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The automotive lovers will pay attention to the quality of their tires. Of course, the tires place the important position to give the wonderful driving experience on all kinds of roads. Well, we are familiar with three masters of tire brands, and those are Michelin Tires, Uniroyal, and BFGoodrich. All we know that those brands always serves the great quality of tires for all kinds of vehicle and always surprise the customers with its special reward and promotions. If you have just purchased one of those brands, you should not forget to redeem your reward at TireRewardCenter and check your reward status there. Here, we are willing to give you some guides to access Tire Reward Center Portal and follow the steps to start the redemption process. Get ready!

What is TireRewardCenter?

Alright, starting the explanation, you have to create the full of comprehension about Tire Reward Center Site. Anyway, it is the online platform where provides the spaces to access the reward redemption for any tire’s purchasing. Even, this website covers three great tire brands, and those are Michelin Tires, Uniroyal as well as the BFGoodrich. When you have recently purchased one of those brands, you will receive some particular rewards that redeemable when you access your TireRewardCenter Account. Not to mention, you may enjoy Michelin $70 Rebate when you buy one item of Michelin Brands. Then, you can access www.TireRewardCenter.com and claim your reward.

TireRewardCenter Reward Redemption Site at www.TireRewardCenter.com

Well, Buddies! You should not worry to activate your new account when you have not it yet. Actually, you can start to register the new account shortly after completing the payment transaction of the tires that you have bought. But somehow, you don’t know how Tire Reward Center Portal works. But now, you may ignore your hesitation and make sure that you are those lucky customers that can get many benefits from Rewards Site.

TireRewardCenter Login Steps for $70 Michelin Rebate
TireRewardCenter Login Steps

What Need to Prepare to Access Tire Reward Portal?

Then, you may need some kinds of stuff that may help you easy in accessing some features. However, it is the digital platform where you need some tools to access. But in fact, most of the customers are happy as they face the simple website instruction and get their reward easily without any hard obstacles. And, here the tools are:

  • The Device

First of all, you must make sure that you have a private electronic device in your home. Even, to show the greater Tire Reward Center Site, you are better to use the set of computers, laptop or a tablet instead of a Smartphone. But, of your conditions are not possible to prepare it, you may use your Smartphone or lend to your friends.

  • The JavaScript

The second, all we know that to access the digital content services, we have to get the official website. In this case, if you are ready with your Reward Center Account, you have to complete your device with the current version of the internet browser. Even, you are free to use Chrome, UC-Browser, Safari as well as the Mozilla Firefox.

  • The connectivity

For the next everything will be funny when you don’t have an internet connection on your device. Even, you should be free to use your mobile data or Wi-Fi Connection as you need a strong and stable connection.

  • Tire Reward Center Account

Then, before accessing the website, you should be sure that you have made the account on the previous login. Of course, you will own your private username and password to access the official site. But, if it is your first time to access the tire reward center, you need to run the activation at first.

  • Language Ability
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For the rest, when you access the reward portal, you have to be sure that you have the ability to use English or Spanish in your daily conversation. Even, you can choose one of those languages to access the features on the portal.

Why Should Access Tire Reward Center Portal?

No matter Michelin Tires, Uniroyal, and BFGoodrich are popular among the automotive lovers, but only a piece of them know about this portal. Well, it is the best time to make them sure with the features in Tire Reward Center. Anyway, here some reasons why you should access the official portal, those are:

  • At first, this website gives the customers the free space to redeem the reward of their current purchasing.
  • Then, you have no longer worry to give your personal information at the website. It is because the website completes the features with the awesome security service center. Just in case you forget your password or username account, you can visit Tire Reward Center Recovery Page and get the new one.
  • For the next, Tire Reward Center has the friendly customer service teams where they are ready to help any problems about your reward redemption obstacles.
  • Even, there are some brand’s promotions that you can choose at once you purchase one of the particular brands.
  • You don’t need to worry about the appearances of the website. Believe it or not, you will face the mobile-friendly site where the instruction is simple and easy to do.
  • When you access Reward Portal using the smartphone, you have to be calm as the display is so eye-catching and will not make you bored.
  • After that, Tire Reward Center Portal gives you the easy steps to check your reward status. In this case, you can select to check it via online or by mail-in request.
  • At last, you can feel the easiness to pay or use your reward as reward site prepares the amount on the form of MasterCard or the other banking services.

Step by Step to Create the New Account

Well, we have stated that you have no longer worry if you have not Tire Reward Center Account yet. And, we are here to give you some directions to create the new account, and here the steps are:

  • Step one:

First of all, you can prepare your own devices and launch the internet search bar. Then, you can type in this link. At that time, you have to be sure that you have completed your recent purchasing payment of the tire brands that you like.

  • Step two:

Once you search for the survey portal, you can choose one of the tire brands that you have recently bought. For example, you can click on the left side when your tire brand is Michelin Tires.

  • Step three:

For the next, you can get the landing site, and at that time, you should tap on “Get Started” button at the top side of the site. Even, you can see two features of tire center. And, those are to check the reward status online and by mail.

  • Step four:

After that, you can see some boxes to enter Tire Reward Center Website. But for the visitor, you can click on “Go!” button which it is under the menu of “New to the Site.”

  • Step five:
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Well, you have to complete three steps to activate your new account. Those are giving the personal information, your vehicle and tire information and submit your data. Then, the site will automatically process your data and create your personal account.

  • Step five:

The first section is about to complete the personal information section. In this case, you have to give your email and create your Tire Reward Center Account. Then, you can give the information about your complete address as well as choosing the tire reward promotions that you have taken.

  • Step six:

For the next, you need to complete the second section where it needs the information about the tire and vehicle information. In this case, you may take your transaction receipt as well as the driving license number to make you easy to complete the section.

  • Step seven:

At last, you may submit your data and be happy with your new Tire Reward Center Account.

How to Login to Tire Reward Center Personal Account?

After completing the registration process, you are free to access your personal Tire Reward Center Account. And, here you can follow these simple steps to log in your account, those are:

  • At the very beginning step, you have to visit the official website or tire reward redemption site.
  • Then, you can click on the tire brands that you have recently purchased.
  • For the next, you need to tap on “Get Started” button and enter the information about the email and password.
  • At last, you may sign in the account and click on “Log-in.”

About Tire Reward Center Recovery Page

Then, when you forget your password or email, or even you fail to access your account, you are able to click on “Forgot Password.” At that time, you may need to follow some instruction to get your account or even make the new one.

About the Possible Issues at Tire Center Site

  • Well, Buddies! We conclude some possible issues that may disturb your time to access the features at the site. Then, here the possible issues are:
  • The first, you may fail because of the interrupted internet connection. Well, you need to move to the other locations where you get stronger connectivity. If you use the mobile data, you can check your internet balance at first before deciding the actions.
  • Then, it may be from the wrong credential numbers at Tire Reward Landing Site. At that time, you may check your data and revise the mistakes.
  • For the next, the problem may come from the unsupported JavaScript. Well, it is because of the old version of your internet browser. Well, you can install the new version of the browser and get the website.

The Rules to Redeem the Reward at Tire Reward Center

Somehow, you have some rules when you want to run Michelin $7 Rebate or the other tire reward offers. Even, some of them have its unique requirements. And, here they are:

  • For the Michelin Tires Brand, you have to submit your reward redemption registration within 30 days of the last purchasing. Then, the reward distribution is available within six months of the last notifications.
  • Even, when you have been addicted to Uniroyal Tires Brands, you can see the details redemption fulfillment center here.
  • Meanwhile, if you have purchased BFGoodrich Tire Brands, you are able to receive your reward for the next six months after the confirmation.
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What do You Know about Uniroyal, Michelin and BFGoodrich Tire Brands?

Well, you need to know more about these brands when you have completed your reward redemption process online. Anyway, all of them are the most popular tire brands for all the automotive lovers. Even, all of them give the great quality of tires, safety and the affordable price that you can give. For the Michelin Brands, you will see the jargon of “A Better Way Forward” that it guarantees about its ability to give you the best riding experience. Meanwhile, you may “Take Control” when you hear about BFGoodrich as it takes control of all the tires brands. Or even, you will feel worth when you see Uniroyal Tires Brands on your vehicle. Guess why? It tries to give the best because of the motto, “For everything you value.” Awesome!

About Michelin Tires Customer Service

Well, you can get in touch with Michelin Official Teams when you get some problems when accessing this site. To deal with this way, you are able to click on “Contact-us” menu or call them at 1-866-212-9619 from Monday to Friday. It is better to call or chat with them from 8 AM until 8 PM ET. Or, you may send your letter to the teams at Michelin Fulfillment Center PO Box 289 Milan, Illinois 61264.

How to Contact the Official BFGoodrich Tires Brand Official Teams?

In the same line with Michelin Official Teams, you can get BFGoodrich at Contact-us menu at the same site. Or, you can take your phone and call them at 1-800-233-5961 with the same hours of operation. The mailing address is available at BFGoodrich Fulfillment Center PO Box 289, Milan IL 61264.

I Need to Call Uniroyal Teams, What Should I do?

For the rest, you can call Uniroyal teams via phone at 1-800-675-9307 from Monday to Friday at 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM ET. But, you can run the same steps like as in Michelin and BFGoodrich Tire Brands. They have the same “Contact-us” menu steps as well as the postal mailing address. But, for special Uniroyal, you have to put “Uniroyal Fulfillment Center” as the Attn. of your letter.


Well, we have given you all the information about Tire Reward Center. And, you are able to visit the Reward Center Portal to redeem your special reward from your favorite tire brands. Guys, you have no longer worries to call the customer service as they are friendly and patient to hear your complaints. See you at Tire Reward Center Site!

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