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Hello, SSP America Customers? How was your flight? You will agree that a great trip must be completed with great food. Then, to help you reach out this purpose, SSP American offers you the great eatery experiences at SSP Locations that spread in almost all International Airport in the world. Just in case you have recently visited SSP Locations, we suggest you take part in the SSP Customer Feedback Survey at Portal. You know, you can win $500 Amazon Gift Card if you are lucky to win the sweepstakes program. Even if it is your first survey experience, we would like to suggest you stay on this page and practice our survey steps. So, Friends! Are you ready for this pleasure?

About SSP Customer Feedback Survey

First thing first, you have to know that SSP Customer Feedback Survey is only available via online and it is accessible at Portal. To access this survey site, you have to purchase at least one SSP America Menu then you get your valid receipt. As usual, this receipt contains some useful information that you can use to enter Eat on the Move Survey Site. Inside of SSP Survey Site, the customers will receive the series of digital questionnaires that measure how high they are satisfied with the previous SSP American Services.

SSP Customer Feedback Survey Step by Step Guides
SSP Customer Feedback Survey Login Steps are taken from

In the rest of the survey section, you will get two options whether continuing to get the sweepstakes section or even quit the page without claiming any rewards. Thus, we suggest you continue the steps to the sweepstakes section and leave the personal information details. Portal needs the detail of your name, date of birth, email account, phone numbers as well as the complete mail-in address. Do you know? You are able to get a chance of winning a $500 Amazon Gift Card. Well, this gift card leads you to purchase all of Amazon Products without worrying about the cost.

SSP Customer Feedback Survey Guidelines
SSP Customer Feedback Survey Guidelines are accessed from EatontheMove Survey Site

What are the Rules and Qualifications in SSP Customer Feedback Survey?

Before accessing eatonthemove survey portal, it is better to make sure that you are eligible in this survey. Yes, SSP American has some qualifications for its customers, and you must match with it once you hope to win $500 Amazon Gift Card. Even if you miss one of them, you should not be sad as you can get the other ways to share your last eatery reviews. SSP Company appreciates every negative and positive feedback from the customers and uses it as the guides to improve the performance. So, Friends! Here the lists of Rules and Qualifications in SSP Guest Satisfaction Survey and Sweepstakes are:

  • About the participants

The main rule that you have to know is about the participant’s qualifications. Then, SSP Customer Feedback Survey and Sweepstakes is valid for only the United States Residences who are more than 18 years old. You must not take the part of SSP Employees, Subsidiaries, Sponsors or even their immediate families or household members.

  • The entrance rule
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Then, you are valid to take one EatonTheMove Survey Entrance every month per the same household. You can access the portal shortly after getting the eatery experiences at any SSP Locations.

  • The survey procedures

As all we know, EatonTheMove Survey Questionnaires will appear automatically once you reach out SSP Survey Portal. In this case, you have an obligation to complete all questions without leaving any single voids.

  • The Prize Draw

And next, SSP Customer Survey Teams select the Eatonthemove survey winners within seven days of the end date of the survey entrance period. The teams will apply the random drawing selection to get the winners. Therefore, it is the final decisions where nobody can interrupt the winner’s draw process.

  • About the Winner’s Information

After that, within two weeks of the drawing period, SSP American Survey Teams will inform the potential winners via email or even the other contact method. It can be via phone or even the mail-in address. You only have three weeks to confirm the reward and request the sweepstakes reward. Just in case you miss this date, SSP Survey Teams will choose the other potential winners and revoke you from the winner’s lists.

  • The Reward Distribution

For the rest, you will receive the prize within three weeks. And, the reward distribution will be run via the mail-in address that you have been submitted. Just make sure that you have mentioned the correct and detail personal information.

Friends, you have to remember that you are responsible for any telecommunication and technical problems. If you give the wrong email address or un-active phone numbers that cause you to lose the Eatonthemove survey reward, you cannot request for the rewards.

What are the Questionnaires at Survey Website?

Alright, you may curious to access SSP Customer Feedback Survey Portal. And, you may need to prepare the answer that you will give on the survey. Well, it is a nice idea where it proves you to be eligible in winning $500 Amazon Gift Card. For your information, you are able to get two types of survey questionnaires. First of all, you must get the Close-ended Questionnaires. This section shows you the lists of like scale statements include the range of scores. And the second, you are going to get the free space to type down the descriptive feedback and comments. In this second type of questionnaire, you will face several questions likewise, “How is your opinion about SSP Services?” and so on. Overall, all of the statements and questions will discuss:

  • SSP America Menu quality
  • The price lists
  • Quality of services
  • Store cleanliness
  • Locations
  • Staff’s attitude and friendliness
  • Reason and range of visit
  • The general problems
  • The possibility to return in the next days
  • And, the willingness to promote SSP to the other customers.
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What Have to Prepare to Access EatonTheMove Survey Portal?

And then, you have known the detail of SSP Customer Feedback Survey Rules and qualifications. Even, you are ready with the answer and reviews that you are going to share. Then, to support it, you must prepare the helpful devices, and those are:

  • At first, you must get ready with a valid SSP Receipt.
  • Then, you have to own the personal electronic device like our computer, tablet, laptop or even a smartphone.
  • For the next, you have to be ready with the current version of the internet browser. And, you are free to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • At last, you are able to take part in the survey even if you have a high-speed and stable internet connection.

What are the Steps to Complete SSP Customer Feedback Survey?

Well, you are on the step where you can begin completing the online SSP American Customer Satisfaction Survey Program. With no doubt, you can practice our simple steps, and here they are:

  • Step One:

In the beginning, you can switch on the device then access the official site of SSP Customer Feedback Survey. As all we know, you are able to visit Portal. Once you arrive at the site, you can click on “Click here to give us your feedback” menu.

  • Step Two:

Once you get the survey site, you can scroll down your mouse then click on the “Terms and Condition” menu to get the detail of EatonTheMove Survey Rules. Just be sure that you read all the details of rules. Even, it is okay to skip this section and continue on the next step.

  • Step Three:

Friends, you need to take your SSP Receipt then find out the Unit Name of the store that you have recently visited. This detail is available at the bottom side of your receipt.

  • Step Four:

Then, you can choose the types of the survey that you are going to share. In this case, you can choose between Experience or Complaints. Also, you need to give the detail of the date and time of your current visit.

  • Step Five:

Well, you can click on the “Enter Survey” button then begin the online survey sharing.

  • Step Six:

It is the time for you to give the scores on the appeared like-scale statements. You don’t need to worry to click on the scores which they represent your satisfaction level. For information, the scores will start from strongly unsatisfied until strongly satisfied.

  • Step Seven:
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And then, you will be free to type down the descriptive opinion and comments on the second section. Like we have mentioned before, you can give any complaints using words and sentences, and it limits up to 1200 characters only.

  • Step Eight:

When you have completed all questionnaires, you are able to get the choice of taking the sweepstakes or not. When you avoid the sweepstakes section, you will finish the survey without having any opportunities to win $500 Amazon Gift Card. So, what do you choose?

  • Step Nine:

We suggest you follow the sweepstakes section. It will not spend your couple of hours. Meanwhile, you only need to complete the personal information requirements then “Submit” your survey.

  • Step Ten:

It is the last section of the survey, and you can quit from EatontheMove Survey Official Portal. Once you switch on your device, you have to set up your phone handy and easy to reach.

How to Enter Prize Draw Only at Portal?

So that you know, you are able to take part in Prize Draw Only without completing SSP Customer Feedback Survey Questionnaires. Of course, the process is available only at Portal. And, here the steps are:

  • At first, you can visit EatontheMove Survey Site.
  • You need to scroll down your mouse then click at “Enter Prize Draw Only” menu.
  • For the next, you have to select the country that you live in and even the SSP Locations that you have recently visited.
  • Just be sure that you click on all agreements and notifications.
  • Then, you must submit the complete name and email address on the separated boxes.
  • After making sure that it is your active email, you can tap on “Submit” and get ready for the next confirmation and notification. Even, the prize draw period will be the same as the regular survey process.

If you need to deliver the general question or comments about SSP America, you can call the teams at 703-729-2333 or send via mail at PO Box 20408 Bashan Drive, Suite 300, Ashburn, VA 20147.

So, it is all you need to know about SSP Customer Feedback Survey. Then, it is your time to practice our steps and complete EatontheMove Survey Sweepstakes. We hope that you can be the winner of $500 Amazon Gift Card and get happy while eating at SSP American Restaurant. Thanks for reading and take your time!

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