Tell Hardees – Smart Steps to Win Hardees Coupon by Taking Hardees Survey

Take Hardees Survey

Tell Hardees is also known as Hardee’s survey. It is an online customer satisfaction survey owned by Hardee’s. If you check your Hardee’s receipt, you will find an invitation to complete TellHardees survey. As a loyal customer, you should not miss this invitation. It is because you can express your feedback through the Customer Survey.

Besides, you also can earn Hardee’s coupon as the survey reward. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? With the coupon, you can redeem the free menu item. You can check out your receipt to find out what item is offered as the survey reward. To find out more about the survey, let’s review this article!

About Hardee’s

Hardee’s is popular as the Pioneer of the Great American Burger. No doubt, this restaurant has many franchises all over the US. Hardee’s is different from other burger chains. It is because the restaurant can create a surprising fast-food experience. Besides, it also can create innovative and mouth-watering menu items.

Hardee’s breakfast menu is one of the most favorite products. As your breakfast menu, you can order Breakfast Burrito, Breakfast sandwich, Charbroiled Chicken sandwich, and many more. Furthermore, the corporate also provides dessert, side dish, and the wide range of beverages.

Tell Hardees survey
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Hardee’s is established by Wilber Hardee in 1960. As the fast-growing restaurant, the corporate can spread its business to Latin America, Middle East, and Asia. In fact, Hardee’s Food System, Inc is managed by CKE Restaurant Holdings. This company also owns Carl’s Jr restaurant. No doubt, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr have the same survey website. It is because they are managed by the same company.

About Tell Hardees Survey

Before trying to complete the survey, you need to review all about the survey at glance. As the example, you can know about the survey requirements. Besides, you should also need to check out the survey rules. So, you will be able to complete Hardee’s survey easily. Here are some details about the survey.

  • Hardee’s Survey requirement.

If you want to take part in Tell Hardee’s survey, there are some requisites you have to fulfill. What are they? First, you need the valid receipt. When you access the survey portal, you should enter some receipt information. For instance, you need to enter the store number, as well as date and time.

Actually, you still can enter the survey even you do not have the receipt. As longa s you know the store number, you still can participate in this survey. But, you will not be able to claim the survey reward. Besides, the receipt is not enough. You should also prepare a PC as well as the internet connection. It is because the guest satisfaction survey is only available online.

  • Hardee’s survey rules.

There are some regulations you have to obey when you take the survey. First of all, your age should be at least 18 years old. On the survey homepage, you have to confirm that your age is 18 years old or more. Besides, you must be the legal resident of the United States of America. Then, you must have a valid receipt.

  • Hardee’s survey focus.

Since the survey aims to collect all customer feedback, the questions will ask about customer satisfaction. The survey questions focus on asking your overall experience. Then, it asks about the food quality. Besides, you need to give your opinion about the restaurant. Here, the survey also asks any difficulties you faced when you visit their store. Furthermore, the corporate gives you the chance to convey your feedback in the comment section.

  • Hardee’s survey reward.
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What is the reward you will get after completing the survey? The survey prize is very interesting. In this survey period, the restaurant offers a coupon worth for the free menu item. You can see the survey offer on the receipt. But, in another period, the survey usually offers sweepstakes.

The reward of Hardee’s sweepstake is $500. If you have completed the survey in this period, you will receive a coupon. Then, you have to redeem this coupon at the official outlet within 30 days.

How is the Step by Step to Take Part in Tell Hardees Survey?

If you have just visited the restaurant, you should use a little of your time to take part in the survey. It is because the survey offers some coupons as a survey reward. You do not want to lose this golden opportunity, do you? How can you earn the coupons through a simple activity as like completing the survey? After completing the survey, you will get a validation code. This code serves as a coupon. So, you can redeem this code with the special offer written on the survey invitation.

Before, accessing the site, you need to do a little preparation. First of all, your receipt must be ready. In fact, you can process the TellHardee’s survey without a receipt. It is because the survey does not require you to enter the survey code. But, if you do not have the valid receipt, you will not be able to claim the reward. When your receipt, device, and internet connection are ready, you can start doing the steps below.

  • Step 1. Access Hardee’s survey portal.

In the beginning, the official survey website of Hardee’s is But, now, this website is not accessible anymore. If you want to complete the survey, you should go to This survey website is for the Hardee’s as well as Carl’s Jr customers. Both restaurants have only one survey portal. It is because Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s have the same company’s management.

  • Step 2. Enter Hardee’s store number.

In order to start the survey, first of all, you need to input the store number. If you do not know the store number of the restaurant you visit, you can see your receipt. This detail is available in the top section of your receipt.

  • Step 3. Specify the date and time.

The next, you should select the correct date when you visit the restaurant. Tap the calendar icon to input the date. After that, enter the time including the hour and minute. If you cannot remember this detail, you can check your receipt.

  • Step 4. Confirm your age.

The survey limits the age of the survey participant. Yes, the customer survey is only for 18 years old or older person. So, if you are less than 18 years of age, it is better not to take this survey. But, if you have a valid receipt, you can ask your brother, parents or friends to complete the survey for you.

  • Step 5. Answer Tell Hardees survey questions.

After completing the receipt details on the survey homepage, you can start this survey. You will receive several questions about your satisfcation. You have to answer the questions about restaurant condition, food, as well as the employee. Yes, the survey also gives you the chance to write down your feedback.

  • Step 6. Take the Validation Code.
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After you answer all of survey questions, the validation code will appear. Then, record this code on your receipt. You have 30 days to claim survey reward. But, you should note that you have to give your receipt in order to get the reward. That is why I state you can enter the survey without the receipt. But, you cannot get a reward without Hardee’s receipt.

That’s all the brief steps of the survey. the procedure above is very simple to do, isn’t it? Even you have not taken the survey before, you will not get any difficulties to complete this survey. It is because all instructions at the survey website are easy to understand.

At the end of the survey, this restaurant invites you to sign up the promotional program. If you sign up this program, you will be able to get the information about the restaurant specials and other offers. Besides, this program also makes you stay connected to the restaurant.

What are the Hardee’s Survey Questions?

If you have already taken restaurant survey before, you may not be curious about the survey questions. Overall, the survey questions are like other restaurant surveys. Most of the questions are in the form of scale questions. So, this survey asks you to rate some statements based on your dining experience at the restaurant. Let’s see the sample questions of the survey below. Then, you will not get any difficulties to answer it later.

  • Overall satisfaction.

This type of question appears in all of customer satisfaction survey. It is because the survey aims to measure the level of guests’ satisfaction. So, to respond this questionnaire, try to recall your latest experience. Is it exciting or annoying? Just click on the scale point which represents your feeling after visiting the store.

  • Type of visit.

The next question is asking about your visit type. Three options are available. Just select Dine In, Carry Out, or Drive Thru. Your answer to this question may affect the next questions on this survey.

  • Your order.

Then, please choose what kind of Hardee product you have purchased. For instance, you can select food. Besides, you also can select Beverage only. But, if you purchase both food and drink, you should select the last answer choice. You still remember what you order, don’t you? If you forget it, simply look at your valid receipt.

  • Restaurant conditions.

In the next section, you will get a series of questions asking about the restaurant condition. So, you should respond it by selecting the level of satisfaction about some restaurant aspects. First, express your opinion about the restroom cleanliness. Then, rate the restaurant’s exterior as well as interior cleanliness. The last, rate the atmosphere of the restaurant.

  • Food.

Now, it is your time to review the menu. First, you can rate the portion of the food served by the store. Then, you can continue giving the rating about the taste and the variety of the menu items. Also, you can give your opinion about the temperature of the menu you have ordered.

  • Hardee’s team member.

Hardee’s survey takers are allowed to voice up their feedback about the restaurant employees. Through the survey, you can rate the friendliness of the staff. Then, you need to rate the speed of serving the food. Also, rate how accurate the restaurant team member in placing your order.

  • Recommend and Return.
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Based on your answer to the previous questions, now you can decide whether you want to recommend the restaurant you visit to others. If you get the satisfying experience, you must want to suggest the store to your friends. The next, the satisfying dining experience will lead you to return to the restaurant within 30 days. Just tell the restaurant whether you would like to come back to their restaurant.

  • Comment.

In this part of the survey, the corporate lets you write down your feedback freely. Perhaps, you cannot express your idea when you answer the questionnaire. But, in this section, you are free to write any feedback within 1200 characters. You should include the reason of giving the certain rating on the previous survey questions.

  • Details of service.

Now, you should state whether the employees thank you for your visit. Then, indicate whether the staff repeated back what you order. The last, Tell Hardee’s whether their staff greeted you when you come and leave.

  • What you order.

Yes, the corporate wants to know what menu you have ordered in their restaurant. For instance, you may order Hardee’s burger, side, breakfast, value or special, chicken, red burrito, or dessert.

  • The frequency of visiting Hardee restaurant.

Then, select how many times you come to the restaurant locations in the past 30 days.

  • Personal information.

In this secation, you should specify your gender and age. Then, you need to tell how much the income you earn in a year. The last, select the background or your race.

How to Contact Hardee’s Customer Service?

If you want to ask any questions about the corporate it is better if you call the Customer Service. You know, the corporation provides some ways to stay connected with its customers. For instance, Customer Service staff is ready to receive your call. Besides, you also can reach Customer Support by mail. Furthermore, you can drop your note or questions on the website. Here is the detail about the Customer Care.

  • By phone.

If you have something to ask about the restaurant, you can call Customer Care. The phone number you can dial is 877-799-STAR-7827. The customer service representative staff is available from Monday to Friday. If you want to get the fast response, you should call them at 7 am – 7 pm.

  • By mail.

You also can send your business letter to the corporate office. Just address your letter to CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. 6700 Tower Circle, Suite 1000, Franklin, TN, 37067.

  • Website.

The corporate lets you drop any message or feedback through its official website. You can visit On this website, you can find out Hardee’s menu and Hardee’s special. Besides, this website offers the store locator feature to find Hardee’s near me. If you want to leave a message, you should go to Contact Us section. This menu is available on the top part of Hardee’s website.

Then, you will find some options on this page. For instance, you will see the menus entitled Jobs, Mobile: Super Star Reward, and Franchise Opportunities. But, if you want to submit a message, you should select Other Questions & Comments? Press Let Us Know button to start writing your comment.

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