. You know, you must start getting your mobile phone as well as the internet tools. No doubt, you must launch the browser and start going to So that you know, you won’t get the Panda Express survey, in case you mistype it like PandaExpress com feedback and so on.

  • Step 2: Fill Out the Panda Express Store Number

If you have done, you must start to check out your receipt. In this case, it is important that you all start filling out the store number.

  • Step 3: Click on the “Next” Button

Let’s say you have filled out the store number correctly. And now, you must also give a try to click on the “Next” button.

  • Step 4: Confirm the Panda Express Store Location

If you have done, you must get the address of the restaurant location which you visited. Of course, you must click on the “Yes” option. If you click on “No,” you must refill the store number.

  • Step 5: Click on “Next”

After that, you must start to click on the “Next” button.

  • Step 6: Fill Out Panda Express Order Number

Well, you must start to check out your receipt again. You know, this time, you all get to fill out the order number. Usually, it has six numbers.

  • Step 7: Click on “Next”

Yes, again, you must click on the “Next” button.

  • Step 8: Fill Out the Date Details of the Visit

And now, it is the best time for you all to start filling out the date as well as the time of your last visit to Panda Express restaurant. Also, you must try to provide the type order of your last visit.

  • Step 9: Click on “Next”
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In case you finish, you can also try to click on another “Next” button.

  • Step 10: Give Ratings on Panda Express Survey Questions

Alright! All of you must have got into the survey portal. Now, all of you must get various Survey questions. You know, the questions mostly about the Panda menu, the location, service, and so on. No doubt, you just get to choose one rating which describes whether you had a good experience or not.

  • Step 11: Leave Some Panda Express Feedback

Friends, after providing the ratings, you can also start leaving your Feedback. Well, it is one of the best ways to share your opinion. Not to mention, you can freely give your complaints, suggestions, and other comments.

  • Step 12: Earn the Coupon Code

And, it is the best time for all PandaExpress survey takers. You know, you are going to get the coupon code. In this case, you just get to write the code on your receipt. Yes, you all now have got the free entrée code. Of course, you can freely start going to any store. Enjoy the free entrée rewards!

What are the Panda Feedback Survey Qualifications and Rules?

Anyway, you may don’t get any idea that this survey offers you all some rules. In this case, each of survey takers must be able to obey all survey rules. They are:

  • Be Eligible for Panda Express Survey

First, all of you must be eligible for Panda Survey. You know, you must be 18 years old or older. Not to mention, you must also be the legal citizen of America. And the last one, each of you mustn’t be a part of employees.

  • Get the Things Which You Need for Panda Express Survey

Let’s say; you are eligible. Of course, it is important that all of you get the things which you get to prepare. They include the smartphone, as well as the intent tools. In this case, you can freely start using the Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and so on.

  • Get the Panda Express Valid Receipt

Besides being online, you must also try to provide a valid receipt. Yes, each of you must give a try to go to the store. And then, you must start purchasing a Panda menu in order to get the receipt. Yes, it is the receipt which you can start to use for PandaExpress com feedback. You know, you are going to need the Panda Express store number for the survey. But, once you have used it for PandaExpress survey entry, the receipt is going to be invalid to reuse.

  • Redeem the Panda Express Coupons for free Menu

And the last, you must start saving your precious free entrée code. If you lost it, you wouldn’t be able to get the free menu.

What are the Panda Survey Rewards and Prizes?

Yes, you all can try to go to to check it. Mostly, the rewards are discount off or free menu. You just have to share your Panda feedback through the survey. And then, you can start to get Panda coupons for a free entree.

How to Seek Panda Express Restaurant Near Me?

It is such a nice day to start redeeming your coupon code. In this case, you can start seeking some Panda locations. Well, there are some online ways which you can try to use. They are:

  • Use Google Map

Yes, it is good to start seeking Panda Express Near Me on or You know, you all must get the list of the closest locations. More to get, you all can start using the filters given like ratings, Panda Express hours, as well as the distance from your current position. Yes, you must go to the closest store and try to redeem the free entrée receipt.

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  • Use Panda Express Store Locator

Here, you can also give a try to go to the website. Yes, you all just get to go online and go to Well, this website provides you the delivery as well as the store locator. You can freely start purchasing Panda menu via online. Or, you can also start going to the closest stores.

  • Use Panda Express Mobile App

The last one is similar to the website. Yes, all of you must get offers of delivery or store locations. You can try to choose whether you are going to a restaurant or order online.

Brief about Panda Express Corporate Profile

You all know that Panda Express is a chain of restaurant that serves fast-casual foods of American Chinese cuisine in the United States of America. In the first place, the founders are Peggy Cherng, and Andrew Cherng, as well as Ming Tsai Cherng.

Yes, they opened the first Panda store in 1983 in California, United States. Nowadays, you all can go to more than 2,000 stores locations. If you are going to Panda Express headquarters, you can go to Rosemead, California. You know, the corporate has some subsidiaries. They are Panda Express, Panda Inn, including CFT Developments LLC, and Panda Express, Inc. as well.

List of Panda Restaurant Locations in the United States of America

Anyway, friends! You can also try to check out the following table. In this case, you are going to get the list of the locations in the USA. Besides, you must also get other info like store hours, the store phone number, as well as the store location. Here you go!

Panda Express Store LocationPanda Express Store Phone NumberPanda Express Store Hours (Open/Close)
Fountain, CO, United States+1 719-392-9988Closes ⋅ 9:30PM
Rogers, AR, United States+1 479-936-8449 Opens 10:30AM
Siloam Springs, AR, United States+1 479-524-0338 Opens 10:30AM
O'Fallon, IL, United States+1 618-624-9086 Opens 10AM
San Antonio, TX, United States+1 210-481-7602 Opens 10:30AM
San Diego, CA, United States+1 858-678-8880 Opens 10AM
Santa Clara, CA, United States+1 408-248-0306 Opens 10AM
Chicago, IL, United States+1 312-663-6617 Opens 10:30AM
San Diego, CA, United States+1 619-271-8889 Opens 10AM
New York, NY, United States+1 212-355-2821 Opens 10:30AM
Los Angeles, CA, United States+1 310-474-1397Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Newport Beach, CA, United States+1 949-219-0661 Opens 10AM
Portage, IN, United States+1 219-762-6662 Opens 10:30AM
Wheaton, MD, United States+1 301-942-0089 Opens 10:30AM
Stamford, CT, United States+1 203-965-8302 Opens 12PM
Schaumburg, IL, United States+1 847-413-1769 Opens 10AM
Los Angeles, CA, United States+1 310-201-9639 Opens 10AM
Rossford, OH, United States+1 419-872-2621 Opens 10:30AM
Roanoke, TX, United States+1 682-831-1609 Opens 10:30AM
Oswego, IL, United States+1 630-554-3638 Opens 10:30AM
Florence, KY, United States+1 859-282-9888 Opens 10:30AM
Omaha, NE, United States+1 402-330-0870 Opens 10:30AM
Tampa, FL, United States+1 813-882-0734 Opens 11AM
Glendale, CA, United States+1 818-548-4648 Opens 10AM
Lynnwood, WA, United States+1 425-712-0521 Opens 10AM
Cabazon, CA, United States+1 951-922-3318 Opens 10AM
Ann Arbor, MI, United States+1 734-994-3696 Opens 11AM
Mason, OH, United States+1 513-229-8379 Opens 10:30AM
Anchorage, AK, United States+1 907-274-3330Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Catonsville, MD, United States+1 410-455-9187 Opens 10:30AM
Kansas City, MO, United States+1 816-587-9996 Opens 11AM
Lake St Louis, MO, United States+1 636-625-1847 Opens 10:30AM
Honolulu, HI, United States+1 808-924-8886Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
National City, CA, United States+1 619-267-7182 Opens 10AM
Commerce, CA, United States+1 323-722-2626Closes ⋅ 9:30PM
Algonquin, IL, United States+1 847-658-1908 Opens 10:30AM
Madison, AL, United States+1 256-890-8873 Opens 10:30AM
Naples, FL, United States+1 239-649-8882 Opens 10AM
Burbank, CA, United States+1 818-559-8711 Opens 10AM
Kaneohe, HI, United States+1 808-247-8668Closes ⋅ 6PM
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Brief of Panda Express Wiki

TypePrivate Subsidiary
IndustryFood service
GenreChinese cuisine
FoundedOctober 1983; 35 years ago
Glendale, California, U.S.
FounderAndrew Cherng
Peggy Cherng
Headquarters1683 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California, U.S.[1]
Number of locations2,000+ (2017)
Area servedUnited States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico,[2] Canada, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Guatemala, El Salvador
ProductsAmerican Chinese cuisine
Revenue$3 billion (2017)[3]
Number of employees39,000 (2018)[4]
ParentPanda Restaurant Group

How to Communicate with Panda Customer Service?

Well, it is such a pleasant day for you all to start getting the rewards of free entrée. But, some of you may trouble and you don’t get any idea on what to do. Indeed, you can start to ask some questions, or even give feedback to the official team. Here are Panda Express contacts:

  • Panda Express Social Networks Profiles

Friends! The first one, you can start to check out social networks. In this case, you can freely go to  Twitter or Facebook. Yet also, you all can start going to Instagram and YouTube. No doubt, all of you can try to have a live chat with admins.

  • Panda Express Website

Of course, this restaurant provides the website for all customers. No doubt, you just get to go to website. And, you must get all the information like the Locations, Menu Nutrition, as well as the Menu Prices. Besides, you can also start to check out the Careers, Panda Express Near Me, and even the  Delivery services. More to get, you are going to be able to get the official Hours and the Order Online service.

  • Panda Express Head Office Address

You know, you can also start writing a letter to 1683 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California 91770, USA.

  • Panda Express Corporate Office Number

Or, you can also start calling 800 877 8988 which is the phone number. Yes, it is important for each of you to check out its business hours.

  • Panda Express Business Hours

And the last, talking about its hours, here you can start to check out the table!

DaysPanda Express Hours (Open)Panda Express Hours (Close)

Well, it is all about Panda Express Feedback Survey which is the best place for you all to start leaving the Feedback. Yes, you must go to the right PandaExpress Survey site. If you are going to fill out the Panda Survey, you must get the Store Number For Survey.

Besides, you must also get the Survey Code or Receipt Code. No doubt, it is also important to start reading the Panda Receipt Policy. So, how to do Panda Survey? You have got the Free Entree Receipt and you can start processing it. Don’t forget! You must try to save the Redemption Code and redeem it for Free Entrée reward. So, don’t you want to claim your Panda Express Free Entree Code, now?

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