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Price Chopper Employee Portal

Working at Price Chopper Supermarket can be a pride for all of you because you can help people feed and care for themselves and their family. Then, you should care and proud for yourself by accessing the Price Chopper Direct Connect Portal. Guess why? It is the official site Price Chopper, Market 32, Market Bistro Banners and the Golub Corporation where the employees can claim their benefits.

Do you want to give something more for your family? Then, you should improve your work performance and reach the annual rewards and bonus from Price Chopper Market. Don’t worry! We are here to share you a guideline to access Price Chopper Employee Login, and hopefully you can enjoy it. Happy reading!

What is Price Chopper Direct Connect?

Well, before talking more about Price Chopper Supermarket, it will be good if we share about Price Chopper Direct Connect in general. Anyway, we have mentioned before that it is the official site of Price Chopper Employees and Affiliates.

Well, anyone who is working at Price Chopper, Market 32 or even Market Bistro from all of the positions are legally accessible to access this employee login system. In line with the other employee’s website, each people must submit the valid username and password to access their personal account. And in this system, you need to visit your manage or HR teams to request for the Unique ID.

Price Chopper Direct Connect Login Guides
Price Chopper Direct Connect Homepage is available at

But, what is unique id? Well, Price Chopper Human Resource Development teams will give you four to five digit numbers. Each people may receive different numbers because it is the key to create a Price Chopper Employee Account.

So that you know, this number is the combination from your employee id and your social security numbers. Once you get it, you can visit and complete the registration steps peacefully. Otherwise, the former Price Chopper Employees will be easier because they only need to visit My Price Chopper Portal and submit both of their username and password.

Price Chopper Direct Connect Registration
Price Chopper Direct Connect Registration

About the Benefits of Accessing Price Chopper Direct Connect

Sure, you should not worry with the benefits that you can get once you are on Price Chopper Employee Login Portal. This site was designed to ease your work and help you reach out your dreams as well as your best work performances. Before getting to the point, it is going to be nice if we discuss some benefits that you can get and let’s get to the lists!

  • Access to Price Chopper Teammate Login

The first benefits are about easy access to the teammate login. So that you know, Teammate Login or Well@Work program is the special event for all Price Chopper Employees which offers the various wellness resources and programs.

Sure, the purposes are about to improve your teammate’s health and well-being. Somehow, the programs are such as educational resources, corporate challenges, targeted program or even the weekly outbound. Indeed, some Price Chopper Locations add their own program to foster healthy behaviors such as an affordable health lunch option. Through this employee site, you are able to gain more information about it, join as well as practice it with your teamwork.

  • Claim Price Chopper Benefits

And then, the second benefits is about the menu where Price Chopper Employees can manage and claim their benefits. Yes, as the appreciation for your hard work, this company rewards you with several awesome incentives that hopefully can help your daily life.

Through Price Chopper Direct Connect Employee Site, you will be easy to contact your HR then discuss your monthly or even annual benefits. For your information, here the lists of Price Chopper Benefits that you can get, such as:

  1. Prestigious salary
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Flexible Spending Account
  4. Dental and Vision Insurance
  5. The various life insurance
  6. 401 (K) Plans
  7. Profit-Sharing Plans
  8. Defined Benefits Program
  9. Tuition Reimbursement Program
  10. Bonus and Reward
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Wait, you are also right to get the other incredible Price Chopper Benefits likewise the career path and sustainability, Dress Code, Special Discounts and Coupons, Longer Vacations, Paid Holidays, well@work as well as the supportive teamwork. 

  • Access The Payroll Services

Next, you should not worry because your Price Chopper Direct Connect Employee Login Portal gives you a menu where you can get the trusted payroll services. This menu will regularly update the information about your salary, payment as well as the details of the salary you get. Of course, it can motivate you to work smarter and better.

  • Get the advanced scheduling system

If you have to get a check-lock machine when coming and going out of the office, that will be simpler with Price Chopper Employee Login Site. Yes, this portal supports its performance with the advance scheduling system. Once you get this menu, you will be easy to send the check-lock sign, check the daily schedule and teamwork, get the work’s deadline as well as the work plans that you must do in a day.

  • Manage the Simple Online Work Management

We have stated before that Price Chopper Employee Portal is a place where you can do many activities related to your jobs. Of course, you should not worry about using its online management menu where you can keep any important data and information. Later, when you accidentally cannot attend the office, you can run this menu and manage your job at home. Sure, it will be very helpful for all Price Chopper Headquarter Office Staffs or even the Head Store Officers.

  • Explore a lot of Helpful Sources

In some critical positions likewise Marketing, Sales, Manager, Promotion and Even Staffs or even a store leader, they need to think fast, smart and creative related to the company’s improvement. But, you should not be too confused because your job is easier because Price Chopper Employee Portal offers a lot of helpful sources and information. Hopefully, it can give you more ideas and inspiration.

  • Get More Comfortable Communication Line

For the next, we all know that it is impossible to share or even gain the information from all Price Chopper Employees manually by phone. Then, this company provides this employee login portal where you can meet and share experiences, information, questions or even make a discussion with your coworkers in all Price Chopper Locations in the United States.

  • Stay Safe with the High-security Services

For the rest, you have no longer worries about some account’s abuses that may use your Price Chopper Account. The IT Teams has protected this employee portal with the high-security services. So that’s why, you can keep your personal information and important work data peacefully. As long as no one knows about your username and password, there are no people who can get into your account.

What Have to Prepare to Access Price Chopper Direct Connect?

As usual, there is a little preparation that you must follow before accessing My Portal Price Chopper com Employee Portal. Of course, you want to stay safe and easy to access this login system then avoid any possible troubles. Well, Friends! With no talk too much, here they are:

  • At first, you need a personal electronic device to access this employee portal. In this case, you can use a PC, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone.
  • Second, you should not forget that your device has the current version of internet browsers. Even, you are better to install the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • And next, it is also impossible to access without internet connectivity. In this case, you must prepare a strong and stable connection.
  • At last, it is such as a key or ticket to get into your Price Chopper Employee Account. Yes, it is about to own the valid Username and Password. For the current employees, you should meet the HR and complete the registration process before accessing the Price Chopper Employee Login.
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What are the Steps to Complete Price Chopper Direct Connect Registration?

Great! You have all the requirements that will be useful to access My Price Chopper Employee Portal. But for the new ones, you should pay attention with a little process before officially be easy in exploring this employee portal. And, here the step by step processes are:

  • Step 1: Go to the Official Site

First of all, you can switch on your electronic device and get one of the great internet browsers. Sure, you can type down and go that site. Once you get the homepage, you can choose the “User Management” menu.

  • Step 2: Select the Proper Registration Menu

On that page, you will get three menu options. Those are “Reset Password,” “Forget Password” and “Register.” Yes, you have to click at the “Register” button.

  • Step 3: Complete the Required Information

After that, you must fill out the required information. In this case, the registration page will ask about your Unique ID then ask you to create a password. For your information, it is better to create a password which contains for 8 until 12 characters. Indeed, you also need to choose the security questions, give the answer as well as type down your 4-digit of your Social Security Numbers.

  • Step 4: Click on “Submit”

And then, you can click at the “Submit” button and get your valid username and password. Sure, you are better to keep that credential number on your private notes where no one can see it.

How to Access Price Chopper Direct Connect Login?

Finally, you officially own the valid Price Chopper Employee User ID and Password. Right now, anyone cannot disturb or even stop you from accessing and exploring this site. When all preparation is ready, here the following steps that you can take:

  • First of all, you must get the official site of Price Chopper Employee Portal. And like all we know, you are able to visit
  • Once you reach the homepage, you can choose the menu “Login.”
  • In line with the other employee login site, you also need to type down the User ID including the proper password. It is a sensitive section so you must ensure that you have avoided the mistyping words.
  • At last, you can click at “Login” and get ready to explore Price Chopper Employee Site.

What is the Possible Login Issues When Accessing Price Chopper Direct Connect?

Well, we found some cases where some Price Chopper Employees cannot access Portal. Even, you should not be sad because it is not the end of your job. Yes, when you have known the reasons why you fail accessing the site, you are going to get the ideas on how to fix that problem soon. Anyway, here we resume some possible issues on your login process, and those are:

  • Your Poor internet connection
  • The un-supported electronic devices
  • Your old version of browser
  • The mistyping user id or password
  • The locked account
  • Or, the server busy
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How to Fix the Locked Price Chopper Direct Connect Account?

For your information, you are not allowed to submit the wrong user id and password up to four times in a single access. It happens because Price Chopper Direct Connect IT Services is monitoring this website for any frauds and abuses.

So, when your account suddenly gets locked, you are better to call your HR or the IT Services. You can call them at 1-800-666-7667. They are reachable within seven days a week from 8:30 AM until 7:00 PM Local Time. Besides, you are better to change your password every 90 days of use regularly. And to run this activity, here the steps are:

  • At first, you can visit Official Website. Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Then, you can click at the “User Management” menu and choose “Change” button.
  • On that menu, you must submit the Unique ID (Please contact your HR if you have lost your previous Unique ID), your old password and give your new password.
  • Check your details and click at “Submit.”
  • Finally, you will get your new password and get ready to access Price Chopper Direct Connect Login.

How to Fix the Forgotten Price Chopper Direct Connect Password?

Meanwhile, you may be possible to lose or even forget your login password. But, you should not panic because you can fix it within less than ten minutes. And, here the following steps that you must take:

  • First thing first, you can visit Portal.
  • And next, you need to choose the menu “User Management” and choose the menu “Reset Password.”
  • On that page, you must type down the valid Unique ID on the required blank space.
  • When you have checked that codes, you can click the “Next” button.

What is Price Connect?

Alright, we have discussed Price Chopper Direct Connect Login Step by Step. And it is great to know the general profile of Price Chopper Supermarket. As we have mentioned before, Price Chopper is the subsidiary of Golub Company.

It started the operation in 1973 at Schenectady, New York, the United States. Right now, it operates for over than 132 Locations in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. If you want to get more details about Price Connect, you can visit its official website at

And here is all about Price Chopper Direct Connect Login Site. If you are interested in applying for Golub Price Chopper Supermarket, you can visit Price Chopper Locations and get more available job opportunities. Anyway, thanks for reading and see you soon!

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