RateFD – Win $1,500 Family Dollar Sweepstakes at RateFD.com Family Dollar Survey

You all know that there are millions of groceries stores which provide you with the best products. And, more of the groceries stores offer you to take part in the sweepstakes program to win some prize. Well, one of the programs which you can join is RateFD which is the legal Family Dollar Sweepstakes. You know, the program offers you to win $1,500 and $1,000 prize. No doubt, it is going to be one of your best days if you earn the $1,000 Family Dollar Survey Coupon. You can start to use it to buy anything which you want. You know, the process of completing Rate Dollar Family survey is five minutes. Want to try?

What is RateFD?

Alright! You all must be waiting to be the sweepstakes winner. But, you get to know more about this program. For your information, RateFD is the legal customer or guest satisfaction survey from Family Dollar corporate. Indeed, the process of filling out the Family Dollar survey will be easy. You know, you just get to own the valid Family Dollar receipt in order to fill out the Rate FD survey. Yes, you can get the valid receipt from any Family Dollar store. Once you get the Family Dollar receipt, you can start to go to www.RateFD.com.
RateFD Family Dollar survey sweepstakes to win $1,500 prize
RateFD Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from RateFD.com
As all of you can see, you will be able to take part in the Family Dollar Sweepstakes as long as you have filled out the Family Dollar survey. You know, at the survey page, you can freely leave some Dollar Family feedback. Yes, you can give a try to leave the Family Dollar suggestions, and even Family Dollar complaints. At the ending part, you can start to take part in the sweepstakes program. If you are lucky, you are going to earn $1,000 Family Dollar Survey Coupon. Or, you can also win other rewards which are $1,500 prize.
RateFD Family Dollar survey sweepstakes to win $1,500 prize
RateFD Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides

What are the Kinds of Questionnaires at RateFD Survey Portal?

First of all, Rate FD Portal performs a close-ended questionnaire which shows you the series of like scale statements. In this section, you can rate those statements with its following scores. For your information, the scores start from One to Five and represent your satisfaction level. Meanwhile, the second section performs some questions where it allows you to answer descriptively. This second section sets you free to state the complaints, personal point of views as well as the suggestions. Overall, both of Rate FD Questionnaires will talk about:

  • Family Dollar Products
  • The price-lists
  • Location and store cleanliness
  • Employee services
  • Cashier’s friendliness and payment options
  • Reason and range of visit in a week
  • The problem and your personal opinion
  • And, the willingness to return or promote Family Dollar Store to others.

What Must You Prepare to Access Family Dollar Survey Site?

Before accessing www.RateFD.com Portal, you must prepare some requirements. And, here they are:
  • At first, you must have an electronic device. In this case, you can use Computer Set, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.
  • The second, you must have the current version of the internet browser. It can be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then, your device must have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • At last, it is better to prepare your previous Family Dollar Receipt and your ID card beside you. You will need it to enter the survey and sweepstakes section.

How to Take Family Dollar Survey & Join Family Dollar Sweepstakes?

  1. Go to Family Dollar Store
  2. Purchase Some Items and Pay the Bill to Get Family Dollar Receipt
  3. Go to Family Dollar Sweepstakes Website
  4. Fill Out Family Dollar ID Number
  5. Click on “Next”
  6. Give Family Dollar Receipt Details
  7. Rate Family Dollar Survey
  8. Answer All Family Dollar Survey Questions
  9. Leave Family Dollar Feedback
  10. Join Family Dollar Sweepstakes Program
  11. Complete Your Personal Information

What Steps to Take to Join Online Rate FD Survey Sweepstakes?

Are you ready to start filling out the survey? Well, it is going to be a great day as you take part in an interesting program. You know, you can only take part in the Family Dollar sweepstakes if you have filled out the Rate Family Dollar survey. And, here are survey sweepstakes steps for you:
  • Step 1: Go to the Survey Website
First thing first, you all must grab your smartphone or another device like a tablet. Yes, you get to ensure that your device, in this case, supports the internet connection. Not to mention, you get to own the browser complete with the online access. For the next, you can launch it and go to www.RateFD.com.
  • Step 2: Change A Language
When you get the official homepage, you must start to change the language which you want to use. In this case, you will get a couple of languages for you, which are English and also Spanish. No doubt, you must click on of both in order to go to the next step.
  • Step 3: Fill Out Family Dollar Transaction ID Number
After that, you need to start filling out the Family Dollar Transaction ID number. If you see, you will get the valid Family Dollar TRN code on your Family Dollar receipt. Just like what you can see from the sample, you get to check out the bottom of your receipt. In order to ease the customers to fill out the code, Family Dollar provides four fields. Yes, you can fill out the first five numbers, two, seven, and four numbers.
  • Step 4: Click on “Next”
It looks like you have filled out the correct survey code. Now, it is important that you start to click on the “Next” button. Anyway, if you don’t get the survey form, it means that you fill out the invalid Family Dollar survey code.
  • Step 5: Give Ratings on the Survey Questions
So, you have got into the survey portal. In this case, you are going to check out various questions. Mostly, the questions are about your last shopping visit to the Family Dollar store. Yes, they include the service, location, as well as products. In giving the answers, you get to give some ratings based on the satisfaction level of your visit. No doubt, you can feel free to leave bad or good ratings.
  • Step 6: Leave the Feedback
If you have done filling out the questions, you can continue by leaving some feedback. No doubt, it is your right to start leaving suggestions, comments, and even some complaints. You know, indeed, the official team needs your feedback. They are going to provide better service for all customers. Doesn’t it sound great to you?
  • Step 7: Take Part in the Sweepstakes Program
Well, as you have filled out the family Dollar survey steps, you can start to take part in the Family Dollar sweepstakes. You know, it is the program which is going to offer you $1,000 cash or $1,500 other prize. Get interested?
  • Step 8: Complete Filling Out Your Personal Data
Let’s say you all have taken part in the sweepstakes. Now, you must complete the process by filling out your personal data. Yes, they include your full name, birth date, age, gender, complete with your contacts. Not to mention, you get to fill out your email address, mail address, as well as phone number.

What Steps to Take to Join Offline Sweepstakes via Mail?

Friends! How many of you who don’t have any receipt but you still wanting to take part in the Family Dollar sweepstakes? Of course, you don’t have to get desperate as you can give a try to join the offline one. Well, here are some of the things which you get to do:
  • Step 1: Get Your Utensil, No Need Receipt
At the first step, you get to prepare your utensil. Don’t worry! You won’t have to prepare the valid Family Dollar receipt as you don’t need it. Of course, you are going to need the postcard, the envelope, the stamp, complete with the pen.
  • Step 2: Write Down Your Personal Data
After that, you can give a try to write your personal data on the postcard by using the pen. Yes, it is similar to the online one that you get to write your full name, birthdate, age, as well as the gender. And also, you get to write your valid contacts including the email address, home address, and phone number
  • Step 3: Send it to Rate Family Dollar Survey Sweepstakes Address
And finally, you can start to send the letter to 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40, New York 10011.

What are Family Dollar Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?

Besides the steps guides, understanding the sweepstakes rules is also important for you. In this case, all of the Rate Family Dollar survey sweepstakes participants must obey the rules. Otherwise, you won’t be able to be the candidate of Family Dollar sweepstakes winners. And here the rules for you:
  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for the Survey Sweepstakes
First of all, it is important that all of you are eligible. Yes, you must be 18 years old and the legal resident of America. For the next, you mustn’t be a part of Family Dollar employees. It is because the Family Dollar survey sweepstakes are for customers only.
  • Know What You Will Need to Join the Survey Sweepstakes
And then, it is also important for each of you to get the smartphone or another device. Yes, you get to provide the online access if you take part in the online sweepstakes. But, if you take part in the offline one, you get to own the utensils including the envelope with the stamp.
  • Get the Valid Receipt
As you all can see, you only need the Family Dollar receipt if you are going to take part in the online Family Dollar survey sweepstakes. Yes, you won’t need any valid receipt for the offline one.

What are Rate FD Survey Sweepstakes Rewards and Prizes?

As all of you can see, Rate FD Survey prize is $1,000 cash and $1,500 other prize. You know, you can’t win both of the coupons. Once you become the winner of $1,000 cash, you won’t get any chance to win $1,500 other prize.

How to Check the List of Family Dollar Sweepstakes Winners?

Now, you can start to check the list of Family Dollar sweepstakes winners. Simply, you just have to go to www.RateFD.com. And then, at the bottom part, you are going to see a link which says “the previous winner”. Yes, you just have to click on the link in order to get the official Rate FD sweepstakes winner list. If you get your name, you must follow the instructions. Well, you must understand that following the instructions is a must. Therefore, you mustn’t miss a single point of instructions.

Brief about Family Dollar Corporate Profile

It looks like all of you have got the insight into the survey sweepstakes. Now, it is also important that you also know more about corporate. For your information, Family Dollar is a chain of variety store company from America. In the first place, Leon Levine found the first Family Dollar store in 1959. Today, you can start to go to over 8,000 locations. With 1,400 employees, the corporation is going to give you the best service. Anyway, you can also start to go to the Headquarters by going to Charlotte, North Carolina. If you see, it has some subsidiaries including Family Dollar, Inc., as well as the Services Inc.

How to Seek for Family Dollar Near Me?

Are you going to seek locations? Here, you can start to use the online ways which are:
  • Family Dollar Store Locator
First of all, some of you must love to use navigator or store locator. Of course, you can freely go to FamilyDollar.com which is the official website. Later, all of you must fill out your zip code or another detail to get the closest locations.
  • Family Dollar Near Me on Google and Map
And, you can also start to see Family Dollar Near Me on your Google Map or Google search engine. You know, the features will help you much to get the Family Dollar stores based on your preference. They include the ratings, hours, complete with the distance from your current position.
  • Family Dollar App
The last, you can also start to use another store locator or Family Dollar navigator. This time, you need to start getting the application. And then, you must use the GPS satellite to provide your current position.

How to Get in Touch with the Customer Care Service?

And, it is all about Family Dollar customer survey sweepstakes information for you. In case you get some problems, or help, you can start to contact Family Dollar official team. Anyway, here are Family Dollar contacts for you:
  • Corporate Office Address
First, you as the customers can give a try to write a letter of suggestions, critics, or even complaint to Family Dollar office. Yes, the address is 5448 10301, Monroe Road, Matthews, North Caroline 28105.
  • Business Hours
Anyway, about the Family Dollar business hours, they start from 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Phone Number
And also, you can start to call Family Dollar phone number which is reachable at +1 704 847 6961. Yes, you get to call the number in Family Dollar business hours.
  • Social Networks
Well, if some of you are going to check out the social networks, you can go to the Facebook, Twitter, and  YouTube. Besides, you can also check out the Instagram and  Pinterest as well.
  • Website
The last, you can go to the Family Dollar website which is reachable at FamilyDollar.com. You know, you can start to check out some info about the Coupons, Family Dollar Near Me, as well as the Locations. And, if you need the Ad,  Store, and Family Dollar Corporate info, the website also serves them. More to know, you can check some info related to its Hours and Family Dollar Kokomo, In. So, you have got the insight into RateFD which is the legal Sweepstakes. Now, winning $1,000 or $1,500 Family Dollar Survey Coupon is not impossible if you give a try. Enjoy the process and enjoy being the lucky Rate Family Dollar survey winners!

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