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For some of you, shopping can be crucial things that you can’t deny you need it in your daily life. Now, some of you may love to go to Food Lion Stores as they serve the best products. In this case, you all will be able to find the Food Lion Grocery List to fulfill your need. Anyway, you can fill out TalktoFoodLion survey if you are going to share your experience about visiting Food Lion Near Me.

No doubt, you all will get a chance to leave some complaints and take part in the Food Lion Sweepstakes. Yes, you will be able to be the sweepstakes winners for $1,000 Food Lion gift card. Nice, isn’t it?

What is TalktoFoodLion?

Alright, you may have no idea when it comes to the Food Lion survey. For your information, TalktoFoodLion is the legal Food Lion guest or customer satisfaction survey that you all can go to In this case, you will have to own the valid receipt from the Food Lion Stores. And, you can try to give some ratings and leave some complaints or other feedback.

As you all can see, the Food Lion survey is the media where all of you are able to share your shopping experience. Here, the official team will listen to you, and they will fix the problems you got during your visit.

TalktoFoodLion Survey and Food Lion Sweepstakes for $1,000 Food Lion Gift Cards
TalktoFoodLion Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides accessed from

If you are going to the store, you all can start to search Food Lion Near Me like Food Lion Grocery List. And then, the receipt which you get from the stores will be valuable. Yes, if you are going to win $1,000 gift card, you can start to take part in Food Lion Sweepstakes. No doubt, it will be fun as you can be the next Food Lion Sweepstakes Winners. Yes, you can start to use your gift card to buy all grocery list you have. Enjoy!

TalktoFoodLion Survey & Food Lion Sweepstakes for $1,000
TalktoFoodLion Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides

What Steps to Take to Join TalktoFoodLion Survey?

Are you going to fill out the customer survey? Well, you don’t have to worry about the steps which you are going to pass through. Here, you just have to follow these Food Lion survey steps that are simply:

  • Step 1: Go to Talk to FoodLion Survey Website

First of all, you all can get your smartphone or another device such as a laptop. Of course, you must get an access to the internet as you are going to open Talktofoodlion,com.

  • Step 2: Read Talk to FoodLion Privacy Policy

If you get the survey homepage, you may be going to read Food Lion survey privacy policy. In this case, you must find out that there are some terms and policies which you need to find out. If you are going to skip this one, you can go to the next step.

  • Step 3: Fill Out TalktoFoodLion PIN

And now, it is the best time to fill out the survey PIN. For your information, your PIN, in this case, will be the key for you to get into the survey portal. Here, you will find it necessary to check out the receipt. And then, you must get the Food Lion survey PIN which has 16 numbers. Yes, you all can get the PIN at the bottom part of your receipt.

  • Step 4: Click on “Next”
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As you have filled out the login data, you all can start to click on the “Next” button. Yes, it is the black arrow at the right-hand side of the survey page. For the next, you are going to see the FL survey form. But, if you still get the survey homepage, you must read the warning. You may fill out the improper PIN, or your receipt may be invalid.

  • Step 5: Give Ratings on Talk to FoodLion Survey Questions

After that, you all can start to give some ratings on those Food Lion survey questions. As you all can see, the questions must ask about your recent shopping experience at the stores. Here, you all must understand that three are some aspects which you are going to face. They are such as the grocery list, locations, or even ads, and service. Yes, you all must provide the honest ones where you have to give bad ratings if you are disappointed and vice versa.

  • Step 6: Leave Food Lion Complaints or Food Lion Feedback

After answering all questions, and giving some ratings for the stores which you visited, you can start to leave feedback. On this section, you all can start to leave complaints, or maybe suggestions. Besides, all of you can also leave your critics, and so on.

  • Step 7: Take Part in Food Lion Sweepstakes

And the last, it is your precious chance that all of you who have filled out the official survey can take part in Food Lion sweepstakes. Yes, the sweepstakes are the annual program which will give you $1,000 gift card. In case you are late in taking part in the sweepstakes, you still get the precious chance to take part in the next sweepstakes period.

If you take your part, you are going to fill out your personal information. They include your name, contacts, birthdate, and so on.

What are Talk to Food Lion Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications and Rules?

Well, some of you may guess that everyone can fill out the customer survey and take part in the sweepstakes. Indeed, you are wrong. It is because the corporate sets some qualifications and rules for all participants. And, here the sweepstakes rules and the qualifications:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for FoodLion Survey Sweepstakes

First of all, you must find out that being eligible is the first and the most crucial thing for all Food Lion sweepstakes participants. In this case, you all must find out that the minimum age to take part in the sweepstakes is 18. And, you must also be the legal residents of America.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join Food Lion Survey Sweepstakes

And then, it is about the things which you are going to need. Yes, you must prepare those items if you want to ease the process. They include your devices like your smartphone and online access such as the browser.

  • Get the Valid Food Lion Receipt
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Besides, you all must get the valid receipt which you all can get the PIN. You know, you have to ensure that you have the valid. You can check on your receipt, and it will show the due date when you can fill out the guest survey and the sweepstakes. So that you know, your receipt will be invalid in five days since the day you receive it from the store.

  • Obey Talk to Food Lion Prize Redemption Rules

The last, you all must also understand that being one of FoodLion sweepstakes winners means you must obey all rules. Yes, when you go to of the sweepstakes winners announcement, you must get the instruction. Of course, you must obey the rules such as filling out the form of the winners. And then, you must also send the winner form on time, unless, the official team will cancel you for being late.

What are Talk to Food Lion Survey Sweepstakes Rewards and Prizes?

Alright! You have been passing some survey steps complete with the sweepstakes process. Now, you all must be curious about the prizes which you can win this year. For your information, the corporate offers you to win $1,000 gift card. Yes, it is the grand prize which on the sweepstake winner can grab.

For some sweepstakes first prizes, there will be ten Food Lion sweepstakes winners each quarter of the period. Yes, each of those ten (10) sweepstakes winners will grab $500 gift card. The gift cards, in this case, will be useful at all FoodLion locations. Yes, you can buy any Food Lion grocery list by using the gift card.

Brief about Food Lion Corporate Profile

For your information, Food Lion LLC is one of the largest grocery store companies in the United States of America. In the first place, the founders are Brown Ketner, Ralph Ketner, and Wilson Smith as well as. Here, they opened the first store on December 12, 1957. In the first place, Food Lion name was Food Town. And, since 1983, this company is well known for its new name that is Food Lion.

You know, you can start to go to the headquarters that is in Salisbury, North Carolina. And, nowadays, you all can also go to over than 1,116 FL locations. Yes, the stores are available in 10 different states. You can go to the Southeastern United States, and you will find those locations. Anyway, if you are going to find more information, you all can start to go to the official website that is

How to Seek for Food Lion Near Me?

You may ask about some best ways to seek the store locations in your current position. Well, it will be hard unless you use the locator via online. No doubt, those navigators will be able to help you to find those stores near to your current position. And, they are:

  • Food Lion Store Locator on the Official Website

First, you can go to And then, you can use the navigator, and you will have to fill out your zip code. Of course, you will get the results for some stores in that zip code area.

  • Food Lion Near Me on Google and Map
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The next, you can also try to search the Near Me on your Google search engine or Google Map. In this case, you will get some options for the filters when you click on the search button. Yes, they include ratings, reviews, hours, and the distance from your current position as well.

  • Lion Locations on Food Lion App

The last, you can also try to use another Food Lion navigator or the store locator. Yes, you can use the Food Lion application, and you may turn your GPS on to ease the process. Enjoy going to the stores which you prefer!

How to Get in Touch with Food Lion Customer Care Service?

You know, when you get troubles related to the stores which you visited, you may need to get in touch with the Lion official team. Here, you can start to try these Lion contacts:

  • Food Lion Corporate Office Address

First of all, you may start to address your letter, or you can also go to the office. The address is PO Box 1330 Salisbury, North Caroline 28145- 1330, United States of America.

  • Food Lion Phone Numbers

Second, you can also call the phone numbers that are 1 800 210 9569 or 704 633 8250. You know, those hotlines will help you to solve your problem. Yes, you must call the numbers in the work hours.

  • Food Lion Fax Number

Anyway, for you who are going to send the electronic mail, you can start to send it to the fax number that is 704 630 9724.  Yes, again, you must send it in business hours.

  • Food Lion Social Networks

Besides, you can also start a live chat with the official team through its social networks. Yes, you can go to Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube as well.

  • Food Lion Official Website

And the last, you all can also go to the website to gain some information like the Application, Delivery, Hours, and even Ad. Besides, you all can also search some locations through Lion Near Me to get the stores in Charlotte NC and so on. Yes, Food Lion Coupons are also available at this website.

So, you all have got the insight into Talk to Food Lion survey as well as Food Lion Sweepstakes. You now can be the next sweepstakes winners to buy any grocery list. Yes, it is fun to go shopping at any Food Lion Stores. You can leave your feedback on the survey and enjoy $1,000 Food Lion gift card!

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