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You all must know that iHop is the best house of pancakes that you ever visited. In this case, you can start to use your receipt to fill out TalktoiHop survey. Of course, you all will get specials offers that are $4 coupons or even free Ihop Pancakes for a year.

From this iHop Customer Satisfaction Survey, you all can give a try to give your experience from your visit to the pancakes locations. Yes, it can be in store or maybe Order Online. On the survey, you all can start to leave your feedback about the Menu Prices as well as the Breakfast Menu. Enjoy the coupons!

What is TalktoiHop?

As you can guess, TalktoiHop is the official International House of Pancakes Customer Satisfaction Survey that is reachable at Here, you all can give a try to use your receipt which you can get the survey code. As you go to the survey website, you must find a media to leave your feedback.

For instance, you can start to leave about the pancakes store locations which you visited or Order Online. And also, you can give feedback about the Menu Prices, Breakfast Menu, and even the service.

You know, the survey is the media for all customers to speak their mind about their visit to the restaurant. As the corporate cares about its customers, you will get some Ihop Coupons from this customer satisfaction survey. Yes, it is $4 coupons for a discount off and also free Ihop Pancakes for a year. If you figure it out, by being TalktoiHop winners, you will be able to get the free breakfast from the pancake restaurant for a year. Isn’t it a nice offer for you?

What Steps to Take to Join TalktoiHop Survey?

Alright, fellas! You all may be ready now, and you can give a try to start filling out the survey. You know, when you go to the survey site, there will be some steps which you must complete. And, here are survey steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Talk to iHop Survey Website

First of all, you can give a try to use your device like your smartphone or laptop. And, then, you can use your browser and the internet. For the next, you can go to You know, the address of the links will mention the same homepage.

  • Step 2: Change A Language

Let’s say you reach the homepage. Now, you can give a try to ensure that the language available is understandable. You know, the survey site default language is in the English language. If you guess you want to change it into Spanish, you are okay to click on the “Espanol” link. Of course, you can find the button below that “Start” button.

  • Step 3: Fill TalktoiHop Survey Code

After that, you can continue to fill out the survey code which you can check on your valid receipt. So that you know, your receipt is valid only for three days. Easily, you all can grab your receipt and check the bottom part. Yes, you will see “Enter the following code” on your receipt, and it is the survey code which you need. Usually, your survey code consists of 13 numbers.

  • Step 4: Fill Visit Time

In case you have done with the first data, you all can start to continue to fill out the visit time. Well, the visit time which you need here is available at the top part of the receipt. Yes, you just have to check the part above the menu which you ordered.

  • Step 5: Fill Server ID
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The next, it is about filling out the iHop server ID which you can also get on your receipt. You know, you must be able to get the name of the employee who served you during the visit. And then, you will also get the server ID which you must fill out at this survey portal. Yes, you will get it below the official House of Pancakes restaurant address and the visit date.

  • Step 6: Click on “Start”

Now, you can start to click on the “Start” button if you are willing to start filling out the survey. You know, if you successfully get into the survey portal, you can go on. But, if you fail, there are three possibilities. First, you may fill out the incorrect data, second, your receipt maybe not valid, and third, your internet connection may be not available.

  • Step 7: Give Ratings on TalktoiHop Questions

Alright, you already get into the online portal, and the next thing which you need to do is giving some ratings on those Talk to iHop survey questions. You know, the questions may relate to International House of Pancakes menu prices.

Or, they may mention the locations and the atmosphere, as well as hours and the service. In this section, all iHop customers are free in giving the ratings based on their satisfaction level.

  • Step 8: Leave International House of Pancakes Feedback

You may already give your ratings on those survey questions, and now, you can give a try to explain why you are satisfied or maybe not satisfied. You know, the corporation will receive all kinds of feedback which you leave. For instance, you may be willing to leave suggestions, or maybe some comments. And even more, you can give a try to leave complaints, and so on. Yes, you all don’t have to be afraid in leaving your feedback because you are going to help to improve. So, enjoy it!

  • Step 9: Earn iHop Coupon Code

In the last section, you will earn the iHop coupon code for $4 discount off. And, you will need to save your coupon code by writing it on the blank space available on your receipt. For your information, you can give a try to show the coupon to the employees to get $4 discount off.

  • Step 10: Take Part in TalktoiHop Sweepstakes

Anyway, you have finished the entire survey steps, and now, you may have a couple of choices. First, you may leave the survey page after getting $4 discount off. Or, you can try to take part in the sweepstakes to get iHop coupons for iHop pancakes for free for a year. If I were you, I would join this International House of Pancakes sweepstake!

  • Step 11: Fill Out Your Data

Let’s say you agree to take part in the sweepstakes. Now, you all must find some blank fields where you can fill out your data. Mostly, the page asks you to fill your name, age, as well as your contacts. If at the end of the survey program you become the survey winner, the official team will contact you. And, you can enjoy the free pancakes for a year. Wow!

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What are Talk to iHop Survey Qualifications and Rules?

Indeed, you all must get the insight into the survey sweepstakes qualifications as well as the rules. You know, not all customers can join the sweepstakes program, moreover being the lucky winners. In this case, you must know that it obeying the rules is a necessity for each participant. Here, here they are:

  • Make Sure You Are Eligible for Talk to iHop Survey

First of all, you may need to ensure that you are 18 years old as it is the minimum age which you must fulfill. And, you also must be one of the legal residents of America. And you are not a part of the International House of Pancakes workers. If you guess you are qualified, you can go on to the next one.

  • Know What You Will Need to Join Talk to iHop Survey

Now, you can give a try to know what you will need such as a device like a smartphone. And, you will find it much help to get the internet access because the survey is only available via online.

  • Get the Valid iHop Receipt

The next, you also need to get the valid receipt which you can get the survey code and other details. You know, your receipt is valid in three days counted since the day you receive it from the House of Pancake. If it passes the due date, you can’t use the receipt anymore to get into the survey portal.

  • Save iHop Coupons for the free menu from iHop

The last, you can start to save your coupons code to get the pancakes for free or for $4 discount off. On your receipt, you may find the available space where you can write your coupon. And, you can use it when you make a transaction at the restaurant to get specials rewards.

What are Talk to iHop Survey Rewards and Prizes?

You all may have completed all survey steps, and you have gained the coupons. In this case, you may get confused about the specials rewards which you are going to earn. For your information, you all will be able to get $4 discount off on your next visit to the restaurant. If you see, the survey program and the sweepstakes programs offer different rewards.

For the customer survey, all participants will get the instant rewards of $4 discount coupon. Meanwhile, the sweepstakes offer you the free pancakes for a year. But, the sweepstakes prize here is for the lucky participants only. For the tricky way, you can give a try to enroll more sweepstakes in order to win the prizes.

Brief about iHop Corporate Profile

You may hear a lot about the corporate and the survey. But, you may never know the deeper information about this company. You know, IHOP is the short name for the International House of Pancakes. Here, you all can say iHop is the American multinational pancake house which has the style of table service restaurant. And of course, this restaurant serves the breakfast menu only.

In the first place, the founders are Al Lapin, Jerry Lapin, as well as Albert Kallis, and Al Lapin Jr. Here, they opened the first house of pancake restaurant in 1958. Nowadays, the CEO is Julia A. Stewart and you all can go to more than 1,650 locations. Among those locations, you can give a try to go to the headquarters that is in Glendale, California. For all customers who seek more info, you can give a try to go to the official website.

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How to Seek for iHop Near Me?

Alright! You all have got the insight into the survey, International House of Pancakes Corporation. Now, you may need to seek some house of pancakes locations via online. Well, there are some options for you which you can try such as:

  • iHop Store Locator on the Official Website

At the first way, you all can try to use the navigator or the store locator by going to And then, you must find the locator, and you can try to fill out your current position zip code. Yes, you will get the locations near to your position.

  • iHop Near Me on Google and Map

Second, you can also use your Google search engine or the Map to seek for International House of Pancakes Near Me. Well, you will also find it cool to search the restaurant. As you click on the search button, you must get the filters like hours and ratings.

  • International House of Pancakes Locations on iHop App

The last, you can also try to use another iHop navigator on the application. Use your GPS satellite, and you can get the accurate store locations from your position.

How to Get in Touch with Official iHop Customer Care Service?

Anyway, you all can talk to the official team as long as you know the contacts. And, here are customer care service contacts for you:

  • iHop Corporate Office Address

First of all, you can go to the International House of Pancakes office. It is at 450 North Brand Boulevard Glendale, California 91203. Or, you can use this address to write the letter to this address.

  • iHop Phone Number

Second, you can try to call the number that is reachable at 818 240 6055. Yes, you all must call in business hours.

  • iHop Business Hours

About the hours, you must know that it is the available every day starting from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time. Beyond those the hours, the official team is not available.

  • iHop Social Networks

Anyway, you can also have a live chat with officials by going to Twitter, or maybe Facebook. Besides, you all can also give a try to go to Instagram account and YouTube channel to view the videos collection.

  • International House of Pancakes Website

And the last, you all can go to the website to access some info like Specials including Ihop Coupons, free Ihop Pancakes, and other Breakfast Menu. Besides, you can seek for Locations. Or, if you need Menu Prices details and Order Online, you can go to this website.

Overall, you have got the insight into the International House of Pancakes Customer Satisfaction Survey. Now, you can enjoy earning the iHop coupons code for $4 discount off or pancakes for free. Enjoy!

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