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Panera Bread Menu Prices Information

You know, today is going to be great as you can start checking out the list of Panera Bread Menu Prices. Of course, it is such good news for all of you who love to enjoy the Panera Bread Lunch Menu, breakfast, and so on. Nicely,

this article is going to give you all about Panera Bread Printable Menu as well as Panera Menu with Prices. Yes, you can start to check out the price of Panera Bread Menu Soup, Panera Bread Menu Colorado Springs, and other menus. Later, you can freely start going to Panera Bread Near Me as the article also provides you with the list of the locations. Enjoy!

About Panera Bread Restaurant Profile

But, before you start, it is going to be nice that you learn more about the company. As you all can see, Panera Bread Company is an American chain store which serves bakery-café fast-casual restaurants. In the first place, Ronald M Shaich and Louis Kane opened the first restaurant in Missouri. And now, all of you can give a try to go to Sunset Hills, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis to get the Panera Bread headquarters.

List of Panera Bread Menu Prices and Panera Bread Near Me
Panera Bread Near Me and Panera Bread Menu Prices accessed from

Right now, you can start to go to over than 2,000 restaurant locations in the US as well as Canada. If you see, JAB Holding Company is the parent organization. Believe it or not, the company has over than 50,000 employees. And, the company has some subsidiaries such as Au Bon Pain, Paradise Bakery & Café, and so on.

Panera Bread Wiki

If you guess you want to know more about the company through the table, you can freely check out the brief information here. Enjoy!

Panera Bread
IndustryFast food
Founded1987; 32 years ago
Kirkwood, Missouri
FounderKen Rosenthal 
Ronald M. Shaich
Louis Kane
HeadquartersSunset Hills, Missouri
Number of locationsOver 2,000
Area servedUnited States
Key peopleRonald M. Shaich - founder and chairman[1][2]
Ken Rosenthal - founder of The St. Louis Bread Comapny
Blaine E. Hurst - CEO and president[1] (2017–present)
Charles J. Chapman, III - executive VP and COO[1]
Sue Morelli - president of Au Bon Pain[1]
ProductsFast casual/Bakery-café, including several varieties of bread, such as bagel and baguettes, cold sandwiches, hot panini, salads, soups, coffee and teas
RevenueIncrease US$2.795 billion (2016)
Net incomeDecrease US$145 million (2016)
Total assetsDecrease US$1.301 billion (2016)
Total equityDecrease US$288 million (2016)
Number of employeesOver 50,000
ParentJAB Holding Company
SubsidiariesParadise Bakery & Café
Au Bon Pain

Brief about Panera Bread Menu Prices

Fellas! Now must be the best time for each of you to get all details about Panera Bread Menu Prices. In this case, you just get to save the Panera Bread Printable Menu as well as Panera Menu with Prices. Later, when you try to order the Panera Bread Lunch Menu, Panera Bread Menu Soup, or even Panera Bread Menu Colorado Springs, you don’t have to worry about the price.

List of Panera Bread Menu Prices and Panera Bread Near Me
Panera Bread Menu Prices accessed from

Of course, it is going to be nice for you to know what you are going to buy at the restaurant. Believe it or not, you must get a bunch of menus which may make you get confused. It is because all of them look tasty, sweet, fresh, and they also smell so good.

No doubt, whatever you order, you have got your best choice. But, it is also much better for you to have a big picture of the prices. At least, you bring enough money, and you feel safe as you know which breads you are going to take. So, are you ready for the menu price list and Panera Bread Near Me locations in the USA?

List of Panera Bread Menu Prices that You Must Try!

Fellas! You all must agree that there are bunches of bread, sides, pastries, and drinks when you enter the restaurant. Now, you just get to pay attention to the menu prices based on the category. No doubt, you can get the tables listing about the prices starting from the cheapest ones to the most expensive ones. Here you go!

  • Menu Prices #1: Café Sandwiches

First of all, you may get interested in enjoying the café sandwiches menu. If you see, sandwiches can be the best menu for your breakfast. Besides, you can also start to enjoy the sandwiches menus on your lunch and dinner. Yes, it is all based on your preference.

Talking about the sandwiches prices, they range start from $4.89 to $7.39. But, it all depends on the restaurant location which you visit as the different location may have different prices. Here, the cheapest one is smoked turkey breast, and the most expensive one is Sierra turkey. Enjoy the Panera Bread café sandwiches menu prices:

Panera Bread Café Sandwiches MenuSizePrice
Smoked Turkey BreastHalf4.89
Mediterranean VeggieHalf4.89
Classic Grilled CheeseHalf4.89
Tuna SaladHalf4.89
Smoked Ham & SwissHalf4.89
Sierra TurkeyHalf5.39
Smoked Turkey BreastWhole6.59
Mediterranean VeggieWhole6.59
Classic Grilled CheeseWhole6.59
Tuna SaladWhole6.59
Smoked Ham & SwissWhole6.59
Sierra TurkeyWhole7.39
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  • Menu Prices #2: Signature Salads

The next one is going to be healthier as you can start enjoying the signature salads which are fresh. Of course, it can be your alternative menus in case you are on a diet. Besides, it can also be the company to your bread or other menus which you order.

For information, you can freely start to choose the half one or the whole salads. In this case, the cheapest salad is at $4.69 which belongs to classic café salad. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the most expensive salad, you can try to order watermelon feta salad with almonds. You know, that menu is going to cost you $9.29. Let’s check out Panera Bread signature salads menu prices:

Panera Bread Signature Salad MenusSizePrice
Classic Cafe SaladHalf4.69
Caesar SaladHalf4.69
Classic with Chicken SaladHalf5.79
Chicken Cobb SaladHalf5.99
BBQ Chicken SaladHalf6.09
Modern Greek Salad with Almonds & QuinoaHalf6.09
Power Kale Chicken Caesar SaladHalf6.29
Classic Cafe SaladWhole6.29
Caesar SaladWhole6.29
Thai Chicken SaladHalf6.29
Fuji Apple Chicken SaladHalf6.29
Chicken Caesar SaladHalf6.29
Chinese Citrus Salad with ChickenHalf6.39
Green Goddess Cobb with Chicken SaladHalf6.39
Watermelon Feta Salad with Almonds & ChickenHalf6.39
Classic with Chicken SaladWhole7.99
Chicken Cobb SaladWhole8.49
BBQ Chicken SaladWhole8.59
Modern Greek Salad with Almonds & QuinoaWhole8.59
Power Kale Chicken Caesar SaladWhole8.99
Thai Chicken SaladWhole8.99
Fuji Apple Chicken SaladWhole8.99
Chicken Caesar SaladWhole8.99
Chinese Citrus Cashew Salad with ChickenWhole9.29
Green Goddess Cobb with Chicken SaladWhole9.29
Watermelon Feta Salad with Almonds & ChickenWhole9.29
  • Menu Prices #3: Panera Kids

For the customers who bring kids to the restaurant, you don’t have to worry about it. As you can see, the restaurant must provide you with Panera kids menu. In this case, your kids are going to love the kid’s menu so much.

The menus here are like a sandwich, cheese, cheddar soup, salad, and even the spicy menu. Yes, they range from $4.29 to $4.99. For you who want to explore the kid’s menu, you can check the following table. And, here are the Panera Bread Panera kids menu prices for you:

Panera Kids MenuPrice
Kid’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich4.29
Kid’s Grilled Cheese4.29
Kid’s Smoked Turkey Sandwich4.29
Kid’s Smoked Ham Sandwich4.29
Kid’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup4.39
Kid’s All Natural Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup4.39
Kid’s Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup4.39
Kids Bistro French Onion Soup4.39
Kids Baked Potato Soup4.39
Kids Low-Fat Garden Vegetable Soup4.39
Kid’s Caesar Salad4.69
Kid’s Classic Cafe Salad4.69
Signature Mac & Cheese Kid’s Meal4.99
Kid’s Turkey Chili4.99
  • Menu Prices #4: Pastries and Sweets

Another category which you are going to get at the restaurant is the pastries and sweets. Yes, you all must know that there are various pastries complete with sweets. You know, the cheapest one is going to be a croissant and it costs you $2.39. If you want to explore the most expensive ones, you can freely start enjoying the cinnamon crumb coffee cake. Yes, that one is at $15.49. Enjoy the list of Panera Bread pastries and sweets menu prices!

Panera Bread Pastries and Sweets MenuSizePrice
Butter Croissant1 Pc.2.39
Bear Claw1 Pc.2.69
Gooey Butter Pastry1 Pc.2.69
Cobblestone1 Pc.2.69
Pecan Braid1 Pc.2.69
Chocolate Pastry1 Pc.2.69
Cheese Pastry1 Pc.2.69
Pecan Roll1 Pc.2.69
Cherry Pastry1 Pc.2.69
Carrot Cake with Walnuts1 Pc.2.69
Cinnamon Crumb Coffee CakeSlice2.69
Cinnamon Roll1 Pc.2.89
Pastry Ring8.79
Cinnamon Crumb Coffee CakeWhole15.49
  • Menu Prices #5: Bread

Of course, you won’t get the perfect meals unless you also order the bread. Yes, this one must be the best menu for you to enjoy fulfilling your hunger. For information, the cheapest bread menu at the restaurant is a soft dinner roll. The menu is at $0.75, and the most expensive one is at $7.79 which is sesame semolina bread. Now, how about checking out the list of Panera bread menu prices for you:

Panera Breads MenuSizePrice
Soft Dinner Roll0.75
Sprouted Whole Grain Roll0.99
SourdoughBread Bowl1.99
Soft Dinner Rolls6-Pack2.99
Sea Salt FocacciaLoaf3.19
Focaccia Bread With Asiago CheeseLoaf3.39
Sourdough Bread Bowl2-Pack3.49
Sesame Semolina BreadLoaf3.69
All Natural White BreadLoaf3.79
Whole GrainLoaf3.79
Honey WheatLoaf3.79
Sprouted Grain Rolls6-Pack3.99
Asiago CheeseLoaf4.59
Cinnamon Raisin SwirlLoaf4.79
SourdoughExtra Large Loaf4.99
Tomato BasilLoaf5.29
All Natural White BreadMiche7.79
Whole GrainMiche7.79
Sesame Semolina BreadMiche7.79
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  • Menu Prices #6: Iced Drinks

If you have enjoyed your bread, it must be complete for you to order the iced drinks. In this case, all of you can give a try to enjoy some drinks like mineral water, juices, iced tea, lemonade, green tea, or even iced coffee. Yes, it can be the relaxation menu as you want to chill. Here, the cheapest drink is going to be milk which cost you $1.79. In contrast, the most expensive one is blueprint green or red juice which is $5.99 at a price. Check out the following Panera Bread iced drinks menu prices to get the details:

Panera Bread Iced DrinksSizePrice
Horizon Reduced Fat Organic Milk or Chocolate Milk1.79
Organic Apple Juice1.79
Iced CoffeeMedium2.09
Iced Green TeaMedium2.09
Iced TeaMedium2.09
Panera LemonadeBottle2.19
Iced CoffeeLarge2.49
Iced Green TeaLarge2.49
Iced TeaLarge2.49
Orange JuiceBottle2.49
San Pellegrino Sparkling WaterBottle2.49
Purity Organic Strawberry Paradise JuiceBottle2.49
Joia Grapefruit All-Natural SodaBottle2.69
Harmless Harvest Coconut WaterBottle2.99
Iced Caffe Latté3.59
Iced Caffe Mocha3.99
Iced Caramel Latté3.99
Iced Chai Tea LattéMedium3.99
Iced Chai Tea LattéLarge4.74
Blueprint Green or Red JuiceBottle5.99

Check Out Panera Bread Restaurants Locations in the United States of America

Now, how many of you are going to go to the Panera restaurants? In this case, you can freely try to check out the list of Panera Bread locations in the USA. Yes, you are also going to get more details about the location, phone number, as well as the restaurant hours. Yes, each restaurant location has a different phone number and hours. Here the restaurant locations for you!

Panera Bread RestaurantPanera Bread Restaurant LocationPanera Bread Restaurant Phone NumberPanera Bread Restaurant Hours
Panera Bread - Destiny USASyracuse, NY, United States+1 315-471-1034Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera Bread - Greendale CentreGreenwood, IN, United States+1 317-888-1860Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadEdison, NJ, United States+1 732-516-1611Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera Bread - Voice of America CenterWest Chester Township, OH, United States+1 513-779-5511Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera Bread - Mall of America®Bloomington, MN, United States+1 612-656-0528Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM
Panera Bread - Flemington MallFlemington, NJ, United States+1 908-782-4985Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera BreadKingwood, TX, United States+1 281-354-2668Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera BreadPortage, IN, United States+1 219-706-6007Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera Bread - Shoppes of LakelandLakeland, FL, United States+1 863-858-5100Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera BreadPort Richey, FL, United States+1 727-848-5123Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera Bread - North Village Shopping CenterNorth Brunswick Township, NJ, United States+1 732-249-3113Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera BreadManalapan Township, NJ, United States+1 732-431-3497Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera Bread - Ridgeway TraceMemphis, TN, United States+1 901-683-9384Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera Bread - The Shoppes at Old BridgeOld Bridge, NJ, United States+1 732-591-7425Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadSchererville, IN, United States+1 219-865-7300Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera Bread - Silver Sands Premium OutletsMiramar Beach, FL, United States+1 850-654-9800Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera BreadCleveland, OH, United States+1 216-231-2900Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadNew York, NY, United States+1 212-938-6950Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera Bread - Chandler Fashion CenterChandler, AZ, United States+1 480-857-3523Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera BreadDenver, CO, United States+1 720-274-1010Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM
Panera BreadLathrup Village, MI, United States+1 248-443-0282Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadLexington, KY, United States+1 859-335-9992Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadTulalip, WA, United States+1 360-716-3366Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera Bread - Gateway Shopping CentersAustin, TX, United States+1 512-795-7308Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera Bread - Riverplace Shopping CenterJacksonville, FL, United States+1 904-268-3366Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera BreadNiagara Falls, NY, United States+1 716-297-3567Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera BreadPhiladelphia, PA, United States+1 215-574-7678Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera Bread - Shops at NorterraPhoenix, AZ, United States+1 623-414-4885Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera Bread - Easton Town CenterColumbus, OH, United States+1 614-416-2600Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadRoseville, CA, United States+1 916-771-3131Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera Bread - Chula Vista CenterChula Vista, CA, United States+1 619-585-8400Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera BreadLas Vegas, NV, United States+1 702-888-0100Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera BreadWest Hartford, CT, United States+1 860-231-9511Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadWashington, DC, United States+1 202-420-5901Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadNashville, TN, United States+1 615-871-8005Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera BreadRoanoke, TX, United States+1 682-514-4885Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM
Panera BreadAnaheim, CA, United States+1 714-533-2900Open ⋅ Closes 12AM
Panera BreadWaltham, MA, United States+1 781-899-2116Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera BreadDallas, TX, United States+1 214-443-0880Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera BreadWinter Park, FL, United States+1 407-645-3939Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera BreadSarasota, FL, United States+1 941-351-9300Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadPerrysburg, OH, United States+1 419-872-7100Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera Bread - Coral Palm PlazaCoral Springs, FL, United States+1 954-757-9870Closes  ⋅ 9:30PM
Panera BreadBaltimore, MD, United States+1 410-433-9174Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadMobile, AL, United States+1 251-634-9604Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Panera BreadFishers, IN, United States+1 317-579-1990Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadFayetteville, NC, United States+1 910-488-8453Closes  ⋅ 9PM
Panera BreadCincinnati, OH, United States+1 513-241-0000Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu
Panera Bread - Frandor Shopping CenterLansing, MI, United States+1 517-332-9183Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera BreadNashville, TN, United States+1 615-401-1171Closes  ⋅ 8PM
Panera BreadWest Des Moines, IA, United States+1 515-221-0888Closes  ⋅ 8PM
Panera Bread - Fountains of MiramarMiramar, FL, United States+1 954-441-9950Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera BreadStudio City, CA, United States+1 818-762-2226Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Panera Bread - Country Club PlazaKansas City, MO, United States+1 816-931-8181Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
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Of course, you can freely start calling the phone number in order to confirm the restaurant hours. Besides, you can also any questions related to the restaurant. Enjoy your favorite bread!

What is Panera Bread Hours Open/Close?

Well, after getting the list of the menu prices and the locations, you can check out the restaurant hours in general. Well, you must agree that the restaurants open starting from Monday to Sunday.

Yes, the opening hour is from 6:00 AM from Monday to Saturday, and at 7:00 AM on Sunday. Meanwhile, the closing hour is from 9:00 AM from Monday to Saturday, and at 8:00 PM on Sunday. You can give a try to check out the following table of the Panera Bread restaurant hours today:

Panera Breads Hours TodayOpen/Close
Monday06:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday06:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Wednesday06:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Thursday06:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Friday06:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Saturday06:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Sunday07:00 AM – 08:00 PM

How to Order Panera Bread Menu?

For you who are ready to start ordering the menu, you must be glad that you have some ways to do it. In this case, you can dine-in, take away, delivery, order online, and so on. Here you go!

  • Panera Bread Delivery

First of all, you may be too busy to go out, and delivery here is going to be the best option for you. Yes, you just get to use the locator at the official website which is For the next, you must get the store phone number, and you can process ordering the bread which you want.

  • Panera Bread Stores

Or maybe, you can also start to seek the closest restaurants on Google Maps and through locator. On maps, you just get to go to And then, you must search Panera Bread Near Me to get the list of the closest locations.

  • Panera Bread Application

The last one is, of course, the complete one. As you all can see, the application, in this case, provides you with various features. Not to mention, they are like delivery, online order, menu prices list, and so on. Have fun!

Brief of Panera Bread Customer Service Contacts

  • Panera Bread Website

  • Panera Bread Phone Number

800-301-5566 or +1 314-984-1000

  • Panera Bread Email Address

  • Panera Bread Corporate Office Address

3630 S Geyer Rd # 100, St. Louis, MO 63127, USA

  • Panera Bread Customer Service Hours
Panera Bread Customer Service HoursOpen-Close

Yes, all of you have got all the details about Panera Bread Menu Prices. Indeed, it is good for you to save the Panera Bread Printable Menu and Panera Menu with Prices on your phone. Later, whenever you are going to Panera Bread Near Me, you have got the big picture of the menus which you want. They can be Panera Bread Lunch, Panera Bread Soup, Panera Bread Colorado Springs, and other else. Have a nice day!

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