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Baskin Robbins Survey

Have you just visited Baskin Robbins store? Do you still keep your Baskin Robbins receipt? If you do, you should be glad. It is because your receipt can be a tool to get Baskin Robbins coupon. Just by taking part in TellBaskinRobbins survey, you will be able to receive Baskin Robbin’s validation code.

Then, this code can be the coupon worth $1 discount on your next purchase. This reward is very attractive, isn’t it? By using this coupon, you can save a little of your money when you enjoy Baskin Robbin’s ice cream.

In fact, the aim of Baskin Robbins survey is to assess the level of customers’ satisfaction. Every company is aware that customers’ satisfaction is the most crucial thing. They will not be able to sustain in the business competition without the loyal customers. So, they put the guests’ satisfaction as the number one issue.

Besides, Tell Baskin Robbins survey can a tool to measure how successful the restaurant in managing the business. Furthermore, they want to identify the guests’ reaction to their products and service. It is because Baskin Robbins survey asks the survey takers to share their opinion. Before talking further about the Robbins survey, let me tell you about Baskin Robbins company.

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Baskin Robbins is famous for the name of ice cream chain. The founders of this ice cream brand are Burt Baskin and Irv Baskin. These persons established each private ice cream company in 1945. But, in 1953, they decided to merge the company. Then, they decide Baskin Robbins as the name of this ice cream company. The first store is in California. Besides, now, Baskin headquarter office is in Massachusetts.

At that time, this ice cream chain offers 31 ice cream flavors. But, at this moment, the restaurant can serve thousands of ice cream flavors. So, the customers will not get bored. It is because ay have the wide range of ice cream flavors. Furthermore, customers also can order other products. For instance, they can purchase the frozen drinks and the frozen treats. Nowadays, Baskin Robbins has more than 8000 chains worldwide. So, you can find some BR stores easily in 50 countries.s

The Rules about TellBaskinRobbins Survey

Before taking part in the Survey, you should know the rules. If you understand it, you will be easier to receive the Baskin Robbins reward. You have known what the survey reward of Tell Baskin Robbins survey, haven’t you? For your information, BR corporate offers $1 off for your next transaction. To get started on Baskin survey, let’s review the survey rules below.

  • The participants of TellBaskinRobbins survey.

All customers of the ice cream outlet can take part in this online survey. As long as they can meet the survey requirements, they can be Baskin Robbin’s survey respondents. BR does not set the age restriction for this survey. So, even you are under 18 years old, you can enter this survey. But, you still need to enter your age information during this survey.

The purpose of asking the respondents’ age is for the classification purpose. Besides, you should note that Robbins employees are not eligible for this survey. So, if you are working at BR, you cannot complete the Robbins survey.

  • Baskin Robbin’s survey reward.
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As the reward of the survey, BR offers a coupon valued $1 off. You can use this coupon discount if you make a purchase o your next visit. Besides, you must at least spend $4 in order to use this coupon. It means, if you only spend $3, you cannot get the discount from Baskin Robbins. But, if you purchase $4 or more, you will get $1 off.

  • Baskin Robbins coupon rules.

You can view the complete rules about Baskin Robbins Coupons at the homepage of the TellBaskinRobbins offiical site. At the bottom part of the survey website, you will find the link to view the coupon restriction. But, to help you understand the rules, here we have simplified it.

  1. Baskin Robbin validation code has the expiration date. Each coupon is only valid for 6 months. So, you have to make the next purchase within 6 months in order to redeem this coupon. After 6 months, your coupon will void. It means you cannot use it anymore.
  2. The coupon is redeemable one time. So, each survey taker only can redeem a coupon in a day. Even you have more than Baskin Robbin’s validation code, you only can claim one coupon.
  3. Then, the coupon is redeemable at $1 off. To get this discount, you should purchase a Baskin Robbins product at least $4.
  4. The next, you cannot use this Baskin Robbins coupon together with other offers or promos.
  5. The last, you cannot sell or copy this coupon no matter your reason.

TellBaskinRobbins Survey Guideline

For your information, there are two ways of entering Baskin Robbin’s survey portal. First, you can access the survey website by using the receipt. Besides, you also can enter this survey if you have Baskin Robbin’s survey card. The way to start the survey is also different. If you use Baskin Robbin’s receipt, you should enter the survey code.

But, if you use the survey card, you just need to scan the Tell Baskin Robbins QR code. But, you should note that not customers of BR can get this survey card. If you do not have it, you should not be sad. It is because you still can access this survey by using the valid receipt.

Now, have you prepared your Baskin receipt or survey card? let’s do the guideline below.

  • Go to TellBaskinRobbins official survey website.

The address of Baskin Robbins survey website is at please check your internet signal before accessing this portal. Most of the customers are failed to access this survey portal since they have a bad internet connection.

  • Select the language.

Before starting the survey, Baskin Robbins allows you to select the language. Three international languages are available on this survey portal. You can select English, French, or Spanish. Simply select the language which you use for everyday conversation.

  • Enter Baskin Robbin’s survey code.

On the next page, you will see the sample of Baskin Robbin’s receipt. Then, in order to start this survey, you have to provide the valid survey code. This code contains 18 digits of numbers. You can find this survey invitation code at the bottom portion of Baskin Robbin’s receipt.

But, what should you do if your receipt does not have any survey code? Perhaps, you receive the different format of Baskin Robbin’s receipt. You may not be able to find Baskin Robbins survey invitation code on your receipt. If this case occurs, you just need to click the link entitled My Receipt does not have a survey code. Then, you can do the step below.

  • Provide the receipt details.
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In case, you do not have the Basking survey code, you can log into this survey website by entering the receipt details. First of all, you must enter Baskin Robbins store number. Usually, the store number consists of six digits. You can find this store number detail on the top section of the receipt. The next, please specify what date you visit the Baskin store. The last, provide the time you come to BR.

  • Answer the Baskin Robbins survey questions.

Here is the main part of Baskin Robbins survey, you have to respond to every question from BR. You can answer the questions by rating some satisfaction scales. Just recall your latest visit. Then, respond the questions based on the experience you get. Remember to always be honest and objective. It is because your answer can determine the improvement of Baskin Robbins business.

  • Write TellBaskinRobbins validation code.

When Robbins survey is over, you will see the validation code appeared. You should write down this code immediately on your receipt. This code has a function as Baskin Robbin coupon. To redeem this coupon, you should purchase any items at Baskin store. But remember, you should make a purchase $4 or more to claim the discount. Just show your validation code to the cashier before the checkout time.

TellBaskinRobbins Survey Questions

After knowing Robbins survey steps and rules, are you ready to complete this survey? Perhaps, you are not ready yet. It is because you do not know what questions appeared on this guest satisfaction survey. But, if you have completed another survey, you will not be panic. It is so since the Basking Robbins survey is similar to another guest survey.

It asks about the guests’ experience when they make a transaction at the stores. Besides, they need to rate Robbins service as well as the products. For your convenience, we list down the questions at Tell Baskin Robbins Survey. Check this out.

  • The respondents’ information.

In the first section of the survey, BR wants to identify your personal information. You should not worry since you do not need to write down your name. It is because the survey is a candid survey. So, you can complete it anonymously. In this section, you just need to select your gender. Then, you should mention your age.

  • The opinion about your order.

I am sure that you still remember what items you order when you visit the outlets. In this stage, you need to rate what you order. First, give your rating about the accuracy of your order. Just select the satisfaction level about the accuracy of the order. Did you receive the correct order? If you did, you can give the high rating. Then, you need to rate the serving speed. If you get satisfied since you receive the order quickly, you can give a good rating.

  • The product rating.
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In this section, you are free to rate the Baskin ice cream menu. There are several issues you have to respond. First, you can review the variety of the ice cream flavor. Tell Baskin survey whether the flavor you want to purchase is available. If the ice cream flavor you want is unavailable, you can give the bad review. The next, you can rate the taste of Baskin Robbin’s ice cream. Furthermore, rate the freshness of the ice cream you purchase.

  • Baskin Robbin’s store crew rating.

As a survey taker, you also get a chance to rate BR staff. You must still remember how the store crew treats you. So, you need to rate the courtesy and the friendliness of the store crew. Select the scale point to represent how helpful they are.

  • The overall value you get.

Then, you should give the rating about the overall value you get after visiting the Robbins store. Do you think that the money you spend there is worthy with the satisfaction you get?

  • Your visit.

The next, you have to tell how often you visit Baskin Robbins outlet. Also, you should tell whether you would like to visit BR chain in the future. After that, you need to state the likeliness to recommend the store to your family members or friends.

  • The reason for visiting Baskin Robbins.

This questions provides some answers represents the purpose and the reasons for coming to BR. Here, you can state the reason not to come to other ice cream outlets. For instance, you visit Baskin-Robbins since there is a promotion. Besides, you may be interested in Baskin Robbin’s advertisement.

The next, you may visit this ice cream outlet since you like the atmosphere of the store. Also, you may prefer going to the ice cream outlet since it has various and high-quality ice cream.

Contacting Baskin Robbins Customer Service

If you have any questions related to the ice cream store, do not doubt to call its customer service staff. You can get in touch with BR Customer Support through three methods. Check this explanation for the details.

  • By phone.

It is the simplest and the fastest method to get the response. To speak directly to the official staff, you should dial 1 800 859 5339. The friendly employee will give you a satisfying answer.

  • By mail.

If you have the formal issue, it is better to send a letter to Baskin Company. For instance, you request the Baskin Robbins franchise information. Just address your letter to Dunkin’ Brands Inc, 130 Royal St, Canton, Massachusetts 02021.

  • Social media.

It is the most convenient way to get in touch with the Baskin official team. If you follow the Robbins account on social media, you will be able to get some benefits. First, you will know the updates about Baskin Robbin’s promo and offer. Besides, you can contact the administrator easily. Here is the list of the restaurant accounts on the social media.

  1. Twitter:
  2. Facebook:
  4. Pinterest:

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