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TellMurphyUSA is a legal Murphy USA guest satisfaction survey that you can visit online. In this case, if you guys are willing to enter the survey, you will get some Murphy Coupons as the rewards. If you want to join Murphy USA Loyalty Program for $100 MurphyUSA gas card, you can also join the sweepstakes. Of course, it is great to win a $100 Murphy Visa Card that will make you richer. Enjoy being those lucky sweepstakes winners!

What You Know about TellMurphyUSA?

You guys may need to find out that TellMurphyUSA is the official Murphy USA Loyalty Program as it offers you $100 gas card. In this case, you guys just have to own the valid receipt which has the survey code. And, you can begin to grab your laptop or smartphone to visit You know, if you guys complete all survey process, you will get some coupons. Yes, you can use the coupons at all Murphy USA stores.

TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes for $100 Murphy Gas Card
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Anyway, you can also begin to join Murphy USA sweepstakes to win $100 Murphy USA gas card. Here, you can do it online or offline, and you guys will get that ultimate chance to win $100 Murphy Visa Card or gas card. Yes, you are free to use that $100 gas card at all MurphyUSA gas stations. No doubt, sharing some complaints or feedback will be fun as you can win the prizes!

Smart Steps to Fill TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes

Alright! You guys may begin to enter the survey sweepstakes. For your information, if you are willing to win $100 gas card, first of all, you have to join the sweepstakes. And, if you are willing to do so, you have to complete the online survey. Anyway, here are the customer survey steps to do:

  • Step 1: Visit Tell Murphy USA Survey Official Website

First of the entire steps, you guys must understand that visiting the official website is a must for you. In this case, you guys must grab your laptop or smartphone that has the internet and browser. And then, you can start to go here. Yes, both link addresses will bring you guys to the official survey form.

  • Step 2: Set A Language

If you have got the survey homepage, you can begin to set the language that you prefer. Of course, you are free to keep the default language that is English or change it into the Spanish language. For the next, you can also begin to read the sweepstakes to gain more info about this awesome survey sweepstakes.

  • Step 3: Enter Tell Murphy USA Survey Code

After that, you can continue to enter the survey code that you guys can find at your valid receipt. In this case, the valid survey code has 12 digit numbers. No doubt, it is your job to enter the entire survey code correctly.

  • Step 4: Enter Time of Visit

The next data that you guys must begin to enter is the time of your last visit. For your information, this data is available on your receipt and you can check the top part. Yes, you guys have to enter those four numbers to continue the process.

  • Step 5: Click “Start”
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If you guys are sure that you entered the correct survey code and the time visit, you can begin to click the “Start” button. Yes, this button then will bring you to Murphy’s survey form.

  • Step 6: Respond to All Tell Murphy USA Survey Questions

Now, you have entered the survey portal, and you can begin to respond to the entire Murphy survey questions. Indeed, the questions will be about your last visit to the gas station. Here, you will have to answer the questions of the service, the gas location, and so on.

  • Step 7: Type in MurphyUSA Feedback

It seems like you have given the best response to the questions. Now, you can begin to type in feedback at the survey form. Through the survey, you guys are free to type in complaints, or suggestions, or other comments. One thing to note, your feedback will be important for the company because they try to find a way to grow up.

  • Step 8: Join Tell MurphyUSA Sweepstakes

If you have completed all survey steps, you must get Murphy’s coupons. Yes, you can redeem that coupons at Murphy gas stations. Indeed, the page will also offer you to join the loyalty program called the sweepstakes. No doubt, the prizes offered are $100 Murphy gas cards.

  • Step 9: Complete Your Data

And the last step, if you join Murphy sweepstakes, you must begin to complete your data. They are like your full name, home address, as well as email address and other valid contacts.

Brief about Official TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Do you know? You guys also need to find out that the survey sweepstakes have the rules to obey. Yes, if you are willing to be the Murphy winners, you have to obey these rules. They are:

  • Rule 1: Tell Murphy USA Survey Eligibility

First of the entire rules, you guys must understand that you have to be eligible enough for the survey sweepstakes. Not to mention, you must be 18 years and the legal United States of America residents. And also, you must not be Murphy employees because the survey is for customers only.

  • Rule 2: Tell Murphy USA Survey Entry

The second rule, you guys must also know that entering the survey requires a valid receipt. Here, if you have used your receipt and the survey code, you can’t use it anymore. Surely, if you want to enter or join more the sweepstakes, you must get other receipts.

  • Rule 3: Tell Murphy USA Sweepstakes Winners

And the last rule, it is about the winners of $100 Gas Cards. If you see, you can check your name here, and if you get yours, you are the winners. Of course, you will get a notification on your contacts, and you have to provide the fastest responses. Otherwise, the company will remove you and choose another winner.

Smart Steps to Fill Online Murphy’s Sweepstakes

Some of you may begin to think about joining the loyalty program of the sweepstakes without having to enter the survey. Well, you can do it as long as you are willing to send a letter via mail. Yes, the best to do it is by joining the offline the sweepstakes. And, here are the steps to do:

  • Step 1: Prepare
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First of the entire steps, you guys must know that gathering some kinds of stuff is important. In this case, you can begin to get your postcard, pen, and the valid stamp.

  • Step 2: Write

If you guys have gained the entire materials needed, you can begin to write your name, and also your address, and phone number, as well as your date of birth.

  • Step 3: Send

After that, you guys can begin to send your sweepstakes letter to Murphy USA Customer Service Sweepstakes. Yes, the official address you need to use is PMI Station that is at PO Box 3516, Southbury, Connecticut 06488-3516, USA.

About Tell Murphy USA Survey Sweepstakes Prizes

You guys may have sent your letter or joined the online Murphy’s survey sweepstakes. Now, you can begin to find more information on some prizes. Do you know? There will be 20 Murphy’s Survey Grand Prize winners, and each of the winners will gain $100 Gas Card.

For information, the winners’ announcement will be through postal mailing and phone numbers. Therefore, if you don’t send the fastest response, the official team will find another winner to replace you. Anyway, you are also free to check the list of the winners through online. No doubt, you will get the entire names of the winners.

What You Know about Murphy USA Profile?

You know, Murphy USA is one of the American corporations that operate the retail gas stations. At the beginning of the time, the first gas station was available in 1996. Under the CEO: Andrew Clyde, the corporation today has gained the 175th rank in the Fortune 500. In this case, you can begin to visit the Headquarters that take place in El Dorado, Arkansas.

Ways to Search for Murphy USA Locations Near to Your Place

Guys, you may need to search for some locations, but you have no idea on how to do it. Well, you shouldn’t worry about it because you can begin to search for them through online. And, here you can try some ways:

  • Murphy USA Store Locators

First, you can begin to visit the website at and find the locator. Besides, you are also free to use another locator that is available at Murphy USA application. Yes, you will get the locator, and the system will search for the nearest gas stations from your position.

  • Murphy USA Near Me

And then, you can also begin to search Murphy USA Near Me or Gas Station Near Me on Google or Map. Yes, you will get the results that you need about some locations in your area. Here, you are free to choose the store you are going to visit. And, for more information, you can check the hours as well as reviews.

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Ways to Approach Murphy USA Customer Service Staff Members

Some of you may need to contact Murphy customer service staff members. Well, you don’t have to be afraid of getting ignored as customer care will always be there to help. In this case, you will find it best to try these Murphy contacts. And, they are:

  • Murphy USA Social Media Accounts

First of the entire contacts, you guys can begin to visit the social media accounts. They are like Facebook that is, Twitter that is, and LinkedIn at At those social media accounts, you will be able to find complete info about Murphy. And of course, you can begin to have a live chat with the employees.

  • Murphy USA Phone Number

Second, you can also begin to dial the corporate office that is available at 1 800 843 4298. When you dial this number, you have to do it in the office hours.

  • Murphy USA Headquarter Address

You guys need to know that you can also begin to write a mail to Murphy Oil Corporation. In this case, the address you can use is PO Box 7000. El Dorado, Arkansas 71731-7000. Anyway, if you want to visit the office, you are free to go to 300 Peach Street El Dorado, Arkansas 71730. One thing to remember, you must set the appointment first when you are going to meet the official team. Yes, are free to dial the number in Murphy office hours.

  • Murphy USA Email Address

Or, you may also begin to compose an email and then you can send it to the official email address that is at If you are going to send the email, you have to make sure that the address is all correct. Otherwise, it will go to the spam and the team may not read it.

  • Murphy USA Website

For your information, provides the official website that is available at Here, you can begin to gain information like Murphy USA Careers, Murphy USA Login, Murphy USA Credit Card, Murphy USA Gas Prices, Murphy USA Near Me, as well as Murphy USA Walmart, Murphy USA Hours, and Murphy USA Locations.

Overall, it is the entire information that you guys need to know when it comes to the Loyalty Program. Now, you can begin to use your receipt to enter the survey. Yes, you are free to enter to gain some coupons. And, to gain more, you can begin to join the sweepstakes to win $100 Murphy Visa Card. Enjoy being the lucky winners!

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