Peetslistens – How to Complete Peets Survey to Win $500 Gift Card?

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PeetsListens is the guest satisfaction survey from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. This survey is worthy to complete. It is because you can win $100 or $500 gift card. The survey prize from the corporate is very great, isn’t it? If you want to grab this gift card, make sure that you take Peet’s survey.

Once you make a transaction at the cafe, you will get a survey invitation through Peet’s receipt. Never ignore this invitation if you want to get the reward from the Coffee & Tea store. Do you still have no idea about Peet’s Customer Survey? Let’s review the guideline about Peet’s Coffee Survey.

About Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Before discussing PeetsListens Survey, let’s talk about Peet’s Coffee & Tea shop first. As like its name, Peet’s Coffee & Tea is the coffee shop headquartered in San Fransisco. The founder of this Coffee shop is Alfred Peet. He established the first coffee shop in 1966. With his brewing skill, Alfred can expand his business well. Nowadays there are more than 100 chains throughout the US. Besides, you will also find the Coffee product in 14.000 grocery stores.

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It is not difficult to find Peet’s Coffee & Tea near me. It is because you can use Peet’s store locator on the website. Just visit Peet’s official site and use the store locator feature. Then, you will be able to locate Peet’s coffee bar near you.

But, before going to this coffee bar, you should know Peet’s hours. It is important to find out the opening as well as the closing hours. You should note that hours vary by locations. Some outlets operate from Monday to Friday from 5.30 am up to 9 pm. Besides, on Saturday, it opens from 6 am up to 9 pm. Then, on Sunday, the store opens at 7 am and closes at 7 pm.

What You Need to Know About PeetsListens Survey Sweepstakes

Now, it is the time to discuss Peetslistens or the Survey. In this section, we present some information related to Peet’s Listens Survey. Here, you can check your eligibility to enter the Survey. Then, you can find out the rules and requirements of the survey. The last, you can know the reward of this survey.

  • Peets Survey eligibility.

Not all customers of Peet’s Coffee & Tea. The survey participants must meet the survey eligibility. First, they have to reside in 50 states in the US. Then, they must be at least 18 years of age. So, if you are still under 18 years old, you should not enter the survey portal.

Besides, those who are not eligible for the survey are the employees of Peet’s Coffee. Furthermore, the immediate family members of Peet’s Coffee are also not allowed to enter this survey. For instance, the spouse, children, siblings, parents of the staff are not eligible to complete the survey.

  • Peet’s Sweepstakes entry methods.

Peet’s offers two entry methods to join its sweepstakes. First, the customers can enter Peets sweepstake through the online survey. So, you have to accomplish the customer survey first before entering the sweepstake.

By using the valid receipt, you can enter the site. Then, after completing all steps of the survey, you will get an offer to enter the sweepstake. The next, if you are willing to enter Pee’s online sweepstake, you have to submit your personal details as well as the contact number.

Besides, the corporate also offers mail-in sweepstakes. This entry method also does not require any purchase. So, even you do not have a valid receipt, you still can enter the sweepstake. If you want to submit this sweepstake’s entry, you need to do some preparation.

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First, handwrite your personal info and contact details on the card with the size 3”x5”. Do not forget to include your address as well as the telephone number. The next, send this card by covering it with business size envelope. Address this sweepstake’s entry to Pee’s Coffee & Sweepstakes. PO BOX 397, Machedon, New York 14502 – 0397.

  • Peet’s Survey Rules.

As like other survey sweepstakes, the survey has its official rules. If you want to check the complete rules, you can check here. You will find the link to open the sweepstakes rules. But, for your convenience, we have concluded the rules for you.

  1. The corporate limits one entry per survey entry period. It means you only can enter the survey sweepstake once a month.
  2. Then, you should note that the sponsor has the right to disqualify the entry.
  3. The cafe team only receive the hand-printed envelope and entry card. So, you must not use the computer to type your entry.
  4. You must provide the required details such as name, address, and phone number to win. Yes, the corporation will disqualify the incomplete sweepstake’s entry.
  5. The administrator will contact the winner by email, phone, or USPS mail. So, make sure that you have submitted the correct address and contact details.
  • Peet’s Survey reward.

The survey offers the interesting reward for the sweepstake’s winner. In every survey period, the official team provides the grand prize for 5 winners. Besides, there also 13 rewards for the first prize winners. So, what are the rewards? Luckily, each grand prize winner will receive $500 Peet’s Coffee gift card.

Furthermore, the first prize winner will get $100 gift card. When you enter this sweepstake, you will get one chance to win this attractive prize. So, just pray so that you can be one of the winners. With this gift card, you can purchase some coffee menu items as much as you want. Moreover, you can treat your family and friends.

Through the random drawing, the corporate will decide the winners. So, the Peet sweepstake’s winner can be from the online entry or mail-in entry. All the participants have the same rights to win the gift card. If you win the sweepstakes, the administrator will contact you by mail, email, or phone. So, make sure that the contact information you submit during the sweepstake’s entry is correct.

How to Complete Peet’s Survey?

Peetslistens survey is very simple to complete. Other surveys may require some information on the restaurant receipt. But, the survey is different. You do not need to input any details from your receipt. But, it does not mean that your receipt is not important. You still need to keep your receipt. If you win the Peet’s sweepstake, the administrator may ask for your receipt as the proof of your transaction.

However, you should note that the rules of Peets Listens may change in every survey period. In a certain period, the site may require a survey code. In this case, you will be able to find the survey code number on your receipt. But, if you do not find any code on your receipt, you can immediately take part in the survey. Just follow these simple steps to complete the survey.

  • Go to Peet’s survey website.

The official website of Peet’s coffee survey is Once you reach the site, you will see the welcoming message from the restaurant. You will know that the official team really value your feedback.

  • Press the Start button.
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Under the welcoming message from the official team, you will find the Start button. Press this button to start processing the survey. If necessary, you can view the survey privacy policy. Furthermore, you also can review the survey sweepstakes rules before starting this survey.

  • Confirm the eligibility to enter the survey.

There are some requisites you have to fulfill before entering the survey. First, you have to be 18 years old or more. Then, you should reside in the US legally. If you pass this requirement, you can click on Next button.

  • Answer Peetslistens survey questions.

Now you can start completing the survey. First, you will get a question about the details of your visit. For instance, it asks the type of your transaction and what you order. Besides, you will receive some questions about your satisfaction after visiting Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Just make sure that all responses you give are honest and objective.

  • Enter the Peet’s sweepstakes.

Now, you receive an offer to enter the sweepstakes. If you want to enter this contest, you should submit your personal information. On the next page, there is a simple form of sweepstake entry. Fill out this form with your name, address, email address, along with your phone number.

What are the Questions at Peet’s Survey?

If you have taken part in Peetslistens before, you may know what questions appear on this survey. But, if you never participate in this Coffee survey, you may not have any idea about the survey questions. If you have known the survey questions, you can prepare the answer. This way, you can complete the survey faster. So, what will be asked during Peet’s Listens Survey? Check these questions lists.

  • Visit type.

After confirming your age and your nationality, you will receive the first survey question. This question asks your visit type when you go to Peet’s Coffee & Tea store. You can select one of the tree options. For instance, you may choose To Go if you take away your order. Besides, you can choose to Stay at the cafe if you enjoy your coffee at this store. Then, the last option is Drive Thru.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Now you can express what you feel after visiting the cafe. You may get satisfied or dissatisfied after your visit. Select the scale that represents your experience.

  • The item you buy.

The next, you should specify the menu item you have purchased at the coffee and tea cafe. For instance, you may buy baked goods, bean, beverage, or packaged food. If you purchase the beverage, the customer survey will further ask the type of beverage you order. So, you can select Hot, Cold, or Bottled beverage.

  • Peet’s outlet condition.

In this section, the survey asks you to rate some issues in their store. First, you can rate the overall atmosphere at the coffee outlet. Also, you should rate how satisfied you are with the cleanliness of the store.

  • The behavior of the staff.

Then, you can give your feedback about the performance of the official staff. First, rate the staff’s knowledge about the menu served at the Coffee and Tea store. Then, you can give your review about their friendliness. The last, rate their speed in serving the customers.

  • Product quality.

The taste of product plays the important role in attracting the customers. So, the cafe team asks your opinion about the taste of the beverage you order. Besides, you also can rate the overall quality of Peet’s menu items.

  • Recommend and return.
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In this part, the corporate wants to know your likeliness to recommend Peet’s Coffee and Tea to your friends and family. Besides, this coffee shop also wants to know whether you would like to return to its store within 30 days.

  • Comment.

In fact, this section asks you to write down the reason for giving the rating on the previous survey section. But, you also can use this field to express your feedback. As an example, you can write your complaint, compliment, or suggestion.

  • Yes and No questions.

It is the easiest part of the guest survey. You just need to respond to the questions in this section by clicking Yes or No. The questions are as the following.

  1. Were you greeted by the team member?
  2. Were you thanked by the staff?
  3. Did the staff tell you about the coffee of the day?
  4. Did the staff suggest you the menu items?
  5. Was the manager visible during your visit?
  6. Did you try the menu at the?
  7. Did you check in with Peetnik Reward App?
  8. Do you want to order the same menu item on your next visit?
  • Reason to visit.

In this section, you just need to select one of the reasons to visit the store. Perhaps, you go to the cafe because of the convenient location and the friendliness of the staff. Besides, you may visit the cafe because of the quality of the product, social media, or reward offer.

  • Gender and Age.

For the classification purpose, the site asks your gender and age. If you object to answering this question, you can skip it.

How to Contact Peet’s Coffee & Tea Customer Service?

As one of the customers of Peet’s Coffee, you may have something to ask about this coffee shop. Besides, you may need to send a message to this company. As an example, you may want to give some comments, suggestions, or critics. In this case, you should contact the Customer Service soon. Here are some ways to get in touch with the staff.

  • By phone.

Calling the Customer Care representative staff is the simplest way to get the response. So, if you need some assistance about the restaurant, do not doubt to call Customer Support. The Customer Service number is 800 999 2132. Make sure that you call them on Monday to Friday. The staff is available between 6 am – 6 pm.

  • By email.

If you want 24/7 service, you can send an email to the office. But, you do not need to send the conventional email. It is because you can use the message form at the official website. To use this service, you have to visit Then, go to Contact Us menu.

You will find the form to submit your message. Yes, the message form requires your name, phone number, along with your email address. The next, you can select the concern of your message. The last, you can write your message or feedback up to 3500 characters. Click on Submit button to send your message to the customer service.

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