TalktoApplebees – How to Win $1000 from Talk to Applebees Survey

TalktoApplebees is an online survey for Applebee’s customers. For your information, Applebee’s is the casual restaurant which offers American cuisine. In this restaurant, you can order the wide range of the dish. As the example, you can enjoy salad, pasta, shrimp, or chicken. When you visit the restaurant, you should try its signature menu. Just try to order Riblets. Then, you will fall in love with this delicious menu. With the tasty and innovative menu, the restaurant can invite many guests to dine in. No doubt, the corporate can run more than 2000 restaurant chains. So, you can find the restaurant not only in the United States. But, you also can find Applebees locations in fifteen countries.

After dining in this restaurant, you should not ignore the invitation to enter Applebees survey. it is because completing Talk to Applebee’s survey is not only beneficial for yourself. But, TalktoApplebees survey is also helpful for the restaurant’s improvement. Through Applebee’s survey, the company wants to find out the needs and expectations of every guest. That is why this survey asks the guests to provide the dining feedback. By reviewing the guests’ dining feedback, the official team can see how well they serve the guests. If there is still any weakness, the restaurant can improve the service as well as the menu items. As the appreciation for the guests’ participation, Applebee’s lets the survey takers enter the sweepstakes. As the reward, the official team prepares $1000 as the prizes.

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Now, are you interested in completing TalktoApplebee’s survey? Just prepare the survey requirements well. Also, you need to review and obey the rules of Applebee’s survey sweepstakes. If you have no idea about this survey, you just need to review this article. Then, you will get a satisfying answer. It is because here we explain anything about Talk to Applebee’s. So, you will get the easy guideline to win $1000 as the sweepstakes reward.

The Rules of talktoApplebees Survey

Before accessing Applebee’s survey, it is nice if you try to search the official rules. It is because obeying the rules can increase your opportunity to get the reward. It is because you can avoid getting disqualified by the sweepstakes’ administrator. Besides, knowing the rules makes you more ready to complete the survey. Furthermore, if you make a good preparation, you will not find any difficulties to complete the survey. To view the survey rules, you can check it on the official site. However, if you want the simpler rules, you can review the summary below.

  • Applebee’s survey requirements.

The main requirement of Talk to Applebees survey is Applebee’s receipt. If you want to enter the online sweepstake, you also need this receipt. But, you should note that your purchase has no effect on your winning chance. Without the valid receipt, you will not be able to enter both Applebee’s survey and sweepstakes. It is because to unlock the survey page, you have to submit some receipt details. As the example, you need to enter Applebee’s survey invitation code, server’s name, and visit time. Furthermore, you have to prepare a computer and the internet. It is because the survey is only available online.

  • Survey eligibility.

Not all customers can enter the survey. There are some requirements you have met. First, the minimum age of the survey taker is at least 16 years old. But, the minimum age of the sweepstake’s participant is at least 18 years of age. So, if you are still less than 18 years old, you just can enter the survey. But, you cannot enter the Applebee’s sweepstakes. Besides, this survey is not open for the restaurant employees. Also, the family member of this restaurant is also not eligible for this survey.

  • TalktoApplebee’s sweepstakes entry method.
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There are two types of entry method if you want to participate in this sweepstake. Just select one of the method below which you think as the simplest one.

  1. Online sweepstakes.

If you want to enter the online sweepstakes, you should complete Talk to Applebee’s survey first. So, you need a valid receipt from the restaurant. So, if you lose your purchase receipt, you cannot enter this online survey sweepstake. After completing Applebee’s guest survey, you will receive an offer to enter its online drawing contest. To join this contest, you need to fill out the sweepstakes entry form. This form requires your identity details such as your full name, address, and your contact details. Write down your daytime phone number and email address.

  1. Mail-in sweepstakes.

This sweepstake entry method is suitable for those who do not have the valid receipt. You do not need to enclose the receipt to submit this sweepstake entry. The first thing you should do is to prepare a card. Then handwrite neatly your identity. For instance, write down your complete name, mailing address, birth date, along with your email address. The next, you should send it to Applebee’s Survey Sweepstakes, PO BOX 6047, Dept 39638, Douglas, AZ 85655.

  • Applebee’s sweepstakes drawing period.

You know, the restaurant offers two sweepstakes drawing period. The first type of drawing period is the weekly drawing. It means, there will be one winner every week. So, the team offers 39 weekly periods in a year. Furthermore, you can get the offers of 9 monthly drawing periods. If you enter the weekly drawing, you will automatically be included in the monthly drawing.

  • Applebee’s sweepstakes prize.

There are two kinds of sweepstake prizes offered by the restaurant. First, the offers $100 as the reward of the monthly drawing sweepstakes. Besides, the next offer is $1000 as the monthly drawing prize. In order to select the winner, the official team will choose the winner randomly. Then, it will notify the winner within ten days. Here, the survey team will inform the winner by email or phone. So, make sure that the email address and the telephone number you give are valid. If you do not claim the sweepstake’s prize, the restaurant will give it to the alternate winner. Furthermore, if you win this sweepstake, you have an obligation to pay the tax and other costs.

Steps to Take Part in Talk to Applebee’s Survey

Have you ever checked the receipt? You will find the survey invitation there. Perhaps, you ignore this invitation since you think that it is useless. But, if you know the reward of the survey sweepstakes, you may change your mind. Taking part Applebee’s survey can reward you $100 or $1000 if you are lucky. So, if you have the receipt and spare time, you should complete this survey. Check out the guideline below to be ready to complete Applebee’s survey.

  • Access Talk to Applebees survey website.
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There is only one website to start the survey. You have to visit this site. But, you need to enable cookies setting on the browser you use. It is because Applebee’s survey portal will gather the details of your survey activities. The purpose of this data collection is for the marketing research purpose. The next, Applebee’s will use this data to improve the quality of the survey portal.

  • Input TalktoApplebees survey code.

Here is the reason for having the receipt is very important. You have to enter some receipt details to unlock the survey page. First, you have to write down the survey code. This code is located in the middle section of your receipt. Usually, the survey invitation code has 13 digits. Enter this code correctly so that you can start the survey.

  • Indicate the visit time.

Yes, the survey team wants to know when you visit its restaurant. So, you have to enter the date in which you come to the store. If you cannot remember the time you visit the store, you can check the time on your receipt.

  • Write the server’s name.

The last, you need to write the name of the restaurant server. This information can help this restaurant to evaluate the staff’s performance. For your information, during the survey, you should rate the employee’s behavior.

  • Respond to all survey questions.

After entering all receipt details, you can press the Start button. Then, you can start responding to every question appeared on your screen. Make sure that all answer you give is honest and objective. The topic of the survey questions is as the following. First, it asks about your satisfaction level after dining in their restaurant. then, you will also get the questions about the restaurant menu and the employee’s performance. There is a question about the restaurant condition as well.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.

After answering all questions at the survey, you will get an offer to enter the sweepstakes. If you would like to join, you must submit your personal information. Simply write down your name, mailing address, telephone number, along with your email address. It is also necessary to verify that you are more than eighteen years old.

What if your Receipt is Different?

At the homepage of Applebee survey website, you will see the image of the valid receipt. But, what should you do if your receipt has a different format? You should not be panic. Just click on the link under the Start button. This link clarifies that you have a different receipt. By clicking on this link, there will appear the new form to enter the official survey. This form needs more receipt details. Here are the receipt details you have to enter.

  • Applebee’s survey invitation code.

This form also requires a survey code. But, the survey code is different. Another type of your receipt only has nine digits code. Always double check the code you have entered. It is because many people cannot start this survey since they input the wrong code.

  • Select the visit date.

You still remember the day when you come to the restaurant, don’t you? If you forget the day, you can check your receipt. Then, enter the date which is printed on your valid receipt. Simply click on the calendar image to input the visit date.

  • Provide the visit time.
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Entering the date of visit is not enough. In this form, you need to indicate the time of visit as well. Enter the hour and minute when you go to the store. See your receipt to find this time information.

  • Write down Applebee’s check number.

The next receipt detail you need is the check number. Usually, the check number contains eleven digits. You can find this check number under Date information on your receipt.

  • Server’s name.

As with the previous survey form, you need to write the waiter’s name. It is not necessary to ask the name of the server when you visit the store. It is because you can find the name on the top section of the receipt.

How to Reach Applebee’s Customer Service

If you have any question related to the restaurant, you can visit its official website. Besides, you can contact the Customer Support as well. By reaching the customer service, you not only can convey your question. But, you also can express your opinion and feedback. If you want to explore the information about the company, you can access On this website, you can find the menu, gift card, and career information. This website also provides the Guest Support. So, you can get in touch with the customer service team through this website.

In fact, there are some ways you can try to contact the Customer Care. Check out the list below. Then, you can decide which method is the simplest one.

  • By phone.

What is the fastest way to get a response from the restaurant? Calling the customer service is the right answer. You can speak directly to the official staff. So, you are free to ask any question. This way, you will get the trusted and satisfying answer. Besides, you can share your feedback as well. The official Customer Service number is 1 888 592 7753. Make sure that you call the Customer Support staff on Monday to Friday start from 7 am – 7 pm.

  • By mail.

If your issue is not urgent, you can send a letter to the office. Simply address your letter to Applebee’s Service, 450, North Brand Boulevard, Glendale CA 91203.

  • By email.

It is not necessary to send the personal and conventional email to reach Applebee’s Customer Service. You just need to access here to fill out the message form. Then, you can submit the email through the website. At the bottom part of the website, you will find Email Us menu. Then, you need to enter the details below before submitting your message.

  1. First name and the last name.
  2. email address.
  3. Mailing address.
  4. Date of birth.
  5. Home telephone/ mobile phone number.
  6. Restaurant location.
  7. Type of order.
  8. Date of visit.
  9. The name of the server.
  10. Category of comment

After completing the details above, you can start writing your message. Make sure that you write your question and feedback in details. Then, to submit your message, you need to input the correct Captcha Code. The last press Submit to send your email to the office.

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