TellKroger – Steps to Take Kroger Feedback Survey and Win $100 Kroger Gift Card

Today, Getting Kroger $100 Gift Card is not difficult enough as we can complete TellKroger Feedback Survey. Do you usually imagine winning a gift card that will help you to shop for free in a famous market? Start from now, it is not an imagination anymore. This Tell Kroger Client Satisfaction Survey is ready to help you reach out that imagination and lead you to be the luckiest customers in this world. Well, Buddies, you only need to visit the store locations and keep your current receipt. Then, let’s take the survey!

What is TellKroger?

Most people may be familiar with Kroger Stores. Yes, it is claimed as the most popular retail store in the United States. Even, this result bears down Walmart Company as one of its hard competitors. Standing in the top position of a retail market company, the sore always needs the support from the customers.

TellKroger Feedback Survey
TellKroger Store Feedback Survey at

Hence, this company creates a guest satisfaction survey. Well, Tell Kroger works for achieving the customers’ review and feedback about the performance. Through this survey instead, the company can observe the level of customers’ satisfaction and know its weak and strong part.

TellKroger Survey Step by Step

How to Get Kroger Guest Satisfaction Survey Website?

Do you know? This Feedback Survey opens the wide opportunity to all guests to share their voice through two ways of the survey, those are:

  • Online Survey

First of all, the guests of Kroger Store Company can share their feedback at and complete the digital statement poll. For your information, this method becomes the most popular survey as it does not take the much time and efforts.

  • Offline Survey

The second one is about to take the offline survey. To deal this survey, the guests of Kroger Store can support the company by sending the mail-in feedback to the Customer Survey Sweepstakes teams.

About the Requirements to take TellKroger Feedback Survey

Well, either the online or offline survey access may have the same requirements and rule. Then, to be eligible for winning $100 Gift Card, you have to be a part of:

  • Nationality

The first qualification is about the survey takers’ nationality. Yes, the survey feedback is accessible only for the people who live under the legal residence if the US. Even, there are some states that do not become the range of this survey, those are Florida, New York, and Rhode Island. The other countries are about District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

  • Status

TellKroger Customer Survey and Sweepstakes is accessible only for the real store guests. It means that the employees, sponsor, branches team, and all people who live in the same household are not allowed to access the survey.

  • Language Proficiency and Age

For the next, the guests who want to share the voice of Kroger Survey must be more than 18 years old. Also, they must have the ability to use English or Spanish in both oral and written text.

  • Customer of the Store

Then, the main thing is good is about having the experience at the store. To Support this qualification, Kroger’s Survey Takers must have the current receipt of the last purchasing. Even, that receipt is usable within 7 days of the last shopping.

What Need to Obey to Win $100 Kroger Gift Card?

For the next, you may not worry about your chance to be the winner of Kroger’s Survey and Sweepstakes Program. Just so you know, you don’t need to purchase more to take or win the survey. Also, the total amount of the last purchasing will not impact the chances of winning the sweepstakes. However, Kroger’s Customer Service holds the random drawing method to choose the potential winners. Even, there is one thing that you need to obey when you want to win $100 Kroger Gift Card, and it is about the terms and condition. Well, here they are:

  • About TellKroger Entrance Rule
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First of all, the rule manages the entrance procedure. In this case, every single guest who is qualified has five chances to enter the Survey. In both of the online and offline, they survey entrance is available for one time in a day per a household. Special for the online access, one survey validation code is available for one entrance. More than it must enter the different codes.

  • About the Online Questionnaires

The second rule is special for the online survey takers. To enter and win the sweepstakes, they must not leave any voids in every single section.

  • About the Survey Reward Condition

Then, the lucky survey takers are able to receive the message notification about the winners’ selection. Well, Kroger $100 Gift Card is not redeemable with cash or cannot be combined with the Weekly Ads or the other promotions.

  • About the Survey Winners’ Rule

Each sweepstakes winners in Tell Kroger Feedback Survey Sweepstakes must complete the Affidavit and Eligibility Release within the instructed time on the notification. When they miss that message or unreachable in some particular days, the teams may change to the other potential winners. Meanwhile, Krogers Teams are not responsible for any broken, lost, stolen or technical problems.

What Need to Share in the Feedback Survey?

After that, we need to know the insight of the store feedback materials or questions talks about. Overall, Kroger Survey aims for collecting the customers’ perception about their previous shopping experience. In general, here the following ideas that you can share, those are:

  • The first, you can share your complaints. Somehow, you may get some problems in your last shopping. For example, you are not satisfied with the expensive price at the stores. Well, the Survey is the best place to share it without any hesitations.
  • Then, you are able to tell your general opinion about the Kroger’s Retail Market. In this case, you are able to speak up about the services, employees, products, locations, until the reason for your coming.

About the Steps to Complete Mail-in TellKroger Feedback

Alright, Buddies! We can start to send the mail-in feedback. No matter it looks so conventional, but it is one of the greatest solutions when you cannot access the official website. Even, you may have the same opportunity to win the $100 Gift Card. Well, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

The first thing to do is about to prepare the devices. In this case, you need to get an envelope, a plain paper of 3 x 5-inch, and a writing utensil. Even if you are not confident with your handwriting, you need to prepare a computing device to type in the feedback.

  • Step two:

Then, you can write down the feedback about the store performance then you can complete it with your personal information. In this case, you need to mention your name, address, and contact details.

  • Step three:
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For the next, after checking the feedback and contact details, you can post it to PMI Station PO Box 3547 Southbury, Connecticut 06488-3547. Remember, you have to send your mail-in feedback before 8 days of the last survey month period.

What Need to Provide in Online Survey?

Even if you want to try the online survey here you have to be sure that you prepared some kinds of stuff. Well, each of them has its unique function which it can help your task. And, here the devices are:

  • At first, you have to provide a computing device and complete it with the current version of internet browser.
  • Then, your device must be able to getae strong and stable internet connection.
  • At last, a couple minutes to complete the questionnaires.

How to Take Kroger Customer Feedback Survey via Online?

After that, when you have completed all devices and meet the requirements, you are free to open your computing device and launch your internet browser. And, here the steps that you need to take, those are:

  • Step one:

First of all, we can launch the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and go here. Then, you need to read the Sweepstakes Rules and make sure that you don’t miss any single information.

  • Step two:

Then, you can set the language version. Once you got the survey portal, you will get the survey in English Version. But, when you are not confident with it, you can change it to Spanish by clicking on the blue link which says, “Espanol”.

  • Step three:

After that, you can type in some information to start Kroger’s Survey Questionnaires. In this case, you need to mention the date of the current shopping as well as the Survey Invitation Numbers.

  • Step four:

The next section is about to click on “Start” button and complete the questionnaires.

  • Step five:

Well, Buddies! You can start the survey by responding to the series of statement poll. In this occasion, you can give them the direct scores related to your own satisfaction. For your information, the score starts from one to five which represents your level of like. Meanwhile, the site gives you chance to type in the feedback or complaint in a descriptive way.

  • Step six:

Shortly after completing the questionnaires, the site will show you the option to take the Sweepstakes or not. Actually, you are free to choose it but we suggest you take the sweepstakes.

  • Step seven:

Afterward, you may need to complete a few scaling statements and it is specific to the products that you buy. Then, you have to mention your personal information. Well, it is the crucial section where you have to be sure of the informational correctness that you have given.

  • Step eight:

For the rest, you are able to “Submit” your survey and it means that you survey is ended. Then, you only need to wait for the next information about the winners’ selection. Just be sure that you set your contact details always active and nearby.

About the Winner’s Selection Information Lists

When you don’t get the calling from Kroger Customer Service, it means that you have not been lucky yet. Don’t be sad as you can try the survey in the next day. Then, when you get curious about the SurveyWinners’ Selection Information List, you can check them at:

  • The first information is available via online. Once you got the landing page, you can click on “Sweepstakes Winners.”
  • For the next, you are to send the letter to Survey and Sweepstakes Team and request the winner list information. Then, you can send your letter to Kroger’s Q2 Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes Winner List, PMI Station PO Box 750-W, Southbury, Connecticut 06488-0750 the United States.
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What do You Know about Kroger Company?

Well, we have talked to you about the power of Kroger Company as one of the largest retail market company in the United States. And, Buddies! The company opened the first store in 1883. This company serves some kinds of stuff such as Pharmacy, food and groceries, cleaning and household essentials, home and electronic, beauty aids, and so on. Today, this market has expanded the operation into more than 2,78K Locations across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Believe it or not, this company has succeeded to gain the revenue up to $115.34 Billion Fiscal. Wow!

What are the Steps to Find out Kroger Near Me Locations?

For some people, finding out the store locations is a must when they visit the new city or country. Well, the company has prepared the store locator menu to get Kroger Near Me. This menu is available at Then, here the steps are:

  • At first, you can open the website and choose the menu “Find a Store to Shop.”
  • Then, you can type in the city or state as well as the postal code.
  • Finally, you can get the locations lists, map, Kroger Hours of Operation as well as the contact details and offers.

About Kroger Store Customer Service Phone Number

When you need to get help for the customer service, you are free to get them at the official site and open the “Contact-us” menu. There, you may find some informational bases where you can get the direct link to the Customer Service Team. But in general, when you have any problems with products, shipping, returning or the guest Satisfaction Survey Program, you can call the teams at 1-800-576-4377. On Monday to Friday, they are ready at 8 AM until Midnight EST. Then, On Saturday and Sunday, they are reachable at 8 AM until 9:30 PM EST.


Without any hesitation, Kroger StoreFeedback Survey is the best field to share the problems and improve the quality of the Teams and Company. Even, it will not be useless as we can get a chance to enjoy $100 Kroger Gift Card. Of course, we will be happy to shop for free with that gift card. Well, Let’s take the survey!

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